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Posted on September 18, 2011

Egyptian Leader Ahmed Said: Muslim Brotherhood Eclipses New Political Parties

White House Plays Down its Muslim Brotherhood Dinner Guests

The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report

The Islamists who were invited to a White House dinner are exposed, Egypt’s Brotherhood is in political difficulties, and a global youth Islamist group is going broke.


Arab Spring for Dummies

By Daniel Greenfield
Obama deserves the credit for the violence exploding out of Egypt.
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An Egyptian Mob Attacks Israel’s Embassy and Captures the Egyptian Revolution

by Barry Rubin

After the elections, the mob will be in charge.

Egypt’s Botched Revolution

by Michael J. Totten

The only problem with the Egyptian revolution is that it was not a revolution.

Egyptian Protesters Outside Israeli Embassy Bear Signs with Swastikas: ‘The Gas Chambers Are Ready’

Watch: Egyptian Protesters Outside Israeli Embassy Bear Signs with Swastikas: ‘The Gas Chambers Are Ready’

Is this the face of “moderate” Egypt?

WND Exclusive

‘Exterminate Christians, close pyramids, Sphinx’
Rising leader in Egypt has astonishing plans

Report: Egyptian Prez Candidates & Political Parties Want Israel Punished

Watch Report: Egyptian Prez Candidates & Political Parties Want Israel Punished

“demanding that their government take a harsh line against Israel”

Gaza Muslim Islamofascists Renew Rocket Fire Despite Truce (Note: Socialism, Dictatorships and Communism are all forms of FASCISM, since they all desire state control over the lives of citizens. Hitler was NOT from the Right, but from the Socialist Left and HATED Christians and Christianity as many historical documents reveal)

The latest round of violence that the Islamofascists continuously are bent upon began with a deadly attack on Israelis near the Egypt-Israel border on Thursday which resulted in a round of Israeli defense airstrikes and more rocket fire from Gaza’s Muslim militants.

For Israel, It’s Only the Beginning

Gadi Adelman

Israel suffers terror attacks from Egypt. The Arab Spring is in full swing and there is the upcoming vote on Palestinian Statehood. Libya and Syria are killing their own and it

New Phase in War as Terrorists Cross Egypt-Israel Border

by Barry Rubin – This is not just an isolated incident. It will get worse. ALSO READ: It Walks Like War, Looks Like War, Sounds Like War…

Islamists’ New Terror Front in Egypt

Hot Issue– Has Al-Qaeda Opened A New Chapter In The Sinai Peninsula?

Terrorists Attack Egyptian Army, More Details on Eilat Terror Attack

by Barry Rubin – The battle is taking place on the Egyptian side of the border near where terrorists killed eight Israelis on Thursday.

Middle East: Rep. Kay Granger Steps Up

From the JPost:

Washington’s $2 billion in annual aid to Egypt will be cut off if Cairo backs out of the peace treaty with Israel, Congresswoman Kay Granger – whose job as chairwoman of the US House appropriations foreign operations subcommittee means she literally writes America’s annual foreign aid bill – told The Jerusalem Post on Monday.

“The United States aid to Egypt is predicated on the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, and so the relationship between Egypt and Israel is extremely important,” the eight-term Republican from Texas said in an interview.

“As an appropriator I have two concerns: One thing is the continuing relationship between Egypt and Israel, and the other thing of course is what government we will be dealing with in Egypt, and what position the Muslim Brotherhood will play in this government.”

Granger, who is visiting Israel with a group of House Republicans, will also inform Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that if the PA goes through with their unilateral statehood plans at the UN, $500M in US aid will be cut, including aid to the Palestinian security forces.

(Dare we say, “You go, girl!”?)

Egypt: Desire for Money—Jizya—Prompts Attacks on Christians

Egypt: Christian Girls Kidnapped and ‘Sold’

Revealed: Weiner’s In-Laws’ Secret Muslim Brotherhood Connections

by Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack

How deep do the ties go?

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