Southern Sudan, “A Nation is Born!” A glimmer of hope in a world surrendering to Islamic supremacism. Southern Sudan fought back

Posted on February 2, 2011

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

It’s Official! Southern Sudan, “A Nation is Born!”

Sudan celebrates

Photo: Sudanese celebrate following the announcement of the preliminary results in the Southern Sudan referendum in Juba. The leader of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, said Monday he looked forward to the international community confirming his region’s referendum in which voters overwhelmingly chose to secede from the north.… Read more »

Simon Deng’s calls from Sudan are the highlight of my day. Last week Simon called ecstatic at the preliminary results of the freedom referendum. Sudan is the one glimmer of hope in a world surrendering to Islamic supremacism. Southern Sudan fought back, and a record 99.6% voted for independence from the Muslim North. “Free at Last!” “Thank G-d Almighty!” “We Have a Nation” Today, he called. It is indeed official.

“Everyone is drunk with happiness. People in Southern Sudan are in unity. We are one. Everyone is saying ‘Hallelujah! Free at last!'” Simon Deng.

“If you don’t believe in miracles, look to Southern Sudan. Everyone in Southern Sudan is smiling. Everyone. The country is smiling. They will be never be as happy as they are today. We are free from the victimization and islamization of the North.”

“We had to sacrifice four million lives.”

When Simon called me last week in advance of the official results, he could hardly contain his joy. Like a proud papa, “a nation is born!”

“We thank every person in the world who has been there emotionally, who consoled us, who stood with us, who has supported Southern Sudan, who have stood with and those who stood in sympathy with the people of Sudan, we thank you. We thank everybody. We the people of Southern Sudan have no way to thank people of good will, who opened their doors to refugees, who opened their wallet to us, we thank you.

“Everyone is anxious to receive the new baby.”

“And the last thing we are asking people and free nations of the world — recognize the child that is going to be born. Be there for that child. Support that child. When the child falls down, help that child stand up. Help the child grow. Eventually we will be strong and run like a gazelle.”

When I asked Simon if he thought there would be trouble, He said “Never, G-d is with us. They sacrificed, but didnt lose hope. 4 million lives perished, but they believed in tomorrow. Tomorrow is now. We have a nation.”

Interesting how the major media outlets aren’t covering this historic, unprecedented vote for freedom. The South has freed itself from the Islamic tyranny of the north.

More here:

Thousands poured onto the streets of the state capital Wau yesterday following the announcement of the preliminary results of the recently-concluded Southern Sudan Referendum.

The euphoric residents sang and danced from street to street celebrating the announcement by the Southern Sudan Referendum Commission that 99.6 percent of South Sudanese had voted for the separation of the semi-autonomous region.
“We have from today honoured our freedom fighters as we have waited for this day for too long”, said an unidentified middle-aged man from a top a pick-up vehicle.

The residents joined their compatriots across South Sudan even as the State Governor Rizik Zackaria Hassan called for calm until the final results of the Southern Sudan Referendum results are announced on February 14.

Outside a shop, a banner with the inscription: The Republic of South Sudan caught the attention of many as it clearly emphasised the importance of the announcement.

“We are very happy and proud following the preliminary announcement today which shows that we have separated from the Arabs who have been sitting on the Southerners for a long time”, said Cirillo Albino who spent the day celebrating with his family at his home in Wau.

Meanwhile, residents of Lakes State received news of the results with joy following days of anxiety over the fate of the semi-autonomous region.

The State Governor Chol Tong Mayay urged the state residents to stay calm until the final results are released in Khartoum.

While welcoming the announcement of the preliminary results, Mayay said the outcome fulfilled the wishes of South Sudanese who have suffered greatly at the hands of the Khartoum government.

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