EGYPT’s unrest: Revolution or Civil war? Comprehensive coverage

Posted on February 2, 2011

Understanding the Middle East Crisis: Egypt

The Editor – Family Security Matters

The Middle East is in turmoil, and stable but inflexible regimes that were close to the West are in danger of collapse. In the first of a short series, the crisis in Egypt is examined.

Muslim Brotherhood Involved in Middle East Revolutions

The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report

The infamous Islamist group appears to have a guiding hand in the current crisis in the Middle East.

Losing Egypt

Alan Caruba

If Egypt’s revolution is taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood, this will severely endanger American interests.

Egypt: The Pragmatic Fantasy


Caroline Glick

Mubarak’s regime has numerous faults, but whatever may replace it could be something far, far worse.

Egypt’s ‘Friday of Wrath’ (VIDEO)
CNN’s Hala Gorani shows some of the most captivating images coming out of the violence that has erupted in Egypt.  Jan 28, 2011 | 03:01
Violent Protests Escalate in Egypt (VIDEO) Fri, January, 28, 2011 Fox News Dateline:Cairo, Egypt Thousands of anti-government protesters take to the streets for protests in Cairo.

WND: Islamists, in particular the anti-Western Muslim Brotherhood, seem poised to take power throughout the Middle East as a result of riots that have already toppled one Arab regime and are threatening others, in what some are calling only the latest wave of an Islamic “tsunami” sweeping the globe. Click here for details.

The Perfect SandstormThe Perfect Sandstorm »
The Middle East is once again shrouded in the abaya of upheaval. Given the Byzantine nature of Middle Eastern politics, it’s difficult to predict whether the region will emerge from the current disarray with an improved push toward freedom, or a reactionary plunge toward Islamic fundamentalism. More »

Hard Reality – Oliver North Lt. Col. (Retired) USMC

What’s most important right now is how the Obama administration handles the increasingly intense cries for greater freedom sweeping from Tunisia to Yemen — threatening every authoritarian Muslim regime in that region save one: Iran’s… Read More

Jihad Watch: Muslim Brotherhood Poised for Power in EgyptRobert Spencer

After days of riots in Egypt against Hosni Mubarak’s regime, on Sunday the Muslim Brotherhood entered into talks with other opposition groups to form a national unity government after the presumably imminent fall of Mubarak… Read more

Byron York – Egypt’s conflicting views of democracy and religion Analysts with a hopeful view of events in Egypt see a society that, if Hosni Mubarak departs the scene, will lean toward modernity. “There has always been a modernist current in Egypt, and it has always battled against the religious alternative,” says Fouad Ajami, director of the Middle East Studies Program at Johns Hopkins University. “The deciding vote in that fight between the modernists and the religious types was always cast by the state, and if I look at the next phase in Egypt, my feeling is that the army, which is an extension and expression of the middle class, will check the Muslim Brotherhood.” Still, even Ajami can’t predict how that will work out. When asked what freedom of religion would mean in practice in a new Egypt, he replies, “The honest answer is, as they say in Arabic, only God knows what is next.”

Sara Carter – Egyptian judges who fought corruption join protest

Ibrahim is the wife of Saad Eddin Ibrahim, a prominent Egyptian human rights activist and scholar who was imprisoned in 2000 after speaking out against President Hosni Mubarak. She spoke to The Washington Examiner from her home in Egypt Monday. “The Egyptian people have stood up against Mubarak and refused to be intimidated,” she said. “I am not afraid of anything anymore. We have a group of Egypt’s senior judges coming out to demonstrate after the curfew…This is not about the Muslim Brotherhood, this is about the people of Egypt who are fed up.”

Hamas reported helping unsettle Egypt
Possible Mubarak replacement: ‘Peaceful’ change needed
Ground Zero imam: ‘True’ Muslims implement Shariah
What’s really happening in Islamic world

The new chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee says he will investigate the Muslim Brotherhood’s presence in the United States.

