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Posted on September 22, 2011

Islamic Shariah Law coming to YOUR town? Say NO – Take Action NOW!

Stop Shariah Law in USA

Sharia Lobby Shifts into Fifth Gear

Slow down, moving too fast, got to make the U.S. last…

Alyssa A. Lappen – The political lobbyists who want to see aspects of Sharia law implemented under U.S. law are increasing the pace of their campaign…

American Laws for American Courts

Christopher Holton – The right way to prevent both the entry of unconstitutional foreign laws such as shariah in American jurisprudence and the use of transnationalism by activist judges. More

Why Islam is NOT Protected Under the US Constitution!


Another Baby-step (on the slippery slope) for Sharia in America
September 16, 2011 – Go figure, in New York City, of all places. More

Must Watch Video (content warning): What you may not know about Islam!
The Political Commentator, by Michael Haltman

Original Article

The catalyst for this video by Ann Barnhardt were comments made by Senator Lindsey Grahamz on Meet the Press. These comments concerned the treatment of Muslims in the United States! Ann Barnhardt disagrees with the good Senator! “Islam is not a religion. It is a political system.” “Islam was designed to enrich Mohammed, rally an army and to facilitate and legitimize his sexual perversions.” “Arguing that Islam is a constitutionally protected religion is like arguing that Nazism is a constitutionally protected religion.” Ann Barnhardt…

Jihadist Cleric Calls Sabotaging Western Economies a Religious Duty for Muslims

This online Fatwa appears to be part of a growing movement in the cyber realmcalling for the forces of Jihad to join with leftist unrest as means of weakening and eventually overthrowing western democracies. SITE has previously reported on calls from Jihadists for propaganda support of the riots using social media, and even disseminating bomb-making instructions to rioters.

In this instance, however, the fatwa calls for direct physical participation in the riots for Muslims to wage Jihad, which goes a step beyond what has been reported before in online Jihadist chatter.

Sharia and Western Compliance

Leslie Sacks

The Muslim nations of the OIC chose to substitute the values of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights with a Sharia-compliant version. Sharia cares little for human


The Wages of Multiculturalism in the Democratic West

by Janet Levy

Salim Mansur takes on political correctness and its deadly consequences in Delectable Lie.


Bat Ye’or: ‘The universal caliphate stands before us’

August 16, 2011 – Western Europe’s ongoing, morally grotesque Eurabian metamorphosis is actively advancing –


Political Islam’s War on the West DVD with William J. Federer

In spite of being involved in a war on terror, most Americans know little about Islam, the Qur’an and the life of Mohammed. Within just 100 years of Mohammed’s death, his followers conquered the lands from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, including North Africa, the Holy Land, Persia and Spain.

Now we ask: “What will the political forces within Islam mean for the future of the world?”

In Political Islam’s War on the West, William J. Federer leads a fascinating adventure through time as he recounts the events, personalities and conflicts that form a cohesive picture of the struggle between Islam and the West.

The Islamic Political Takeover of America »

by Daniel GreenfieldThe price we pay when our politicians seek out Muslim support to get elected. …

 Ground Zero Mosque Opens for Business »

by Ryan Mauro

islamMust View! Islamic Infiltration of the US Government

August 26, 2011 – 5:19 am EST

From 2010, but still highly relevant. Bill Whittle interviews “whistleblowers,” who have some chilling things to say on the extent of Islamic infiltration into the US government. Shocking, to put it mildly. And then what about the Russians, Chinese and Cubans? Hat Tip: Ironic Surrealism

Honor Killings: Moderate Muslims Must Take Action to “Execute the Executioners”

Lt. Colonel James Zumwalt, USMC (ret)

Islamic traditions of “honor” are cruel, oppressive and barbaric. Moderate and influential Muslims must stand up and denounce such practices.

Police: Husband Hired Mistress to Kill Wife

New Jersey police say Pakistani-American plotted his wife’s murder by getting mistress to kill her…

Connecticut: Muslim held on $1 million bail after stabbing two people at gas station

Radical Islam in U.S. Armed Forces

CAIR Regularly Slams America on Iranian TV

Michael Moore to Attend Iranian Film Festival Where Films Are… CensoredMichael Moore to Attend Iranian Film Festival Where Films Are… Censored

He is more concerned with spreading anti-American sentiment

than in the atrocities committed by the Iranian regime.  Read More » 

“Our journalist and academic talking heads are subject to a different kind of Islamophobia: an inordinate fear of criticising Islam.”

Another Al-Jazeera Journalist Suspected of Terror Ties

Cliff Kincaid – The TV channel Al-Jazeera, which airs on cable in New York, has once again had another of its journalists accused of involvement in terrorism.

Smear, Inc.: Silencing the Critics of Islamic SupremacismSmear, Inc.: Silencing the Critics of Islamic Supremacism

The lies and slanders of Think Progress’s report on “Islamophobia.”

