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Posted on September 20, 2011

Obama: Palestinians Deserve Own State, But …

Saying there is no ‘shortcut’ to Mideast peace, Obama urges Palestinians to drop statehood vote before the U.N.

VIDEO: Obama Speaks Before U.N. Assembly

POWER PLAY: Trouble at Home Limits Obama’s Aims Abroad

Netanyahu Meets With Obama

Obama Flubs Photo Op

VIDEO: Palestinians Hold Rally in West Bank

What Will the New Palestinian State Look Like? »

by Giulio Meotti

The first step toward driving the Jews into the sea. …

September 21 2011

The Palestinian Bid for Statehood: Dire Implications for the U.S.
C. Hart
A stab in the back to U.S. mediation efforts that will cause U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East to fall off the beaten track into the abyss. More


Obama Administration Scrambles to Avoid Embarrassment Over UN Palestine Statehood Vote

 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has sent special envoys to hold talks with Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said on Tuesday that Washington would “leave no stone unturned” to avoid a U.N. vote and get the Israelis back into peace talks. (AP Photo)
The Obama administration is making a last-ditch effort to head off a major diplomatic embarrassment over the looming Palestinian request for recognition of its statehood at the United Nations. The U.S. is applying diplomatic pressure on Israeli and Palestinian leaders to persuade them to reopen negotiations before the United Nations can take action.

More Stories   Clinton: Still Hope for a Palestinian Compromise

Israel’s Danny Ayalon: Palestinians Making ‘Mockery’ of U.N.

Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon tells Newsmax that
Palestinians seeking statehood at the United Nations are making a ‘mockery’ of
the world body and its traditions — and says the U.N. won’t solve anything “the
parties themselves do not solve.” He also asserts that Muslim nations have
“hijacked” the U.N., adding that Israel may have to wait for “more sensible”
Palestinian leadership before pursing the peace process.

Perry: Obama Mideast Policy ‘Naive and Arrogant’

Standing alongside Jewish leaders, GOP contender blames president over Palestinian bid for statehood in U.N.

VIDEO: Perry Slams Obama

Showdown at United Nations (video)

Iranian Ambassador: U.N. Vote On Palestinian Statehood Is a ‘Step Towards Wiping Out Israel’

Iranian Ambassador: U.N. Vote On Palestinian Statehood Is a ‘Step Towards Wiping Out Israel’

“The Palestinians must…prevent the Zionist Entity from depriving them their rights.”  Read More »

Mahmoud AhmadinejadBreaking News

Iran’s Ahmadinejad: No Place for Israel in Region

Posted August 26, 2011 by

The Iranian president said on Friday there will be no room for Israel in the region after the formation of a Palestinian state, and that once the state is established, the liberation of all Palestinian lands should follow.

Full Story »

Crisis over Palestinian statehood bid is all Israel’s fault
September 16, 2011
According to the WaPo, even though it’s the PA that defies Obama, it’s still Israel’s fault. And only Israel’s. More

Obama’s Global Anti-Terror Forum Excluding Israel Set to Unveil at U.N. Summit

Obama’s Global Anti-Terror Forum Excluding Israel Set to Unveil at U.N. Summit (What the heck are you and your foreign policy people smoking?)

Israel not among the 30 founding members. Read More »

Where is the International Support for Victims of Tyranny?

Manda Zand Ervin

How can America, NATO, the UN and the West choose to act against certain tyrants, while allowing the far worse regimes of Iran and Syria to continue unchecked?

PJTV.comNext Thursday, foreign ministers and heads of state will be in New York City to attend the Durban III Conference — the so-called “World Conference Against Racism” — at the United Nations’ headquarters. If you haven’t heard about the Durban conferences, Durban I and II were fiestas of racism — featuring virtual non-stop anti-Semitism and demonization of Israel. Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be a speaker at this year’s conference as in years past.