Patton: Egypt Is Why You Don’t Elect Novices

F.A.Q. on U.S. Aid to Egypt: Where Does the Money Go—And Who Decides How It’s Spent? – by Marian Wang.   As the protests in Egypt continue, we take a look at how much the U.S. has given to Egypt, who benefits, and what those billions have actually bought.
Newsmax: A very ominous warning: why the world may end up with worse than what they have now with regards to Egypt:   Hoenlein: Egypt’s ElBaradei ‘Stooge of Iran’

Timmerman: Obama Coddles Muslim Brotherhood, U.S. At Risk

Dick Morris: Who Lost Egypt?
Egypt’s turmoil leaves Israel silent and worried
OpEd by Alan Elsner, TIP Senior Communications Director
Read the original piece published in Reuters, Jan. 31
Washington, Jan. 31 – The uprising in Egypt that looks like it may sweep away President Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year-old regime threatens to deprive Israel of its most important strategic ally in the region.  [more]

Middle Eastern Moment of Truth

Jan 31, 2011 11:50 pm | P. David Hornik

Israel soberly prepares to stand alone in a sea of hate.

To Destroy Israel

Jan 31, 2011 11:26 pm |

A member of the Army of Islam escapes from an Egyptian jail amidst the chaos — and shares his top priority.

1979, 1989 or 2009?

Jan 31, 2011 11:38 pm | Alan W. Dowd

Gauging the nature of Egypt’s Revolution — and the urgency for America’s response.

Why Coptic Christians Fear a Revolution

Jan 31, 2011 11:35 pm | Robert Spencer

If the Muslim Brotherhood takes power in Egypt.

Inside Egypt

Jan 31, 2011 11:30 pm | Jesse Petrilla

The growing cancer I witnessed during my recent visit.
Quotes of the day
1/30/2011 9:00:40 PM  Allahpundit
“In the streets of Cairo, many protesters are now openly denouncing the United States for supporting President Hosni Mubarak, saying the price has been their freedom. They say the Obama administration has offered only tepid criticism of a regime  More…

Middle East: The dog that didn’t bark
1/30/2011 6:10:00 PM  J.E. Dyer
In the rapidly unfolding events in the Arab world over the past month, the most important feature is something that didn’t take place in an Arab nation.  In fact, what’s important about it is that it didn’t take place at all. This interesting feature is  More…

Muslim Brotherhood Blames America
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood yesterday asserted itself in anti-government protests, blaming America for the unrest because of its support for President Hosni Mubarak. Esam al-Erian, a senior member of the executive council, said the West’s fears for Egypt’s future were due to America’s “foolish policies”. Sean invited former ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, and former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino to the program to discuss the latest developments in Egypt. “I think the risk here is that in a crisis situation a well-organized organization like the Muslim Brotherhood could seize power. I think we’re a long way from that point but I don’t think anybody should underestimate the gravity of the situation.” Perino thought that Obama may have boxed himself into a corner. “There was so much desire to be the anti-George Bush during the 2008 campaign that anything that President Bush may have done, even if it meant promoting more op enness in a suppressed society, was something Obama was going to try forge his own way on. In some ways maybe we’re paying a price for that now,” Perino added.

VIDEO: Violence erupts on the streets of Cairo; is Mideast stability in danger?

Gingrich On Crisis In Egypt
In the show’s final hour, Sean welcomed Newt Gingrich to the program to discuss the crisis in Egypt. “We’ve had very bad developments in Lebanon, continuing erosion in Turkey, significant problems in Tunisia and now the unrest in Egypt. We have to be really concerned about what is going on and what the potential ramifications are for American security. The United States should try to facilitate the movement to a system that promotes democracy, but we shouldn’t kid ourselves. We do not want to see Egypt go the way of Iran and have a pro-Western ally replaced by a radical Islamist organization that is clearly dangerous to our future and could cause enormous instability in the region,” said Gingrich.

Media missing the boat on Egypt

Watching the coverage of the violent protests in Egypt leaves viewers with many more questions than answers, as the media offered little background and even praised radical anti-American groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Jazeera. Not many people would describe the group who birthed Hamas, or had the 9/11 masterminds as members, or sports a consistent pattern of violence and hatred for America as ‘courageous’, ‘brave’ and ‘working tirelessly’ for justice. Glenn explains what the media won’t – this chaos isn’t random, it’s just the beginning. Read more and watch a free clip HERE. What stories were the media covering? Find out in this FREE CLIP.

Why were socialists rallying in support of Egypt this weekend? The Blaze has the story.

Rush: Second Term? Regime of Pharaoh Obama Repeats Carter’s Bungling in Iran (Rush 24/7 Members: Listen)

» Abrams:  In the Streets of Cairo, Proof Bush was Right

Economics of the Egypt Uprising: 9.7% Unemployment

The inflationary ripple effect of Ben Bernanke’s QE2.