Outrageous: NY Times Op-Ed Defends Sharia Law … in America

by Bruce Bawer – Behold the bemusing readiness to betray the very best of the West in order to placate the very worst in Islam. See PJ columnist Barry Rubin for more on this story



Center for American Progress defends Shariah, charges America with ‘Islamophobia’

Posted August 27, 2011 by

WASHINGTON, DC – AUGUST 25, 2011: There they go again. This week, the Center for American Progress released “Fear, Inc.,” yet another report in the increasingly hysterical bullying campaign to shout down criticism of political Islamist efforts to influence American foreign and domestic policy. Their latest “copy and paste” effort duplicates large sections of […

Too soon, infidel! Al-Qaeda calls for assassination of “the lowly Jew” David Letterman after jokes about jihadist’s death

John L. Esposito: Apologist for Wahhabi Islam
Stephen Schwartz
A profile of one cynical booster of radical Islam and his disciples. More

MSNBC Gives a Violent Racist a TV Show – Imagine if MSNBC gave a TV show to a violent racist who led angry mobs against Jewish and Asian communities and businesses. Mobs that gathered outside a Jewish synagogue chanting “Heil Hitler” and “Death to the Jews.” Unimaginable, right? Wrong. After years of accusing FOX News of racism, MSNBC gave a violent racist his own show. Al Sharpton​…

Liberals Aren’t Funny, They’re a Riot! »

by Ann Coulter – The Left’s formula for perpetual power. …

Special Report

A World Spinning Backward

Doug Bandow| 8.30.11 @ 6:07AM

All over the world, religious persecution is on the rise. You can probably guess where it’s hitting now.

Muslim Persecution of Christians: August, 2011

Raymond Ibrahim

Last month while useful idiots at the Center for American Progress bleated on about U.S. Islamophobia, there were globally numerous atrocious attacks by Muslims upon Christians…

Christian Genocide in Somalia »

by Frank Crimi – Starving out the infidel….

Somalia’s Islamists Are … Retreating?

by Hussein Solomon

The pushback against al-Shabaab could be a model for defeating Islamists elsewhere.

New Saudi Fatwa Defends Pedophilia as ‘Marriage’

flagColorado Elementary School Under Fire After Saudi Flag Raised Above American Flag

Casual Hate: The Subtle Side of Christian Persecution

Egypt: Desire for Money—Jizya—Prompts Attacks on Christians

Egypt: Christian Girls Kidnapped and ‘Sold’

Mother of Five Jailed in Pakistan for being a Christian

Pakistan: Muslims assault Christians for watching “Jesus” film

Muslim Woman Seeks to Revitalize the Institution of Sex-Slavery

Women’s Worth in Islam

Amil Imani

Those who insist that Islam is compatible with the modern world should look closely at how Islam treats women, where Sharia law expressly forbids equality with men. READ MORE


Understanding Online Radicalization: The Jihadi Blogs

by Ali Teymouri

Although “radicalization” has become a catchword, little has been written about the methods, websites, and actors involved in the process. (This is Part Two of a series. Part One is here.)

Understanding Online Radicalization: The Jihadi Forums

by Ali Teymouri

Although “radicalization” has become a catchword, little has been written about the methods, websites, and actors involved in the process. (This is Part One of a series. Click here to watch Teymouri discuss online radicalization on PJTV.)

Read bullet


Photo Essay: Arab Spring Protest in Frisco

by Zombie

“Arab crypto-communists” and some who are rather more blatant about their reactionary beliefs populate Zombie’s latest photo essay.

My Adventures as an Alleged Terrorist

by Barry Rubin

The refusal to “profile” for Islamism damages U.S. foreign policy and that of European countries.

Revealed: Weiner’s In-Laws’ Secret Muslim Brotherhood Connections

by Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack

How deep do the ties go?

Anti-Semitism at Hampshire College »

September 20 2011 / by Sara Dogan

Students break their silence on Jew-hatred and bigotry at the ultra-leftist college….

PJM Exclusive: Georgetown U. Received $325,000 Funneled Through Terror Front Group

by Patrick Poole

Internal emails and faxes document the university’s collusion with the 56-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference to promote criminalizing “Islamophobia.”


How Harvard Remembered 9/11

by Hillel Stavis

Hint: their Middle East program is funded by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.



Muslims Against CrusadesMuslims Against Crusades Celebrating September 11, 2001

September 5, 2011 By
Are you familiar with the website Muslims Against Crusades? When you go to their website linked below, don’t click through the first screen. Wait it out, even if you can hear your heart thumping. And after you read all of the following, think of how many Muslims living in the West agree with Muslims…
Pierre Vogel to ObamaSocialism Watch

London: Burning of the American Flag on 9/11

Please watch the entire video and note the contrast in treatment. The English Defense League has been attempting to protest the dual justice system in the UK and have been called racist and “hooligan” by the…

Today, I received a head’s up from a friend concerning a site with the name ‘Muslims Against Crusades.’ You should see the site, but pull over or sit down before you do. The site made me furious. It opens up with a video featuring a silhouetted airplane heading towards the Twin Towers and then asks several questions:

  1. Were they innocent?
  2. Who’s guilty?
  3. Justifiable?
  4. Were the 19… Martyrs? Suicide or Martyrdom
  5. Could there be another 911?

