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Posted on February 8, 2011


Demonstrators hold a symbolic funeral for a journalist killed in the Egyptian protests. Experts now fear that the country’s rumored WMD arsenal could fall into fundamentalist hands, setting off a major Mideast crisis. (AP Photo)

Here We Go Again: Now Fears Over Egyptian WMD

With Egypt in turmoil and the Hosni Mubarak regime imperiled, concerns are rising over the Arab world’s most militarily advanced nation’s weapons of mass destruction programs, said to include work with nuclear, chemical and biological technologies. If Egypt descends into revolution, they could quite easily fall into the hands of an Islamist regime. Is this the next Mideast crisis?

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February 07, 2011
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    Jan 27, 2011 11:34 pm | Lisa Daftari

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    Egypt Approaches The Abyss

    The long reign of Hosni Mubarak seems to be in its final decline and the next few weeks will probably determine to a great extent the security picture of the Middle East for a generation.

    While we should all applaud the removal of a dictator we should do so with the realization that the odds of the Obama Administration producing an outcome superior to that produced by Jimmy Carter in Iran approaches zero.

    As i’ve said many times, no historical analogy is ever exactly right but the parallels developing between the way the Carter administration betrayed the Shah of Iran are chilling.

    While the Carter Administration believed for reasons that have never been made clear that it could manage the accession of Ayatollah Khomeini to power, so too the Obama Administration seems to think it has found a working partner in the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Why the Administration believes cavorting with an organization that is both violent and islamist makes sense is as unclear as Carter’s man-crush on Khomeini.

    The Administration clearly feels that it is sympatico with the Muslim Brotherhood. Early in the Administration the man chosen for “muslim outreach” was heavily involved with the Muslim Brotherhood. And Egyptian media has reported that Obama has recently met with Muslim Brotherhood representatives.

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