» BG:  Fed Policy Burns Down the Middle East, Who’s Next? 

“Supporters of the regime and even some commentators on our side love to talk about this as a ‘democratic uprising.’  The Muslim Brotherhood equals democratic uprising! But if it is a democrat uprising, then wasn’t Iraq worth it, and doesn’t George W. Bush deserve some credit here? That was the essence of his foreign policy.” -Rush

Flashback 2009: What Did Obama’s Apologies in Cairo Buy for Us? (Rush 24/7 Members: Listen)

Obama Didn’t Back the Iranian Revolt, But Supports the Muslim Brotherhood

The regime ignored the pro-democracy protesters in Iran but supports the fundamentalists in Egypt.

Caller Makes Brilliant Point in 30 Seconds! Obama wants Mubarak to bow to 0.3% of the population’s will, but when almost 80% of us said, “Hell, no!” to the Obamacare bill, he crammed it down our throats.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Waiting in the Wings?
– The role of the Muslim Brotherhood in the current turmoil and in a post-Mubarak Egypt is the subject of considerable speculation, feeding into the debate over the Obama administration’s handling of the crisis. Some analysts, seeing the Muslim Brotherhood as waiting in the wings to ride the popular wave of change to power, are drawing parallels to the Shah’s downfall and 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran.

Bolton Says Obama ‘Basically Doesn’t Care About’ Foreign Policy, Compares Him to Dukakis
– Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said Friday that President Barack Obama “basically doesn’t care about” foreign affairs, considering them ancillary to his domestic agenda. He later added that he thought Obama could be compared to former Mass. Gov. Michael Dukakis — a failed Democratic presidential candidate — in that both see the U.S. as “one of 192, nothing particularly special.”

Hillary Clinton Urges Change That Responds to ‘Legitimate Grievances’ of Egyptian People
– Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for an “orderly transition” in Egypt on Sunday, using that phrase several times in an interview with “Fox News Sunday.” She also urged “restraint” on the part of the Egyptian military. The U.S. does not want to see “some takeover that would lead not to democracy but to oppression and the end of the aspirations of the Egyptian people.”

Human Events

First off, I have to admit I stole the “De-Nile” reference from a friend’s on Twitter that I saw in response to Barack Obama’s and Hosni Mubarak’s statements last Friday. If the subject line is clever, I give him all the credit. If it fell flat, I absolve myself of all responsibility.

In a way, I guess I’ll hedge just like Barack Obama seem to do when he addressed the nation regarding the uprising in Egypt on Friday.

The events in Egypt leave many more questions than answers: First, is Mubarak in denial? Does he think there is any way he can conceivably hold onto power and will he attempt to do so? Was Obama in denial and caught flatfooted or did the Obama Administration know that such an uprising was on the horizon?   

And though there are immediate questions to be resolved regarding who fills the power vacuum, how much of a role will the Muslim Brotherhood have and play?

Will these events spread to other countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and, possibly, Saudi Arabia? As Iranian Shias exert more power in the region, what will the dynamic be between the Shias in Iran and the Sunnis in Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Sunni minority in Iraq? Will the Sunnis hate the Shias more than they hate Jews? Is this part of a greater plan for Mubarak’s son to come back into power in the future? And can Egypt, right now, become a functioning democracy without becoming a power vacuum itself?

No matter how these issues are resolved, though, one thing remains certain: the tremendous impact of social media in regions such as the Middle East cannot be understated.  — Tony Lee

The Corrupt Soil of Egypt
John Hayward

The unrest in Egypt is widely seen as wildfire ignited by the collapse of the Tunisian… Read More

Why a President Sulieman Looks Better Every Day
John Gizzi

Egyption VP is a wiser choice to assume power than the Israel-bashing insurgency figure who has embraced terror group and favors Iran nukes… Read More

The American Left and the Crisis in Egypt

Jan 30, 2011 05:45 pm | David Horowitz

If the Muslim Brotherhood topples the Mubarak regime, Hamas’s war against the Jews will be immeasureably strengthened. The radical left in America and internationally is committed to Hamas and its genocidal campaign against the Jews and its general war against the United States. That is why the fate of Egypt in this crisis resonates for all of us.

