9/11 – 10 years of Remembrance, Reverence, and Resolve – “We Shall Never Forget”

Posted on September 11, 2011

Today, Patriot Day, we take time out to continue our Nation and Personal mourning for all those lost in the horric attacks our on country, our people, our way of life – 10 years ago. We offer tributes and memorials to the countless heroes of that fateful day, as well as the days that followed, and we don’t just remember, but rather vow to never forget. We must always keep in perspective the evils that confront us as a nation and as a people, that which vows to destroy our freedoms and bring us to our knees, as we vow to never allow it. 

There will be much discussion and much more action in days to come, reflecting both on this anniversary 10 years later as well as the original tragedy, as it has been all along, but for now we will take this day to pause and memorialize.

To that end please see our page here:  911 Tributes and Remembrance

and even more importantly, the following 2 pages of huge compilations of tributes, photos, videos, profiles, interviews, and more:

Revolution 2010 (especially here, see the intro message):

9/11 – Never Forget – Never Quit – We Remain Free!




Flight 93 MemorialPentagon 9/11 Memorial

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