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Posted on July 20, 2011

Obama’s Middle East Plan Weakens Israel

Christians United for Israel head: ‘President Obama is not pro-Israel’

Beck: If Israel is threatened, ‘count me a Jew and come for me first’ — ‘Each of us will be judged as a people and a nation by how we treat Israel’

Herman Cain Would Attack Iran to Prevent it from Acquiring Nuclear Weapons or If “It Messes with Israel”

Ex-CIA Officer: Israel Likely to Attack Iran in Fall

Israeli military strike on Iran predicted

“He really didn’t mean it;” America’s Jews back Obama’s Marxism over Israel’s survival
by Kevin “Coach” Collins, Coach is Right

      When Barack Hussein Obama suggested a suicidal return to pre- 1967 borders as the way to lasting peace for Israel the politically uninitiated assumed America’s Jews would turn on him and withdraw their support for his re-election. This silliness lasted for a few weeks until prominent elected Jewish Democrats visited Jewish old age homes and other meeting places to reassure them they had not really heard what they heard and saw.

Rahm Emanuel,one of Obama’s favorite “Jewish policemen”,was called in to do damage control and actually said,“That statement [Obama’s 1967 border remark]does not mean a return to 1967 borders.” The great Groucho Marx line,“Who are you going to believe;me or your lyin’ eyes?” comes to mind.

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Glenn Beck Warns Against ‘Vaporization of Israel’

Friday, July 15, 2011 10:36 AM
Because that’s the reality! “Much like Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Beck does not shy away from using Holocaust terminology when warning about Iran’s nuclearization.”

The “vaporization of Israel” and the end of the Western way of life as we know it could be on the horizon, American broadcaster Glenn Beck warned in an interview with The Jerusalem Post in the capital’s David Citadel Hotel on Wednesday.

Beck came to Israel to prepare for “Restoring Courage,” his Jerusalem mega-event set for late next month. He also addressed the Knesset’s Diaspora Affairs Committee, toured Gush Etzion and Sderot, and met with hi-tech entrepreneurs and Vice Premier Moshe Ya’alon.

“[Christian Israel supporters] see tragedy coming down the pike unless we take a stand,” Beck said. “Many of us were asleep for a long time. There are Americans who still say it will never happen, and everything will work out because we are America. But I know Americans outside of Washington who know that’s not necessarily true – not unless you change that behavior. We are waking up to what could be on the horizon: and what could be on the horizon is the vaporization of Israel and the end of the Western way of life as we know it,” he continued.

Beck said the way to prevent such a tragedy was to stand together, be righteous and decent and protect one another. To that end, he is organizing three separate events in Jerusalem under the Restoring Courage banner.

One will be for American- Christians and will be viewed in hundreds of churches in the US.

Beck said the event is intended to “get the Christian community in America to wake up and start standing up [for Israel].”

Another event will be more political, featuring Democratic Senator Joseph Lieberman, Republican presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Herman Cain, and at least two other candidates whom Beck declined to reveal.

He said the event would be attended by more than 30 American national political figures, 70 international politicians and citizen delegations from 100 countries around the world, including Bahrain.

At Beck’s request, Americans will be getting together to watch the event, bringing Jews and Christians together.

More than 700 viewing parties have already been organized.

“If it’s just an event, we failed,” he said. “It’s a launch of a movement of decent, like-minded, freedom-loving peaceful people who know the answer won’t come from Washington or Copenhagen. It’s not going to come from our political leaders, but from the people. It’s a freedom movement, something the Tel Aviv hi-tech people and the most Orthodox in Jerusalem would understand and come together for.”

Beck vowed that the event would be bipartisan and would not develop into a rally against US president Barack Obama. Even though he is one of Obama’s fiercest critics, Beck makes a point of not criticizing the American administration when he’s abroad.

“Now that we’re a global community, this answer doesn’t seem to make sense because a lot of people here in Israel watch my program, but I don’t talk about the policies of my country outside my country,” he said.

“If you want to know my opinion of the policies of the president, you can go to YouTube and see what I said in New York, and will continue to say in New York. There won’t be politics in this event. There will be values, virtues and principles.”

The world leader whom will more likely be a central focus of speeches at the event will be Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Much like Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Beck does not shy away from using Holocaust terminology when warning about Iran’s nuclearization.

Beck, who visited Auschwitz on his way to Israel for a documentary on Righteous Gentiles, says the world must learn from history.

“I was on the radio four years ago saying we’re passing all the exits,” he said.

“Soon it’s a cliff. You’ve got to turn the car around. Someone needs to find a solution. Come what may, will we be brave enough? I told Netanyahu when Bush was president, the Americans won’t do it. No one else is going to do it. Those [Iranian] people will build trains again [for the Jews]. [Ahmadinejad] said the Jews will burn in the fires of the Islamic fury. I think that’s pretty clear.”

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The Coming Islamist Takeover of Yemen

By Ryan Mauro
The Arab Spring is about to add another dictator to its tally.
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Dispatch: Libya War Update

STRATFOR analyst Bayless Parsley discusses why rebel military deficiencies will shape any political solution to the conflict in Libya. Watch the Video »



The Syrian Horror Show

Tea Party Nation Discussion posted by Alan Caruba:

Name me a country where funeral processions get fired upon and more people die on the way to burying the latest martyrs for… 

U.S. abruptly softens its criticism of Syria

Syria’s Descent into Darkness

By Rick Moran
Sectarian violence explodes in the troubled Mideast nation.
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Egyptian Marxist Reveals Long Term Activism Behind Revolution

Posted: 14 Jul 2011 07:09 PM PDT

On March 13th 2011 – Egyptian journalist, blogger and Marxist activist Gigi Ibrahim, addressed a Socialist Workers Party forum in London the background of the Egyptian revolution.

We in the west were sold the idea that the revolution was spontaneous, and largely initiated through internet activism.

Ibrahim dispels that myth -from 1.47 to 2.20.

The Western media especially…and especially the American media, focused so much on calling it an internet revolution….it undermines completely the struggle…they’re calling it a spontaneous revolution…that just started on January the 25th, but the reality is, this revolution has been a long time coming. For years and years and decades… But especially since 2,000, with the second Palestinian intifada….”

Ibrahim goes on to outline the role her comrades played in the events of 2010 and 2011. Just like their counterparts are doing in Western Europe and the US right now!


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