Our friends at The Hudson Institue and Touro College have organized an event across the street from the UN on the same day called The Perils of Global Intolerance: The United Nations and Durban III, dubbed “DurbanWatch” for short. This counter-conference will focus on the perils of racism associated with past and current Durban conferences.

Durban Watch
PJTV is proud to be bringing the DurbanWatch event straight to you via a live webcast beginning at 9 a.m ET. on Thursday, September 22. You can find out more details about the event by clicking here.

The counter-conference will feature a “who’s who” of speakers from academia, public policy, journalism, human rights, politics and entertainment, including:

  • Holocaust survivor Eli Wiesel
  • Former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton
  • Former Governor Mike Huckabee
  • Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight
  • Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch
  • Harvard professor and author Alan Deshowitz
  • and many more!

I also will be providing reports about the UN’s Durban III event.

I hope you will tune in to our Durban Watch coverage, which begins at 9 a.m. ET next Thursday, September 22. Click here for more information, and please take a moment to let your friends know about this important event which will bring to light the racism of the supposedly anti-racism Durban III Conference.

Sincerely, Roger L. Simon , CEO, Pajamas Media

Mobilizing Against Durban III »

by Josee Chiasson – Taking a stand against Jew-hatred at the UN….

The Durban Follies in New York
Michael Curtis
It is ironic the Durban meetings, the so-called World Conferences against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Related Intolerance, should have been the forum for ugly displays of intolerance and anti-Semitism. More

5 Videos From the Pro-Palestinian Rally for UN Statehood in NYC

Unfurling “Free Palestine” banners and carrying signs decrying the “racist state of Israel,” hundreds of pro-Palestinian demonstrators rallied in New York City on Thursday ahead of the planned bid for U.N. membership.

With chants that included, “1-2-3-4, occupation no more!“ and ”5-6-7-8, Israel is a terrorist state!” demonstrators marched from Times Square to U.N. headquarters, where the General Assembly is scheduled to meet Sept. 20.

Edward Koch: UN Conference Will Give Legitimacy to Anti-Semitic Rants

P.A. trains children to die for Allah

Are Hamas Loyalists Growing Rich on the Backs of Poorer Palestinians?

Are Hamas Loyalists Growing Rich on the Backs of Poorer Palestinians?

“Hamas has become rich at the expense of the people.”

Read More »

Could the UN Vote on Palestinian Statehood Start a Sandstorm of Anti-American Terrorism?

Darlene Casella – Palestine has never existed previously as a “country,” but in September the United Nations will vote on establishing a “Palestinian” state. Will it trigger anti-U.S. terrorism?

Report: U.S. threatens to pull aid if Palestinian Authority goes to U.N. for statehood (about damn time!)

US Foreign Aid to PA is Counterproductive

Yoram Ettinger

While it is illegal for Congress to appropriate funds for hate education in the U.S., Congress has annually funded the Palestinian Authority leader’s hate education.

A New, Selective ‘Semi-Antisemitism’? Only Jews Opposing Obama Are Evil, Greedy, and Have Dual Loyalty

by Barry Rubin

The administration and its supporters are doing everything possible to spread hate, fear, and arrogant snobbishness toward fellow Americans.

Barack Obama’s Continuing Jewish Problem

noOdavidSeptember 16, 2011 By
Poor Barack Obama. He is losing almost every core group he had. Now he will lose not only a core group, but a major fund-raising group: …Read more »

Lieberman blasts Obama’s Politically Correct War on Terrorists

Jim Kouri, CPP

Politically correct tactics are damaging the larger war against terrorism…

Obama’s Full-Court Press on Israel

by P. David Hornik

The administration continues to press the border issue despite no sign from the Palestinians that they are willing to negotiate.

PJTV: Could Obama Lose Jewish Voters in 2012?

Video – Matt Brooks – RJC

Middle East: Rep. Kay Granger Steps Up

From the JPost:

Washington’s $2 billion in annual aid to Egypt will be cut off if Cairo backs out of the peace treaty with Israel, Congresswoman Kay Granger – whose job as chairwoman of the US House appropriations foreign operations subcommittee means she literally writes America’s annual foreign aid bill – told The Jerusalem Post on Monday.