Pam Geller – Atlas Shrugs

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader: “Prepare for War with Israel”

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt calls for war with the tiny Jewish state. What better way to unify the ummah than with tried-and-true, religiously mandated Islamic anti-semitism?

For all of those quisling clowns desperately trying to scrub the Muslim Brotherhood, here is a good hard slap in the face. Further, it’s interesting how the Muslim Brotherhood blames Israel for Mubarak’s regime. Not the $300 billion the US has pumped into Egypt. The peace accord (no matter how cold) was a good thing. Now we hear that Obama’s would-be peace partners, Muslim Brotherhood’s Hamas, are going to destroy the accord. But they want peace with the Jews; get it? Me neither.

Obama has been secretly supporting this revolution for three years. Why? He ignored the people of Iran marching against the annihilationist mullahcracy of Iran. He gave his tacit support to mass slaughter where millions took to the streets.

Anyone who sees this as a good thing secretly dreams of the annihilation of Israel. Big media is not giving you the story. Instead they have the Muslim Brotherhood’s US group on, CAIR, calling in from Egypt (and mis-identifying Ahmed Rehab of CAIR as a “democracy activist”). And that was FOX. It’s that bad.

Obama’s hard left operatives, like frequent White House visitor CODE PINK, are in Egypt now. Coincidence? Methinks not. I don’t believe Obama “lost Egypt”; I believe he kicked it to the curb.

Muslim Brotherhood Wants War With Israel

Mohamed Ghanem, one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, calls Egypt to stop pumping gas to Israel and prepare the Egyptian army for a war with it’s eastern neighbor.

Speaking with Iranian television station Al-Alam, Mohamed Ghanem blamed Israel for supporting Hosni Mubarak’s regime. Ghanem also said that the Egyptian police and army won’t be able to stop the Muslim Brotherhood movement.

There are doubts about the loyalty of the Egyptian army to president Mubarak. If the brotherhood takes control over Egypt, it will be very messy from the whole region.

Iran is the mullah behind then  curtain: (from IBT)

Iran’s Press TV claimed on Monday Israel is giving weapons to Egypt to prop up the Hosni Mubarak regime which is engulfed in crisis and appearing to inch towards doom as violent popular protests gained momentum.

The Press TV said reports “followed phone conversations between the US, Egyptian and Israeli defense ministers.”

“Israel has provided the Egyptian government with weapons amid the country’s popular uprising demanding the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak, reports say,” the Press TV report said on Monday. However, the Press TV report doesn’t give further details, nor say clearly how it got the news of Israeli arms supply to Egypt. It however refers to an earlier Washington Post report which quoted an Israeli cabinet minister as saying that Mubarak will eventually tide over the present crisis.

The violent demonstrations, which entered the seventh day on Monday, have forced the Mubarak regime to deploy the military to quell the uprising. The CNN reported on Sunday that Egyptian defense minister Mohamad Tantawi asked the public to obey the curfew. The demonstrators are bracing for a military crackdown of protestors in major Egyptian cities under the curfew.

UPDATE: NYC: “Long Live the Egyptian Intifada” “Down with the Camp David Accord Regime”

UPDATE: And check out the protests in Canada.

  UN Protest Screen shot 2011-01-31 at 1.19.28 PMPhoto: Protest at UN this past weekend

UPDATE: The Muslim Brotherhood chess board:

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Backs ElBaradei Role – Margaret Coker and Summer Said
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has agreed to back the secular, liberal opposition leader Mohammed ElBaradei, 68, as lead spokesman for the country’s opposition groups in reform negotiations, suggesting the movement may be positioning itself as a significant political actor in future Egyptian politics. (Wall Street Journal)
    See also ElBaradei Doesn’t Like America – Michael Ledeen
Mohammed ElBaradei is one of the last men I would choose for leading Egypt to a “peaceful transition” to greater democracy. He doesn’t like America and he’s in cahoots with Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood. (Pajamas Media)

