Iran’s Secret War, Pakistan is NOT a U.S. Ally; Why Do We Allow Pakistan and Iran to Murder Americans?; Islam’s Forced Conversions Apostasy and Death, and more…

Posted on September 30, 2011

Why Do We Allow Pakistan and Iran to Murder Americans?

by David P. Goldman

We shouldn’t put up with this sort of murderous betrayal from Islamabad.

One American Killed in Attack on ‘CIA Compound’

Afghan employee of the U.S. government opens fire on building that serves as a CIA station in Afghanistan


Fox News Reporting: Documents show Pakistan cashed in on nuclear technology

Pakistani Family Resists Pressure to Honor Kill Raped Daughter

Pakistani Family Resists Pressure to Honor Kill Raped Daughter

“The woman or the girl usually gets killed and the man gets away…”

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Links found between Pakistani government and terrorist attack on Kabul embassy
September 18, 2011

U.S.-Pakistani Ties in a Tailspin

Peter Brookes

Pakistan reportedly gave China access to the tail section of a downed U.S. “stealth” Black Hawk helicopter that was involved in the Osama bin Laden take-down in May.

News Flash: Pakistan is NOT a U.S. Ally

Iran’s Secret War

Disturbing post at Big Peace that deserves more attention:

At a time when Senator Lindsey Graham, Admiral Mike Mullen, and many others see the reality of Pakistan’s involvement in aiding enemies like the Haqqani network, very few accept or comprehend the magnitude which Iran plays into this mix supporting Pakistan’s ISI. Yes, Iran supports Pakistan’s ISI and yes, Iranian agents have been known to operate in the region.

Iran has also been a major contributor to the ongoing violence in Iraq. In fact, a great majority of the weapons used against U.S. forces comes directly out of Iran. The Shiite nation patiently awaits the departure of U.S. forces so it can eventually take over.

Not only does Iran support the ISI and patiently awaits U.S. withdrawals in Iraq, they have also supported numerous Shiite and non-Shiite terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, Hezbollah, and Hamas. Since the release of the 9-11 Commission Report, U.S. policy makers have understood Iran’s involvement with terrorism yet very few politicians have been willing to deal with the threat they pose.

Now, Palestinians seek statehood. The Palestinian people have constantly engaged in terrorist activities against Israel and the great majority of their operations have been directly tied to Iran. If the Palestinians get their wish, they will be the little child of Iran.

We can worry about Iran’s nuclear endeavors all we want. The real threat posed by the Shiite terror sponsoring regime stems from its current activities of proxy warfare throughout the Middle East. President Obama, or a newly elected American President, will be forced to deal with Iran. Sanctions will not marginalize Iranian activities so the real question must be asked—how will any American President deal with Iran?

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Report: Iran Threatens to Deploy Navy Off U.S. Coast

Report: Iran Threatens to Deploy Navy Off U.S. Coast 

Islam’s History of Forced Conversions

by Raymond Ibrahim

Apostasy and continuity in Islam. (And don’t miss Christian Adams at the Tatler, “Iranian Execution of Christian Convert Would Follow Islamic Law.”)

Iranian Pastor Must Disavow His Christian Faith This Week…or He’ll Be Executed

Boehner to Iran: Don’t Execute Christian Pastor
Iranian Pastor Must Disavow His Christian Faith This Week…or He’ll Be Executed

…against both Iranian law and the Iranian constitution?

White House Condemns Conviction of Iranian Pastor (It’s about damn time, don’t ya think?)

Lawyer for Iranian Pastor (to be executed for Christianity) Believes There’s ’95 Percent Chance’ His Client Will Be Acquitted (God, let’s hope and pray he’s right)

Guardian: Al Qaida to Ahmadinejad: Knock Off the 9-11 Conspiracy Theories Already. We Did It.

Iranian Sanctions: Silver Bullet or Silver Shrapnel?

“Sanctions are only part of a comprehensive strategy”– Michael Dubowitz

Fox Report

Iranian President Blasts U.S.

Ahmadinejad blames America for world’s problems | More Shep



Totalitarian Temptations from Carter to Obama

by Michael Ledeen

Dictatorships and double standards, then and now.

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