Quran-Burning Stunt Reveals That Conservatives, Not Leftists, Are Consistent Foes of Religious Intolerance

Posted on September 9, 2010

2010 September 10

by Calvin Freiburger

One particular trope of leftist argument is complaining about or passing along something some conservative says or does without an explanation for why it’s objectionable, as if the idiocy or under-handedness is obvious anyone other than themselves. Today’s contestants: Media Matters, which highlights the following exchange from last night’s “Hannity,” in which Sean—scandalously, apparently—“draws another comparison between building a community center and burning the Quran”:

HANNITY: The President is defending the First Amendment right to build the mosque on Ground Zero on the one hand, and the President’s speaking out—and I disagree with the pastor, I think it’s unnecessarily provocative in the case of burning the Quran—but the President speaks out against him. What are we to interpret from that? read more…

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