“The United States aid to Egypt is predicated on the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, and so the relationship between Egypt and Israel is extremely important,” the eight-term Republican from Texas said in an interview.

“As an appropriator I have two concerns: One thing is the continuing relationship between Egypt and Israel, and the other thing of course is what government we will be dealing with in Egypt, and what position the Muslim Brotherhood will play in this government.”

Granger, who is visiting Israel with a group of House Republicans, will also inform Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that if the PA goes through with their unilateral statehood plans at the UN, $500M in US aid will be cut, including aid to the Palestinian security forces.

(Dare we say, “You go, girl!”?)

Glenn Beck: Common Hate for Israel Brings Socialist Left and Islam Together to Bring Down Capitalism

Report: Liberal American Strategist Is Quietly Orchestrating Those Mass Israeli Protests

Report: Liberal American Strategist Is Quietly Orchestrating Those Mass Israeli Protests

…an effort to create unrest. Read More »

Israel’s Terrible Choices

Alan Caruba Israel has been a true democracy since its founding. Neither the Palestinian Authority, nor Hamas, has any intention of permitting true democracy for their own people.

A Further Perspective

Israeli Exceptionalism

John C. Wohlstetter| 9.8.11 @ 6:06AM

No other country casts such a giant shadow.

Fatah stoking false expectations and rage
September 13, 2011
Palestinian leaders have announced that “the world is about to witness the birth of a Palestinian state” as a result of their bid for the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) by the United Nations. More

Israeli PM Saw Iranian Nuke Readiness in 2009:

A leaked U.S. diplomatic dispatch states that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned in 2009 that Iran had achieved the capacity to produce a nuclear bomb, the Washington Times reported on Wednesday…

Boykin: Israel-Iran conflict likely inevitable

Chad Groening – OneNewsNow – 9/1/2011 4:25:00 AM

Gaza Israel mapA retired Army general and leading expert on terrorism says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may soon be compelled to take decisive action against the rogue regime in Iran.

Israel was recently compelled to dispatch two more warships to the Red Sea border with Egypt in response to a warning about another planned terrorist attack from Egypt against southern Israel. Fox News also reports that Iran dispatched its 15th fleet to the Red Sea, allegedly to combat piracy.

Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin (USA-Ret) is an original member of Delta Force and author of the new novel, Kiloton Threat, which deals with the Iranian nuclear program. He reminds that Iranian strongman Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is committed to wiping Israel off the face of the globe.

William Boykin“It is heartfelt. It is essentially expressing his theology that says that the ‘Mahdi,’ or the 12th Imam, will only return in an atmosphere of chaos and bloodshed,” Boykin explains. “And as far as Ahmadinejad and the Supreme Council are concerned, the best way to create that chaos and bloodshed would be to just destroy Israel, particularly using a nuclear weapon.”

So the general believes Israel will have to prevent Iran from getting that weapon.

“I think that Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to a very critical point, where he’s going to be left with no options except to try and do a preemptive strike on this nuclear program,” Boykin “There is absolutely no other option … other than just taking out the leadership of Iran. But the probabilities of being able to do that are very, very slim.”

If Israel is compelled to launch that preemptive strike, Boykin believes it will do so without the help of the Barack Obama-led United States.

SA-7 RPGRadical Islamic Winter Can Follow Arab Spring: New More Lethal Weapons in Gaza

September 5, 2011 By
Israeli IDF Major General Eyal Eisenberg warns of regional war in the Middle East and weapons of mass destruction perhaps looming. Coining the new term of the season, he predicts a radical Islamic Winter to follow the so-called Arab Spring. He reported newly found “more lethal arms” in the possession of Gaza terror groups,…

What the West Doesn’t Understand About the ‘Arab Spring Surprise’

by Barry Rubin

The dominant voices in much of the Middle East are saying, “Down with America! Kill the Jews! And the West isn’t hearing them.

