The Day of the Arab Catastrophe: The despicable Nakba Day, the Big Lie vs. The Truth

Posted on May 15, 2011

The Day of the Arab Catastrophe

May 15, 2011

By Mark CantoraStrap on your costume bomb-belts and hold high your toy Kalashnikovs! Dress the kids as

Farfour the Genocidal Mouse and retrofit your qassam stockpile into celebratory fireworks.”  Today is Nakba Day!

“What’s Nakba Day?” you might ask. It’s a lofty concept — really something quite counterintuitive, going against all reason and logic available to any thinking human being. It’s the day in which the Arabs of Israel mourn the birth of the State of Israel. It is a day of national sadness — a day for Arabs to lament the “disaster” that befell them at the creation of the Jewish State.
And how! It really is quite disheartening.  Especially considering how awful — just awful — the State of Israel has been for its Arab residents.  Consider: The very existence of Israel has been so inconceivably horrible for Israeli Arabs, that only 77% of Israeli-Arabs say that they would rather live in Israel than in any other country in the entire world. That’s right. It’s not just that Israeli-Arabs would rather live in hated Israel as opposed to a terrible dictatorship like Syria, or Saudi Arabia.  That’s just a no-brainer.  But Israel is, in fact, so terrible, that over three-fourths of all Israeli-Arabs would rather live in the Jewish State than any other place on the face of the Earth. (No word yet on their preferences vis-à-vis Israel vs. The Moon).
Perhaps we are all missing some very mystical connection — something not cognizable to the non-Israeli-Arab mind?
Yes! That’s it!  It has to be!  Nakba Day is performance art.  It’s an ironic absurdist post-modern piece meant to convey a complex message about yearning and dreaming of the destruction of the very nation which makes it possible to live your lives in happiness and economic security.
Or maybe it’s a world-wide Arab attempt to “out-Nakba” the Jews — arguably the greatest Nakba-ers of all time!  Always wanting to one-up those pesky Jewish over-achievers in every trivial and mundane area of life (and yes, their falafel is bigger than your falafel), the Arabs have now decided that their big catastrophe is worse than those of the Jews.  One can’t be sure, but maybe the creation of the State of Israel and the subsequent decrease in Israeli-Arab unemployment, illiteracy, and infant mortality could be considered worse than all the Jewish Nakbas, courtesy of the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Romans, the Crusaders, the Almohads, the Spanish, the Russians, the Nazis, the Soviets, and the Islamists.  Perhaps if the Nakbaniks shout loud enough for long enough, someone, somewhere (i.e. the French) will confuse loud exaggerated claims for legitimate ones….
So what is the real motivation behind Nakba Day? There is only one answer that makes sense — one answer on the other side of the equal side that makes the whole equation add up.
The motivation is jealousy.  Jealousy of Israel’s success as the national liberation movement of the Jewish people.  Jealousy of Israel’s ability to be merciful and just, even in the face of daily existential threats, while the spineless leadership of the “Palestinian nationalist” movement continues to steal from and murder its own people.  Jealousy of Israel’s past leadership, who were always willing to make compromises and accept less than the ideal situation, in order to advance the best interests of the people.  And jealousy of Israel’s ability to do better by its Arab citizens (according to 77% of them, no less) than any other country — Arab or otherwise –in the entire world.
Nakba Day is a legitimate day of mourning.  It is a day that the Arabs of Israel, Judea, Samaria, and Gaza should mourn their own leaders’ never-ending failure to do the right things on behalf of their people.  It was not the creation of Israel that was the real catastrophe, but the failure of the Arab leaders to realize that Israel could and should be an integral part of the Middle-East.
Throughout the Middle-East, the “Arab-Spring” spreads, giving hope to Arabs long-suffering under brutal dictatorships and oppressive monarchs.  But ignored by the media and the world-at-large is the one country in which a super-majority of Arabs are truly happy…the one State in which Arabs are free to live their lives, practice their faiths, and enjoy the fruits of their hard-earned labor…the one place in the world where an Arab Spring already occurred 63 years ago.
Israel is a catastrophe only for those who know nothing of Israel and nothing of catastrophes. We can only hope and pray that the mourners and protesters this Nakba Day are miraculously imbued with the true knowledge of both.
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