And in a little over six days, they claim there will be a protest in front of the US Embassy in London declaring that the US was defeated on that day. They will stand with those from Shariah4America spouting hate-filled rhetoric, claiming that Islam brought the world’s sole super power to her knees. And guess who is to blame for 9-11 according to these cowards? Why the US is of course. And it would appear that these violent Islamofascists have quite a following on Facebook and Twitter. They want Islam to rule the world and for all to serve under Shariah law.

Bloomberg, along with The New York Times and many others, seems to be supporting their cause. Just a reminder for all of you what is defined as Shariah law:

Under Sharia law, the clothes you wear, music you listen to, and television you watch would all be censored. Behavior in public is legally restricted and controlled. And Sharia is the ideal social system for those that preach Radical Islam. Sharia is an Arabic term referring to a legal framework to regulate public and private aspects of life based upon specific Islamic teachings. Sharia is an intolerant system that threatens the western ideals of “liberty and justice for all”. Sharia views non-Muslims as second class citizens, sanctions inequality between men and women, prescribes cruel and unusual punishments for crimes, and promotes a restrictive business environment that strangles the freedoms of capitalism.

If you are a Jew, they kill you. If you are a Christian, you convert, pay the Jizya tax or they execute you. If you are gay, you will be put to death. Women are property and slaves. Sexual abuse is legal and rampant. Beheading is the preferred method of execution. And the list goes on and on… Imagine a worldwide Caliphate where this is the norm, where a fascist theocracy rules the day and freedom no longer exists. This is what these people bring. They bring evil, slavery, darkness and death.

We are at war with millions of Islamic radicals who believe this. These are the radical Islamists and their hate never ended after 9-11. It has been going on since Islam began and we are fighting for our lives and our way of life. We better start acting like it if we don’t want something much worse than 9-11 to play out on the lawn of the White House or in some mall in middle America.

The Jihadists need to understand this… We will never submit. We will never forget. We will fight you and the other enemies America faces within and without and we will win. That’s what good does – it wins, it overcomes. We will put an end to your hatred that never ended one way or the other. Evil is stupid and cowardly and in the end – it always loses.

In the end, the hate will be extinguished. The only question is, will the haters themselves be ended.


New book explains ‘roots of jihad’
Islam’s 4000-year history of enmity

What happened on 9/11 was much more than meets the eye.

Now, you can learn the full history, explained by the best-selling living author in the world.

Get Hal Lindsey’s latest book, the 2011 Revised Edition of ‘The Everlasting Hatred,’ available today from the WND Superstore.

As the author of “Late Great Planet Earth” states: “The God of the Bible is not the God of Ishmael, Esau, Mohammad and the Muslims.”

Credited with more than 35 million books sold, Lindsey’s first title in many years, “The Everlasting Hatred: The Roots of Jihad,” traces the religious and secular history of Muslim enmity against Judeo-Christian culture.

Islam’s family tree began from an act of faithlessness that resulted in the birth of Abraham’s son, Ishmael – the “wild man” whose “hand shall be against every man” (Gen: 16:12).

>From the Edomites through the birth of Mohammad – “who as a child was thought to be either insane or demon-possessed by his own family” – through the Ottomans and British Palestine, culminating in the present-day scenario which fits like a central piece in biblical end times prophecies, Lindsey’s narrative is an eschatological capsule summary of the longest war.

In “The Everlasting Hatred,” Lindsey explains how, on Sept. 11, 2001, the ancient, global fight-to-the-death conflict exploded on the shores of the United States.

Though most Americans didn’t realize it, the U.S. was already heavily involved in this struggle – a struggle driven by a hatred that has spanned more than 4,000 years.

In a clear and eye-opening manner, Lindsey lays bare the complex roots of Islamic fundamentalism and its purpose to replace the Judeo-Christian world order with an Islamic world order. Addressing the issues head on, Lindsey reveals the enormity of the threat America faces and how imperative it is that every individual knows and understands this historic hatred and its repercussions.

Click here to get your copy of the new 2011 edition of “The Everlasting Hatred: The Roots of Jihad,” from the WND Superstore.

The legendary Bible prophecy teacher, who hosts his own weekly television program on both TBN and the Inspiration Network, answers the deepest and most probing questions surrounding radical Islam:

  • Why do many Muslims hate Jews?
  • Why do Islamic fundamentalists hate the United States and call it “The Great Satan”?
  • Why did Islamic terrorists sacrifice their own lives to kill Americans?
  • Do Islamic fundamentalists have access to weapons of mass destruction?
  • Could Islamic terrorists imperil the survival of the United States?
  • What light does Bible prophecy shed on this?
  • Does the Koran call for violence and conquest?

Spread the word about Hal Lindsey’s bold new release at

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