Bin Laden Killed by US Forces in Pakistan. Thank you U.S. forces, Thank you former President Bush. We have a reason to cheer Osama dead today, but tomorrow his fanatical mission and his loyalists still remain.

Posted on May 2, 2011

Bush: Killing Bin Laden ‘A Victory for America’

Former president commends his successor and the military on ‘this momentous achievement’

Bin Laden Killed by US Forces in Pakistan

Osama bin Laden, the world’s most wanted terrorist, was killed in a fiery American raid on his fortress-like compound in a Pakistani town that is home to three army regiments. His location, “custom built to hide someone of significance,” raised pointed questions of whether Pakistani authorities knew the whereabouts of the world’s most wanted man. The death comes almost ten years after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

The al-Qaida chief was living in a house in the town of Abbottabad that a U.S. official said was “custom built to hide someone of significance.” Abbottabad is around 60 miles from the capital Islamabad, far from the remote mountain caves along the Pakistan-Afghanistan tribal border where most intelligence assessments had put bin Laden in recent years.

Timeline: Tip Guides U.S. To Al Qaeda Leader

Importance of August 2010 tip that led U.S. to bin Laden’s compound wasn’t apparent until months later

Bin Laden Dead: Is Pakistan Really the End of the Trail?

 by Richard Fernandez

If highly placed persons in Pakistan have been instrumental in hiding Osama bin Laden there for the last several years at least, it suggests that some of the real masterminds of September 11, far from lying dead, are still at large. Read bullet

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    Pakistani Television Airs Video of Fire at OBL Compound

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    Bin Laden Took a Path of Fanaticism and Terror

    “I can be eliminated, but not my mission.”

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  • US Warns of Al Qaeda Reprisals Over Death of Bin Laden

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    Crowd Gathers at White House to Cheer News of bin Laden’s Death — Sings ‘God Bless America’

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    Baseball Fans React to Bin Laden News With Stadium-Rocking ‘U-S-A!’ Chants Sports

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  • NBC News: Bin Laden Death a ‘Significant Blow’ to Al Qaeda World

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Updated: Obama Addresses Nation on Death of Osama Bin Laden

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    Fox News: Bin Laden Reportedly Killed in Pakistani Mansion, Familial DNA Used to Identify Body

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  • AP Sources: Osama bin Laden Killed in Pakistan During Ground Operation

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First Responder Seeks Closure in Terrorist’s Death

Former NYC firefighter says he’s glad the U.S. killed bin Laden and reflects on life-changing 9/11 attack

DNA Confirms bin Laden Killed
May 02, 2011
Extended coverage to follow… More

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