An Egyptian Mob Attacks Israel’s Embassy and Captures the Egyptian Revolution

by Barry Rubin

After the elections, the mob will be in charge.

Egyptian Protesters Outside Israeli Embassy Bear Signs with Swastikas: ‘The Gas Chambers Are Ready’

Watch: Egyptian Protesters Outside Israeli Embassy Bear Signs with Swastikas: ‘The Gas Chambers Are Ready’

Is this the face of “moderate” Egypt?

Report: Egyptian Prez Candidates & Political Parties Want Israel Punished

Watch Report: Egyptian Prez Candidates & Political Parties Want Israel Punished

“demanding that their government take a harsh line against Israel”

Gaza Muslim Islamofascists Renew Rocket Fire Despite Truce (Socialism, Dictatorships and Communism are all forms of FASCISM, since they all desire state control over the lives of citizens. Hitler was NOT from the Right, but from the Socialist Left and HATED Christians and Christianity as many historical documents reveal)

The latest round of violence that the Islamofascists continuously are bent upon began with a deadly attack on Israelis near the Egypt-Israel border on Thursday which resulted in a round of Israeli defense airstrikes and more rocket fire from Gaza’s Muslim militants.


Alan Elsner: 202-857-6644 (office), 202-306-0757 (cell),
Marcus Sheff: 011-972-2-623-6427 (office),

Gaza Terrorists Fire New Barrage of Rockets at Israel

  • Border crossing post is damaged by rocket fire
  • Israel kills two Islamic Jihad operatives
  • Israelis try to carry on with life as usual

Jerusalem, Aug 25 – Terrorists in Gaza fired at least 17 rockets at Israeli civilians on Thursday severely damaging the Erez border crossing point.

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Israel in Crisis and Conflict

When Rockets are a Daily Reality

Providing Israel With Much-Needed Bomb Shelters


Global Jihad Strikes Southern Israel

Gaza Militants Continue Rocket Fire on Israel
Israel Arrests 120 Hamas Members in West Bank

Hamas Engineer Tells All to Israel

Iran-backed Hamas Reiterates Intransigence, Commitment to Violence

For Israel, It’s Only the Beginning

Gadi Adelman

Israel suffers terror attacks from Egypt. The Arab Spring is in full swing and there is the upcoming vote on Palestinian Statehood. Libya and Syria are killing their own and it

New Phase in War as Terrorists Cross Egypt-Israel Border

by Barry Rubin – This is not just an isolated incident. It will get worse. ALSO READ: It Walks Like War, Looks Like War, Sounds Like War…

Terrorists Attack Egyptian Army, More Details on Eilat Terror Attack

by Barry Rubin – The battle is taking place on the Egyptian side of the border near where terrorists killed eight Israelis on Thursday.

Hezbollah Official: Destroy Israel After U.S. Leaves Iraq

Tribunal Links Hezbollah to More Car Bombs – Michael Totten

Lebanon: We don’t know where indicted Hizballah members are. Indicted Hizballah member: They know where I live, but they can’t arrest me.

Understanding Turkey’s Policy of Confrontation with Israel

by Jonathan Spyer

Prime Minister Erdogan has launched a bid for ownership of the Palestinian cause.

Erdoğan’s Not-So-Sublime Porte
Victor Sharpe
In Turkey, Prime Minister Recip Tayyip Erdoğan is deliberately ratcheting up an anti-Israel policy that may soon spin out of control. More

The Love Affair is Over: Turkey Jilts Israel and Recalls Ambassador

Darlene Casella

Turkey was one of Israel’s few allies in the Muslim world. The alliance is now virtually dead, killed off by the Islamists in Turkey’s government.

Dispatch: Why Turkey and Israel Are Concerned About Syrian Instability

Analyst Reva Bhalla examines the shift in the U.S. stance toward Syria, Turkish concerns and implications of Syrian instability for Israel. Watch the Video »

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