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Posted on October 18, 2011

Iran and the Cartels

Drug routes are opportunities for terror.

Like Claude Rains in Casablanca, official Washington and its quasi-official media resonators were shocked, shocked, that Iran tried to hire the Mexican drug cartels for a hit on the Saudi ambassador to the United States, reportedly offering $1.5 million and even wiring a down-payment of $100,000.

Attorney General Eric Holder, facing subpoenas and nasty questions from Congress over his department’s dubious program of selling firearms to those same cartels, quickly credited the FBI with detecting the Iranian plot. But unnamed law enforcement officials told the Los Angeles Times that the news took them by surprise:

“Initially, our reaction was, ‘This doesn’t make sense. Prove to me this is really possible’” . . . [The Iranian military’s own] Quds Force, he added, was viewed as “the A Team,” and “the tradecraft here seemed inconsistent with the high standards that we have seen previously.”

In a series of statements, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pronounced herself equally baffled while vowing — as usual — to hold Iran fully accountable.
But the truly shocking thing is that anyone was surprised, much less shocked. These are dots that could have been connected by anyone not blinded by inattention, agency agendas, or a worldview reflecting preferences rather than facts. The basics:
1. Whether Iran’s intentions resulted from central planners or rogue elements is irrelevant. Assassinating diplomats in any country is an act of war against the host country as well as the diplomats’ home country.
2. Iran’s actions here are consistent not only with its sorry record of contravening human rights and international law, but also with its well-documented use of covert forces. The regime has constantly used such methods to extend its influence and to strike directly at lesser rivals as well as the greater Satans.
3. The Mexican drug cartels are the only group that may be more professional and lethal than the Quds Force. The cartels preside over a logistical empire extending from just south of my San Antonio home to nationwide outlets as close as your neighborhood 7-11. If you seek to do serious harm to the United States, they’re an excellent choice thanks to the scope and reach of their networks, just as Hertz and Avis make a good choice for car rentals.
In the media’s sensational coverage of this story, you may have noticed a strange connection with Texas. The expatriate Iranian national at the center of plot has ties from Corpus Christi to the Austin suburbs, where large Iranian-immigrant populations now enjoy lifestyles unimaginable under the ayatollahs. But demographic changes affect lots of other things and, several years ago, I noticed some interesting connections.

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Iranian radicals look for a limited armed clash with the US

Cafe Milano – intended assassination scene

The motivation for the foiled Iranian-instigated plot to murder the Saudi ambassador to Washington at his favorite eatery, Café Milano in Georgetown, is revealed by debkafile’s Iranian sources as a bid by a super-radical faction at the top of the Iranian regime to draw the United States into a limited military clash. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei approved the plot when his son and heir Mojtaba, 42, and the Al Qods Brigades commander Gen. Qassem Soleimanipresented him with their “grand plan.”

US President Barack Obama said Thursday, Oct. 13 that a person charged with plotting to assassinate Saudi Arabia’s US ambassador “had direct links, was paid by” and “directed by individuals in the Iranian government. He also said he would not take any options off the table in dealing with Tehran.

The American UN ambassador Susan Rice later met with her Iranian counterpart about the plot. The contents of their conversation were not revealed.

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Stealth Jihad Invades Columbia University (Again) – JanSuzanne Krasner


Breaking: Iranian Plot To Sow Terror in D.C. a Turning Point?

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It is the first time in modern history a foreign government has been caught planning a terror attack on U.S. soil.

Did Ahmadinejad Know About the Iranian Terror Plot on Washington?

by Claudia Rosett

The timing is startling: it was coming to a head in late September, right around the time of Ahmadinejad’s visit to the UN in New York.

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An Act Of War By Islam

October 11, 2011


Today Iran has declared war on the United States of America by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Authorities foiled a plot that was directed by factions of the Iranian…

Kessler: Bomb Iran Now for Washington Terror Plot

The Iranian plot to assassinate Saudi Arabia’s ambassador and blow up the Saudi and Israeli embassies in Washington is a clear act of war says former Rep. Pete Hoekstra and Newsmax chief Washington correspondent Ronald Kessler — with Kessler adding the plot should be answered with an immediate U.S attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Newsmax chief Washington correspondent Ronald Kessler on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: “I would put Ahmadinejad in the same bracket as Hitler, definitely. Nobody thought Hitler would carry out any of his threats. We allowed Germany to re-arm despite the Armistice after World War I and look what we got – millions of deaths.”

Iran’s DC Terror Plot Aimed at Destabilization

October 11, 2011
Foiled Iran terror plot
Iran makes a move. More

Is Gadaffi’s Yellowcake Going to Adolf (Ahmadinejad) ?

September 29, 2011By James Lewis

Like Aladdin’s Genie, Moammar Gaddafi has disappeared in a puff of smoke back in Libya, but he left a piece of yellowcake behind for the rest of us. No, not fattening cheesecake. Bigger than that.

It’s in the great Libyan desert, where there are warehouses full of leaking barrels of uranium ore, stuff you can make bombs from. The U.K. Telegraph speculates that this unguarded stockpile is being smuggled barrel by barrel to Ahmadinejad in Iran — a man I will simply call “Adolf” to make it hard even for liberals to get it wrong. Oh, yes, and Gaddafi left behind an estimated 20,000 portable anti-aircraft missiles. Don’t take your next Mediterranean cruise too soon.

