Site of epic Islamist overreach, may be remembered as the place where we Americans started to say “NO.” One Muslim speaks out, We need to tear a few pages out of the Quran. American Hindu’s say NO too. Muthuswamy-Discrediting jihad and Sharia. And a non-dhimmi Christian leader who’s no dupe

Posted on September 8, 2010

McCarthy: On the Ground Zero mosque, Americans are rejecting the opinion elites

And it’s about time. “This Is Where We Begin to Say No: On the Ground Zero mosque, Americans reject the opinion elites that empower the Islamists,” by the peerless Andrew McCarthy at National Review, September 8:

[…] Americans have had our fill. We are willing to live many lies. This one, though, strikes too close to home, arousing our heretofore dormant sense of decency. Americans have now heard Barack Obama’s shtick enough times to know that when he talks about “our values,” he’s really talking about his values, which most of us don’t share. And after ten years of CAIR’s tired tirades, we’re immune to Feisal Rauf, too.We look around us and we see our country unrivaled by anything in the history of human tolerance. We see thousands of thriving mosques, permitted to operate freely even though we know for a fact that mosques have been used against us, repeatedly, to urge terrorism, recruit terrorists, raise money for terrorists, store and transfer firearms, and inflame Muslims against America and the West. As Islamists rage against us, we see Islam celebrated in official Washington. As we reach out for the umpty-umpth time, we find Muslim leaders taking what we offer, but always with complaint and never with reciprocation. We’re weary, and we don’t really care if that means that Time magazine, Michael Bloomberg, Katie Couric, Fareed Zakaria, and the rest think we’re bad people — they think we’re bad people, anyway.

So finally we’re asking: Where is this “moderate Islam” you’ve been telling us about? Why would a self-proclaimed bridge-builder insist on something so patently provocative and divisive? How can we be sure that if imam Rauf builds his monument on our graveyard, it won’t become what other purportedly “moderate” Islamic centers have become: a cauldron of anti-American vitriol?

It turns out that there are no satisfactory answers. When finally pressed on the taxonomy of moderate Islam, the best our elites can do — besides shouting “Islamophobia!” — is debate whether there ever was a “golden age” of Islamic tolerance. They have to confess that the Islamists — whom they’d like us to see as a handful of “extremists” but who are in truth a mass movement — are in the ascendancy. It is embarrassingly obvious that while some of us have been working to defeat Islamism in our midst, our elites are of the incorrigibly progressive mindset that counsels accommodating them — in the delusion that they will be appeased rather than encouraged to become more aggressive. That is precisely the mindset that makes an Islamist think: Maybe now is the time for a $100 million mosque at Ground Zero.

“Moderate Islam” is a dream, not a reality. It is a dream with potential, because there are millions of Muslims who are moderate people, and because there are dedicated Muslims working to transform their faith into something that is institutionally moderate. But they work against great odds. They confront Islamists whose dedication to theocratic principles is deeply and undeniably rooted in Islamic scripture. And they confront American opinion elites who, wittingly or not, serve as the lifeline of the Islamists.

The reformers’ slim chance at prevailing hinges on the American people’s will to say “no” to our self-anointed betters. Ground Zero, once again the site of epic Islamist overreach, may be remembered as the place where we started to say “no.”

Let’s hope so!

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Now, why are voices like this so rare among Muslims in the West?

“Get Over the Quran Burning,” by Asra Q. Nomani at the Daily Beast, September 8 (thanks to Axel):

On the plan to burn Qurans this weekend, I say to Muslims: Let’s get over the symbolic insult and deal with the very real issues of literal interpretations of the Quran that are used to sanction domestic violence, terrorism, militancy, and suicide bombings in the name of Islam.Gen. David Petraeus has weighed in, saying that the planned burnings by the Rev. Terry Jones’ congregation in Florida will endanger U.S. soldiers fighting in Afghanistan. But I believe that there is something that endangers Americans and American soldiers even more: certain passages that–when read literally–pit Muslims against Americans and the West.

We, as Muslims, need to tear a few pages out of the Quran.

I believe the Qurans are being burnt because we, as Muslims, haven’t dealt sincerely and intellectually with very serious issues that certain Quranic passages raise, particularly in the West. These include verses–when literally read–that say that disobedient wives can be beaten “lightly,” that Muslims can’t be friends with the Jews and the Christians, and that it’s OK to kill converts from Islam.

That would be 4:34, which actually doesn’t say “lightly”; 5:51; and 4:89.

We, as Muslims, need to tear a few pages out of the Quran–symbolically, at least, by rejecting literal adherence to certain problematic verses….

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The implications of a mosque at Ground Zero

Narain Kataria, President of the Indian-American Intellectuals Forum, explains.

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Discrediting jihad and Sharia as a grand war strategy

A must-see lecture by Moorthy Muthuswamy.

Posted by Robert on September 8, 2010

Zmirak: Say no to the Ground Zero victory mosque

On a day when dhimmi Christian leaders stood with Hamas-linked ISNA to defame the 70% Americans who oppose the Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero, it was refreshing to see this piece, reminding us that not all Christian believers today are dupes of Islamic supremacists. “Say No to the Ground Zero Victory Mosque,” by John Zmirak at Inside Catholic, September 8:

This weekend, my home town will be the site of an extraordinary event. Let me beg everyone who is able to make the pilgrimage to Ground Zero on the ninth anniversary of the Islamist mass-murder attack on our country. It is there that thousands of citizens will gather at 3 p.m. at Park Place (between Church and West Broadway) to register their outrage at the attempt by foreign-funded, terrorist-friendly Muslims to build a triumphalist mosque at the site of an Islamist slaughter, replacing a building that was damaged by one of the planes hijacked by 19 orthodox Muslims. (Nineteen is a mystical number in Islamic theology — as significant for them as twelve is for Christians — which seems to be why Osama bin Laden recruited precisely that many terrorists).The archbishop of New York has compared the controversy over the Ground Zero mosque to that which raged in the 1990s over the Carmelite convent at Auschwitz — and gently asked the mosque-builders to look for another, less inflammatory site, just as Pope John Paul II moved the convent away from the death camp. I am glad Archbishop Timothy Dolan weighed in to make this comparison, and appreciate his courage. In most of the West, Catholic leaders are twisting the Faith into knots to accommodate the most outrageous demands of imperialist Islam. For instance, in North Africa and France, Muslims who wish to convert to Catholicism — and Islam imposes the death penalty for apostasy, enforced in many countries — have found that some priests and bishops are unwilling to baptize them. […]

And if we let them build it, 9/11 really will have been the victory that they think it was. They will smell our weakness and fear, sneer at us, and move on to the next and greater outrage. Enabling such arrogance does not amount to turning the other cheek, accepting a minor slight out of love for peace; arguably, that’s what John Paul did in moving the Auschwitz convent. No, supporting Islamic expansion in the West is an act of moral cowardice, which wins people praise as “tolerant” and cosmopolitan, for which the next generation will pay the price. And our children will curse us for it.

Read it all.

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