Israel Shaken as Turbulence Rocks an Ally – Ethan Bronner
Israel’s military planning relies on peace with Egypt; nearly half the natural gas it uses is imported from Egypt; and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has met with President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt more than with any other foreign leader, except President Obama. “For the United States, Egypt is the keystone of its Middle East policy,” a senior Israeli official said. “For Israel, it’s the whole arch.”
    Israelis worry that a successful overthrow in Egypt could spread to Jordan. And if the Muslim Brotherhood were to gain power in Egypt, that would probably mean not only a stronger Islamist force in Gaza but also in the West Bank, as well as in Jordan, meaning Israel would feel surrounded in a way it has not in decades.
    If Egypt also turned unfriendly, that would quite likely stop in its tracks any further Israeli talk of peace negotiations with the Palestinians, officials and analysts said. There has long been concern that popular sentiment in Egypt is anti-Israel. Eli Shaked, a former Israeli ambassador to Cairo, wrote in Yediot Ahronot, “The only people in Egypt who are committed to peace are the people in Mubarak’s inner circle, and if the next president is not one of them, we are going to be in trouble.”
    Giora Eiland, a former national security adviser and a senior fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University, said even if Egypt did not cancel its peace treaty with Israel tomorrow or in five years, a government dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood would mean “you can’t exclude the possibility of a war with Egypt.”  (New York Times)
    See also Israel: Ties with Egypt Must Be Preserved – Matti Friedman
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that his government is “anxiously monitoring” the political unrest in Egypt. “Israel and Egypt have been at peace for more than three decades and our objective is to ensure that these ties be preserved,” he said. If Egypt resumes its conflict with Israel, Israelis fear, it will put a powerful Western-armed military on the side of Israel’s enemies.
    “Israel has an interest in Egypt being democratic, but through a process that promises sustainability,” said Dan Shueftan, director of the National Security Studies Center at Haifa University. “If you have a process that starts with a desire for democracy but then sees radicals take over, then the result at the end of the process is worse than what you had at the beginning.”  (AP-Washington Post)

Brooklyn Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Create More Islamic (Sharia) Investment

Frankly, I am unclear as to where we get these clowns who run for and manage to slither into office, but we elect them, so they are indeed our cross to bear.

But this dhimmi slave takes the cake. Has the NY State Senator ever heard of the separation of  church and state, or in this case “mosque and state”? I’ll be damned before my hard-earned taxpayer dollars go to zakat (jihad), or to the prohibition of pork, alcohol, and some forms of adult entertainment.

Financial jihad.

If this schmuck introduces this bill, I am suing. And I will go to the Supreme Court with this treasonous nonsense. Separation of mosque and state. Period.

Brooklyn, NY – Lawmaker Wants to Attract More Islamic Investment Voz Iz Neias

Brooklyn, NY – State Senator Kevin Parker announced a bill today to create an alternative bond market that would be permissible under Islamic law by creating alternatives to the traditional interest-based bonds.

Many Islamic societies use the alternative structure, known as “sukuk,” since Islamic law prevents the securing of interest-bearing bonds. Parker argues that opening up New York to sukuk would open the state’s bond market to a new kind of international investor.

“With the introduction of my legislation, New York leads the nation in fostering new investment opportunities to create jobs, reduce the cost of borrowing, and bring new entrants into New York’s bond markets,” Parker said.  “As the historical hub for international commerce and finance, it is imperative we not only stay competitive, but lead in the global marketplace.”

He notes that nations like England, France and South Africa are already in the process of creating sukuk investment vehicles to encourage international investment. 

And, his office notes that if the bill passes it will bring in a new, local class of investor that has traditional been left out.

“This legislation reverses an historic inequity where far too many New Yorkers have been unable to benefit from public-private partnerships with the State.  I am proud that today, New York once again leads the nation in affording all citizens equal opportunity,” Parker said.

More Recent Articles

As I have maintained all along, it now appears that Egypt will
soon fall to the forces of radical islam no matter how the obama apologists and
the sycophantic press try to spin it. The odious Mohammed El Baredei, formerly
highly ranked UN priest whose policy has been, and is, to turn a blind eye to
Iran?s efforts to develop nuclear weapons, has positioned himself to take over
the Egyptian presidency as soon as Mubarak is out of the way. This will be the
first step in the radicalization of Egypt and El Baredei will, along with the
Muslim Brotherhood, lead that nation in an islamic alliance against Israel. Once
he and his secret police establish themselves, the Egyptian opposition which
seeks true representative and reformed government will be quickly rounded up and
put away and the work of evil will begin in earnest. The US will be powerless to
do anything about it as it has been charged to obama to destroy this nation
economically and thereby take us out of the way of the march of islam and he is
doing his work well. obama wil continue to spend recklessly and rack up
mountains of debt that we will never be able to repay, thus, enslaving us
economically for as far as we will be able to see. The dollar is being
positioned to fail so that the US and the world will be plunged into economic
chaos and the international banksters will be able to buy what is left standing
for pennies on the dollar. Like I said earlier, anyone can spot a Hitler or a
Stalin after they have done what they came to do. The trick is to be able to
spot psychopathic criminals of that ilk before they can do harm. 

