Updates on the coming 10th Anniversary of 9/11: Bush and others to be at ground zero; Will the press finally be straight?; and Let’s Remember What Really Counts!

Posted on August 17, 2011

Bush to be in New York City for 10th Anniversary of 9/11

Posted on July 30, 2011 by Conservative Byte

The ceremony at the World Trade Center site marking the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 terror attacks will be a solemn but stately event. It will include an appearance by former President George W. Bush, and a chance for victims’ families to view the names of loved ones etched into the memorial, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg and President Barack Obama will be joined by leaders who were in charge during the 2001 attacks, including Bush, former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and former New York Gov. George Pataki. Current New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will also be there, he said.

Speaking Friday on his weekly radio show on WOR-AM, Bloomberg said the lawmakers will read short poems or quotes. No speeches will be made.

“This cannot be political,” he said. “So that’s why there’s a poem or a quote or something that each of the readers will read. No speeches whatsoever. That’s not an appropriate thing.”

The mayor also revealed a few more details of the Sunday, Sept. 11 ceremony. It will be held on the highway to the west of the site, and only relatives will be allowed inside the memorial to look for the names of their loved ones, etched into the railings at two huge waterfalls built in the footprint of the World Trade Center. The falls descend from the street level down into a void.

The names of the nearly 3,000 victims — including those who died at the Pentagon and aboard United Flight 93 that went down in Shanksville, Pa. — will be read aloud for the first time.

The public will be allowed into the space, still a major construction site, the day after the ceremony but only with tickets. Bloomberg said limiting the number of people is a safety precaution as the work continues on 1 World Trade Center, the PATH station and the museum.

He said there have been hundreds of thousands of reservations already, and a few days are already booked solid. He estimated that 1 million people annually will visit the site.

The museum is still under construction and is scheduled to open next year. Artifacts from the terrorist attacks are slowly being assembled for the space, including a cross-shaped steel T-beam which was discovered by a construction worker in the smoldering rubble. A national atheist group sued over the inclusion of the cross in the museum. It says all beliefs should be included, or none at all.

Bloomberg said on his radio show that the group had a right to sue, but organizers had a right to place the cross there.

“This clearly influenced people,” he said. “It gave them strength. In a museum you want to show things that impacted people’s behavior back then, even if you don’t think it was right. It’s history. Museums are for history.”

Bloomberg said other religious relics would be in the museum: a Star of David cut from World Trade Center steel, a Bible found during the recovery effort and a Jewish prayer shawl.

Bush recently recounted his memories of Sept. 11 in a National Geographic interview set to air in the fall in honor of the anniversary of the attacks.


9 11 – Tenth Anniversary Approaches

Adrian Morgan, The Editor

Family Security Matters announces a new video to commemorate the upcoming anniversary of 9 11, and we invite readers to submit their own personal opinions of 9 11.

The 9/11 Never Forget Project

September 11, 2011 – Schools & organizations around America are invited to participate!

 This year is the 10thAnniversary of September 11, 2001.

Each year Young America’s Foundation helps students across the country properly remember the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks through our 9/11: Never Forget Project. Young America’s Foundation began this program in 2003 when we discovered that most college campuses were either completely ignoring the anniversary or holding a politically correct event instead.

How To GuideFree Materials911 Purchase Flags/w Asterick

Young America’s Foundation will provide you with ideas and information on how to:

  • Establish an American flag memorial on campus consisting of 2,977 American flags representing each person tragically killed in the terrorist attacks.
  • Schedule a campus-wide moment of silence or prayer on September 11, at 9:11 a.m.
  • Host a speaker at your school such as Marc Thiessen, Fabrizio Bivona, and Earl Johnson.
  • Provide you with free buttons, posters and other materials to distribute on the anniversary.

Time is Running Out to Order Your Free 9/11 Resources
You must order your free materials for the 9/11: Never Forget Project by Thursday, August 25 to get your box of supplies in time for your display!

2010 9/11: Never Forget ProjectBe sure to check out previous Never Forget Project memorials in our photo gallery.

Free Campus Battleplan
The Campus Conservative Battleplan provides specific activism ideas you can organize each month of the school year. Order your free copy today!

 On 9/11, Let’s Remember What Really Counts

by Jon Friedman

9/11: a wake-up call

Yes, the stock market is driving us crazy. As is President Barack Obama. And the (literally) do-nothing Congress. And the boring build-up to the 2012 presidential election race.

But let’s focus, for just a moment, on what is really important: life.

The 9/11 commemoration — 10 years since the terrorist attacks on America — is fast-approaching. It will be a time of sorrow and hope. We will remember fallen heroes and, grudgingly, we’ll all remember where we were on that fateful day.

What’s most important is to remember how great our country is and how lucky we are to live here. There are plenty of things that we need to fix — and, as usual, the U.S. government is job one.

But ultimately, America can withstand any government, regardless of how you feel about Dubya and Barack Obama. The spirit of our people is great enough to overcome questionable leadership of any political affiliation.

We should truly set aside our grievances on 9/11 this year. Instead of worrying about stock prices, we should treat the day as an early Thanksgiving. We should remember how precious life really is. None of those patriots knew on that terrible Tuesday morning 10 years ago what was ahead for each and every one of them.

This year, 9/11 should be regarded as a wake-up call for the entire nation. Maybe if we all simply reflect, for one day, anyway, on what the day really means for our country, we can honor the heroic spirit of those men and women who fell on 9/11.

On Sept. 12, we can go back to griping about the government, fretting about the stock market, speculating about the race for the White House — and, yes, even blasting the media for our collective sins.

All of that can wait for one day, can’t it?


First Responders Not Allowed to Attend 9/11 Memorial Service

WatchFirst Responders Not Allowed to Attend 9/11 Memorial Service

“the Founding Fathers…would roll over in their graves”  Read More »

Mushnick: Will 9/11 Special Tip-Toe Around the Obvious?

By PHIL MUSHNICK, The New York Post, August 14, 2011

I’ve written this before, but now’s the time to hear for yourselves.

With the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks approaching, the news media, as well they should, will be all over this story.

But listen. The perpetrators of the slaughter will be treated with perverse respect, and simple, plain truth-telling will be avoided — just in case anyone out there is inclined to claim that the reporters and their networks are anti-Islam.

Listen for how the innocent dead are addressed. We will hear that they “died,” that they “perished,” that they were “lost” and that they were “killed” on 9/11. We will hear that they were victims of a tragedy, a cataclysmic horror.

But one fact will go largely unspoken. We will not hear that they were murdered.

How often have you heard that indisputable truth spoken on newscasts since 9/11? How often have you heard that the 2,977 innocents who died on 9/11 were “victims of a mass murder”?

And it’s unlikely that you’ll hear that much in the 9/11 remembrances, overviews and personal profiles that TV will present, day and night, over the next month.

Although the 9/11 murderers were driven by their radicalized, insane interpretation of their religion, the Western news media applies an inherent sensitivity toward Islamic extremists in their careful refusal to deal with and report the plainest, clearest — and ugliest — of facts.


The Nation’s Pulse

Atheists Attack 9/11 Cross

Joseph Infranco & Byron Babione | 8.16.11 @ 6:07AM

A group called American Atheists is suing to alter an extraordinary 9/11 memorial.


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