Egypt, continuing coverage, with more more on Muslim Brotherhood, Obama administration dithering, Mubarak, Egypt’s Army, great dangers and much uncertainty.

Posted on February 11, 2011

Saudis Put Obama at
Fault on Egyptian Crisis

Dialogue between Obama and King Abdullah is tense with the Saudis unhappy about U.S. handling of Egypt

Who Is Omar Suleiman? – Meet the new boss, same as the old boss?

‘Tipping Point’? – Krauthammer blasts Mubarak’s ‘shocking’ speech



Anti-government protesters in Cairo react with dismay Thursday to a national address by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Mubarak transferred some powers to his vice president but said he would not resign or leave the country.

Gaffney: Sack Obama’s Intelligence Chief

National Intelligence Director James Clapper’s bid to defuse frustration on Capitol Hill over the intelligence community’s performance during the Mideast upheaval appeared to backfire Thursday, when his description of Egypt’s extremist Muslim Brotherhood as a “largely secular” group that has “eschewed violence” sparked outrage. That characterization by the top U.S. intelligence official triggered an immediate backlash.

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What, Never? W.S. Gilbert on the Muslim Brotherhood

by Roger Kimball

I have a sneaking suspicion Geert Wilders was right when he said that there may well be such a thing as moderate Muslim but, alas, there is not such thing as moderate Islam.

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Democrazy: Egypt and the Eternal Constitution
Selwyn Duke
Something must be remembered about a government of the people, by the people and for the people: It will look like the people. More

Obama’s Director of National Intelligence thinks Muslim Brotherhood is ‘largely secular’
February 10, 2011
This is the caliber of personnel we have come to expect from the Obama Administration More

Muslim Brotherhood Wants Egyptian Nukes
February 10, 2011
Something the MSM manages to overlook. More

Mubarak hangs in
February 10, 2011
Not leaving office, handing over some powers to VP Suleiman, and taking a mild swipe at outside pressure. More

Saudi King lays down the law to Obama on Egypt
February 10, 2011
The man who bowed low gets his orders. More

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Gingrich on Mubarak remaining in power

Gingrich on Crisis in Egypt, Part 2

Former House speaker on turmoil

U.S. Intel Director Also Refuses to Recognize Muslim Brotherhood As Extremist

In a House Intelligence Committee hearing Thursday morning, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper refused to admit that the Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamist organization that supports violence, calling the group’s Egyptian branch “largely secular.”

[To see a hard-hitting Blaze video comparing Clapper’s remarks to contradictory statements made by a Muslim Brotherhood official only hours earlier, go here.]

Just yesterday it was revealed that a 1995 book written by the Brotherhood‘s fifth leader details the group’s objectives, including the “global conquest of Islam” and “reestablishing the Islamic Caliphate, the “public and private duties of jihad,” and the “struggles Muslims must wage against Israel.”


‘Largely Secular’: US Intelligence Director Says Muslim Brotherhood Is Secular Hours After Senior Member of Muslim Brotherhood Admits Ultimate Goal Is Sharia Law in Egypt

MitchellImplausible Deniability: MSNBC’s Mitchell is Warned by Ex Muslim Brotherhood Member They Want Sharia Law The Next Day Mitchell Says Brotherhood Not Extremists

  • WatchU.S. Intel Director Also Refuses to Recognize Muslim Brotherhood As Extremist Government

    “a very heterogeneous group, largely secular”

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  • AP: Mubarak Will Meet Protester‘s Demands But Phrasing Suggests ’Military Coup’ World

    “Protesters are insisting he step down immediately.”

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  • Mubarak Will Not Step Down, Passes Some Power to VP

    In an address delivered on state television Thursday, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak rebuffed rumors that he would relinquish his power and step down from office. Instead, Mubarak insisted he would continue to serve out his term until the election this fall, reaffirming his pledge not to seek re-election at that time.

    In the meantime, Mubarak pledged to transfer some of his presidential powers to Vice President Omar Suleiman. In the future, Mubarak also said the Egyptian military will ensure the peaceful transfer of power.

    The embattled Egyptian president also seemed to deliver a direct, defiant message to the international community, saying he would “not accept foreign interventions.”

    His remarks were largely aimed at the youth of Egypt who have only known one leader during their lifetimes. The “blood of your martyrs will not be wasted,” Mubarak insisted. “I will not be easy in punishing the people who have caused these injuries and I will hold accountable all the people who committed crimes against you.” To date, the United Nations estimates that 300 people have died in the unrest.

    Mubarak also announced the formation of a committee that will study amendments to the Constitution, and another that will be responsible for the implementation of the commitments made by the president to the people. He also announced that a number of constitutional items have been amended to protect the rights to free assembly and speech.

    “I announce in very plain, unequivocal words that I will not run in the coming presidential elections, satisfied with what I have offered to the nation for 60 years, in time of war and peace. I announce that I will adhere to this position and similarly remain adamant to shoulder my responsibility, protecting the constitution, safeguarding the interests of the people until the authority and power is handed over to the person who will be elected in fair and free elections.”

    Protesters gathered in Cairo‘s Tahrir Square continued to demand Mubarak’s immediate resignation, chanting “Leave, leave, leave!”

    Bolstered by early reports that Mubarak might announce his resignation Thursday, U.S. President Barack Obama welcomed the move, announcing that the world was “witnessing history.”

    Egyptian Revolution Blues – don’t miss video!

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