Jeremiah was rough but he was not running for anything when he
said the following:
Jeremiah 5:21 Hear now this, O foolish
people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have
ears, and hear not:
Dick Morris was a little more diplomatic. This is what he said
?The return of
Nobel laureate Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, the former head of the International
Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)  to Egypt as the presumptive heir to Mubarak
tells us where this revolution is headed. Carolyn Glick, a columnist for the
Jerusalem Post, explains how dangerous ElBaradei is. “As IAEA head,” she writes,
“Elbaradei shielded Iran’s nuclear weapons program from the Security Council. He
[has] continued to lobby against significant UN Security Council sanctions or
other actions against Iran…Last week, he dismissed the threat of a nuclear
armed Iran [saying] ‘there is a lot of hype in this debate’.”?

I think it?s time everyone woke up and started paying

The Muslim Brotherhood is the Enemy
Posted by Frank Gaffney Jan 30th 2011

Suddenly, Washington is consumed with a question too long ignored: Can we safely do business with the Muslim Brotherhood?

The reason this question has taken on such urgency is, of course, because the Muslim Brotherhood (or MB, also known by its Arabic name, the Ikhwan) is poised to emerge as the big winner from the chaos now sweeping North Africa and increasingly likely to bring down the government of the aging Egyptian dictator, Hosni Mubarak.

In the wake of growing turmoil in Egypt, a retinue of pundits, professors and former government officials has publicly insisted that we have nothing to fear from the Ikhwan since it has eschewed violence and embraced democracy.

For example, Bruce Reidel, a controversial former CIA analyst and advisor to President Obama, posted an article entitled “Don’t Fear Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood” at the Daily Beast. In it, he declared: “The Egyptian Brotherhood renounced violence years ago, but its relative moderation has made it the target of extreme vilification by more radical Islamists. Al Qaeda’s leaders, Osama bin Laden and Ayman Zawahiri, started their political lives affiliated with the Brotherhood but both have denounced it for decades as too soft and a cat’s paw of Mubarak and America.”

Then, there was President George W. Bush’s former press spokeswoman, Dana Perino, who went so far on January 28th as to tell Fox News “…And don’t be afraid of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. This has nothing to do with religion.

One reason we might be misperceiving the MB as no threat is because a prime source of information about such matters is the Muslim Brotherhood itself. As the Center for Security Policy’s new, best-selling Team B II report entitled, Shariah: The Threat to America found: “It is now public knowledge that nearly every major Muslim organization in the United States is actually controlled by the MB or a derivative organization. Consequently, most of the Muslim-American groups of any prominence in America are now known to be, as a matter of fact, hostile to the United States and its Constitution.”

In fact, for much of the past two decades, a number of these groups and their backers (including, notably, Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal) have cultivated extensive ties with U.S. government officials and agencies under successive administrations of both parties, academic centers, financial institutions, religious communities, partisan organizations and the media. As a result, such American entities have been subjected to intense, disciplined and sustained influence operations for decades.

Unfortunately, the relationships thus developed and the misperceptions thus fostered are today bearing poisonous fruit with respect to shaping U.S. policy towards the unfolding Egyptian drama.

A notable example is the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). A federal judge in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial – which successfully prosecuted the nation’s largest terrorism financing conspiracy – found that CAIR was indeed a front for the Ikhwan’s Palestinian affiliate, Hamas. Nonetheless, Fox News earlier today interviewed the Executive Director of CAIR’s Chicago office, Ahmed Rehab, whom it characterized as a “Democracy Activist.”

True to form, Rehab called for the removal of Mubarak’s regime and the institution of democratic elections in Egypt. This is hardly surprising since, under present circumstances, such balloting would likely have the same result it did in Gaza a few years back: the triumph of the Muslim Brotherhood and the institution of brutally repressive theocratic rule, in accordance with the totalitarian Islamic politico-military-legal program known as shariah.

An important antidote to the seductive notions being advanced with respect to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt – and, for that matter, in Western nations like ours – by the Ikhwan’s own operatives, their useful idiots and apologists is the Team B II report. It should be considered required reading by anyone who hopes to understand, let alone to comment usefully upon, the MB’s real character and agenda.

For example, Shariah: The Threat to America provides several key insights that must be borne in mind in the current circumstances especially:

  • “The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt in 1928. Its express purpose was two-fold: (1) to implement shariah worldwide, and (2) to re-establish the global Islamic State (caliphate).
  • “Therefore, Al Qaeda and the MB have the same objectives. They differ only in the timing and tactics involved in realizing them.
  • “The Brotherhood’s creed is: ‘God is our objective; the Koran is our law; the Prophet is our leader; jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.’”
  • It is evident from the Creed, and from the Brotherhood’s history (and current activities)…that violence is an inherent part of the MB’s tactics. The MB is the root of the majority of Islamic terrorist groups in the world today.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood is the ‘vanguard’ or tip-of-the-spear of the current Islamic Movement in the world. While there are other transnational organizations that share the MB’s goals (if not its tactics) – including al Qaeda, which was born out of the Brotherhood – the Ikhwan is by far the strongest and most organized. The Muslim Brotherhood is now active in over 80 countries around the world.

Of particular concern must be the purpose of the Brotherhood in the United States and other nations of the Free World:

  • “…The Ikhwan’s mission in the West is sedition in the furtherance of shariah’s supremacist agenda, not peaceful assimilation and co-existence with non-Muslim populations.”
  • “The Ikhwan believes that its purposes in the West are, for the moment, better advanced by the use of non-violent, stealthy techniques. In that connection, the Muslim Brotherhood seeks to establish relations with, influence and, wherever possible, penetrate: government circles in executive and legislative branches at the federal, state and local levels; the law enforcement community; intelligence agencies; the military; penal institutions; the media; think tanks and policy groups; academic institutions; non-Muslim religious communities; and other elites.
  • “The Brothers engage in all of these activities and more for one reason: to subvert the targeted communities in furtherance of the MB’s primary objective – the triumph of shariah.”

In short, the Muslim Brotherhood – whether it is operating in Egypt, elsewhere in the world or here – is our enemy. Vital U.S. interests will be at risk if it succeeds in supplanting the present regime in Cairo, taking control in the process not only of the Arab world’s most populous nation but its vast, American-supplied arsenal. It is no less reckless to allow the Brotherhood’s operatives to enjoy continued access to and influence over our perceptions of their true purposes, and the policies adopted pursuant thereto.

One more note about Egypt. On Friday Andrew Bostom, a former prosecutor and expert in the subject posted a reminder from a column he wrote almost four years ago:

  In a rigorously conducted face-to-face University of Maryland/ [3] interview survey [4] of 1000 Egyptian Muslims conducted between December 9, 2006 and February 15, 2007, 67% of those interviewed-more than 2/3, hardly a “fringe minority”-desired this outcome (i.e., “To unify all Islamic countries into a single Islamic state or Caliphate”). The internal validity of these data about the present longing for a Caliphate is strongly suggested by a concordant result: 74% of this Muslim sample approved the proposition “To require a strict [emphasis added] application of Shari’a law in every Islamic country.”


Egypt and the Failure of the Obama Doctrine

Hundreds of Egyptians determined to drive President Hosni Mubarak from power spent all last night in Tahrir Square to keep the military from taking over the plaza. Today marks the seventh day of unrest in Egypt as the U.S. State Department began chartering evacuation flights for thousands of U.S. citizens stranded in the country. The longer the protests continue to rage, the more danger there will be that the army will wither into the crowds, throwing Egypt—and the region—into potentially violent chaos.

On Sunday, the military raised its presence, sending a column of tanks to enter Tahrir Square and buzzing the crowds with fighter jets. These actions came a day after the country’s most notorious prisons, Abu Zaabal and Wadi Natroun, were emptied of criminals and Islamic militants; uniformed police forces have all but disappeared (but appear to be trickling back to their posts today). Only the army and roving bands of armed vigilantes are in charge. With all but a few businesses closed and the economy at a complete standstill, it is unclear how long this standoff can last. One banner in Tahrir Square read: “The army has to choose between Egypt and Mubarak.”

There is a danger that the protests could lead to less, not greater, liberty in Egypt. While many of the groups organizing the protests (such as the April 6 Movement) do use pro-democracy rhetoric, there are powerful forces in the country that harbor Islamist goals that are incompatible with genuine democracy, including the anti-Western Muslim Brotherhood. As Egypt’s biggest and best-organized political group, the Brotherhood will be well-positioned to hijack a revolt.

Some in the West are hoping that former IAEA chief Mohammed ElBaradei can emerge as a leader of the opposition. There are even reports that the Muslim Brotherhood may endorse ElBaradei’s leadership. But ElBaradei’s hold on power is extremely weak. The New York Times reports that the crowd’s reaction to a Sunday speech by ElBaradei was mixed, with one Muslim Brotherhood supporter telling the Times: “ElBaradei doesn’t live here and doesn’t know us. We need a leader who can understand Egyptians.” For his part, ElBaradei seems completely out of touch with what the Brotherhood represents, telling ABC’s Christiane Amanpour: “The Muslim Brotherhood is in no way extremist.”

The Obama Administration’s response so far has been slow and they have sent mixed signals. On Friday, Vice President Joe Biden denied that President Mubarak was a dictator and stated that Mubarak should not step aside. And on Tuesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said: “Our assessment is that the Egyptian government is stable and is looking for ways to respond to the legitimate needs and interests of the Egyptian people.” But yesterday she appeared on Fox News and urged the start of an “orderly transition” to bring about a “democratic, participatory government” while stopping short of calling for Mubarak’s ouster.

The Obama Administration has been slow to embrace calls for liberty in Egypt is completely consistent with the Obama Doctrine as applied in the Middle East. When the Iranian people rose against the regime in Tehran in the wake of a disputed national election, Obama offered virtually no support for the cries for freedom. He was too committed to his engagement strategy with the Iranian regime, believing his “charm offensive” would be enough to deter them from pursuing nuclear weapons. Those efforts have completely failed. Nevertheless, the “playing nice initiative” with Tehran fell flat. Today, the regime is more aggressive than ever—backing a terrorist takeover of the government in Lebanon, snubbing Western nuclear negotiators, and promoting an Islamist agenda across the region. As Elliott Abrams, who coordinated the Bush Administration’s Middle East policy at the National Security Council, wrote in The Washington Post:

This has been the greatest failure of policy and imagination in the administration’s approach: Looking at the world map, it sees states and their rulers, but has forgotten the millions of people suffering under and beginning to rebel against those rulers. “Engagement” has not been the problem, but rather the administration’s insistence on engaging with regimes rather than with the people trying to survive under them.
To give Egyptians the greatest possible prospects for liberty, the Obama Administration should change course and press any government that emerges to:

  • Pledge to minimize the use of force and the loss life in its efforts to restore order;


  • Agree to open up the political system to allow meaningful participation by Egyptian citizens in forming a representative government; and


  • Restore Internet service and access to the world.

The Obama Administration should review U.S. assistance to Egypt and make further assistance contingent upon undertaking these actions.

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The American Left’s Role in Leading Mid-East Regime Change

As the world watches Egypt crumble into chaos, with over 100 dead and 2000 injured, the Obama administration continues to be somewhat and rather curiously ambivalent. On the one hand, on Friday, Vice President Biden came to the defense of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, saying that he shouldn’t step aside. Yet, on the same day, the Telegraph (ala Wikileaks) reported that the U.S. had planned “regime change” for the “past three years” while both President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton demand that internet be restored to the Egyptian protesters. This morning, Secretary of State Clinton again clarified the United States’ official position, ”We do not want to send any message about backing forward or backing back.”

For all the lack of clarity on where the Obama administration stands, one thing is becoming more and more clear: Signs are beginning to point more toward the likelihood that President Obama’s State Department, unions, as well as Left-leaning media corporations are more directly involved in helping to ignite the Mid-East turmoil than they are publicly admitting.

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The big fear in the West is that if this revolution is a success, and the Muslim Brotherhood or another extremist group seizes power in Egypt, the Egyptian people will not secure liberty and freedom. Two co-workers of mine at The Heritage Foundation, James Phillips and James Carafano, have produced excellent analysis that may help conservatives to navigate and understand this difficult issue.

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The decision to redeploy the internal security forces follows a major confrontation that has played out behind the scenes between the Interior Ministry and the military. The animosity between Egypt’s police and soldiers was amplified Jan. 28 when demonstrators overwhelmed the CSF and plainclothes police and the army stepped in to attempt to restore order. Read more »

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