If you believe the New York Times, you think that yellowcake is not a Weapon of Mass Destruction. But if some of those AK-47-toting “liberators” in Libya load up a plane with those leaking barrels, fly it over Manhattan, and aim it down over Times Square, they will set off World War III.

Even the Times will finally deign to take notice.

That’s close enough to WMDs for me.

Sure, a plane full of yellowcake makes a dirty bomb, a low-tech radiation bomb, not the big nuclear chain-reaction kind. But the 9/11 killers were not choosy. Think what bin Laden could have done with that warehouse in Libya.

The Hudson Institute just noted that the Saudis are teaching exactly the same hate propaganda they taught their kids before 9/11/01. If the Times forgot to tell you, those 19 jihadis on 9/11 had their heads filled with Saudi hate propaganda, which is why they did what they did. Apparently nobody is doing anything about Saudi killer propaganda under the innocent title of “teaching the Religion of Peace.”

And because for the Saudis nothing will do but the best, they’ve revived the identical Nazi and Tsarist Russian varieties of killing hate that worked so well before. If you are unaware of the MEMRI site that translates the mighty Mississippi of hate flowing from Arabic, Urdu, and Persian sources, check it out.

Maybe somebody will tell Mayor Bloomberg.

But now the Saudis have paid for many more mosques and imams around the world, including near Ground Zero, where they will keep teaching that stuff every single day.

There are brainwashed kids somewhere who would be happy to drive an airplane into that Libyan warehouse. The prevailing winds will float a radioactive cloud far from Libya to Italy, Egypt, Morocco, Egypt, the Med…

The Big Media destroyed George W. Bush because he thought there was a good chance of WMDs in Saddam’s Iraq. In fact, so did the CIA, the KGB, Israel’s Mossad, Britain’s MI5, Pakistan’s ISI, and every Frenchman in the world, because the French are not stupid. Cynical, yes. Stupid, no.

Saddam Hussein also happened to own a big warehouse full of yellowcake uranium, contrary to years of lies from the United Nations IAEA and the Europeans. The whole fabricated hate campaign by Girl Spy Valerie Plame against the Bush White House was based on a single visit by Valerie’s hubby to Niger, where they mine yellowcake ore. Val’s husband came back with ironclad assurances that Niger would never, ever, sell that stuff to Saddam. He even got a letter to prove it. No yellowcake to Saddam!

The Bush administration was run by adults who made sure not to leak the truth about Saddam’s warehouse until that stuff was safely in Canada for reprocessing. We now have Larry Summers’ word for it in the Washington Post that Obama doesn’t like to have adults around, so the world can find out about Gaddafi’s yellowcake even while it’s still sitting in the desert, waiting for the highest bidder. The desperadoes who have the guns around there might as well be advertising their wares around the world by way of the Washington Post.

Apparently the White House never thought about it. It’s not a WMDs, is it? What does this White House know? They still think global warming is going to pay off big. They still have high hopes for Solyndra. Michelle still thinks that planting Victory Gardens in America will finally solve our epidemic consumption of French fries.

Millions of brainwashed Americans continue to believe there was nothing to Saddam’s nuclear program. That yellowcake warehouse was all for show. So was Gaddafi’s. And Iran doesn’t mean what it has proclaimed roughly 11,000 times since 1979 — about nuking the two Satans. (It’s been 11,000 days since Khomeini took over Iran, and at least once a day they have another mass chant of “Death to Israel! Death to America!” But don’t worry, they don’t really mean it.)

But the Times of London just revealed that Adolf will have his first nuclear weapon to love and cherish in a mere six months. And Obama is going to do nothing, because he’s more interested in destabilizing the Arab world under the phony label of the “Arab Spring.” Some Spring. These people go into mass hysteria over hypothetical global warming a hundred years from now, and cover their eyes from Iranian nukes in six months.

The American left hung Bush and Cheney from the nearest tree with their phony Valerie Plame story. No wonder the left sneers at ordinary Americans. We are so easily lied to. Obama tells a different lie every single day with a straight face, and millions of American liberals still can’t hitch up their lower jaws when they see him on TV. Smartest man in America.

How many uranium atoms have to dance on the head of a pin to make a weapon of mass destruction?

The answer depends on who’s in the White House. If the New York Times can use a lie to destroy George W. Bush, then Saddam didn’t have any WMDs and Bush simply loved to see the bodies of American soldiers coming home for burial. Now that the ragtag Libyan “liberation army” has found warehouses full of uranium ore in the desert, ready to smuggle to the Somali pirates or maybe to al-Qaida in Yemen, everything’s okay, too. Because Obama’s in the White House. Even with American soldiers still coming home in caskets from Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia.

When President Sarah Palin and Vice President Herman Cain get elected next year, the corrupt and mendacious media will be filled with scare stories, all pointing the finger of blame at Palin/Cain. The “peace movement” will surely come back to life. Mother Sheehan will return to moan at us on national TV. After all, it was LBJ who invented the nuclear smear story against Barry Goldwater.

Obama started a war against Libya without bothering to tell Congress. Had George Bush done that, and promised to be out of Libya in a week, and then gotten quagmired there for a year with barrels full of radioactivity leaking into the ground, you’d be seeing screaming headlines all over the front pages.

This is called “news judgment.” T he definition of weapons of mass destruction depends on your need to scare the American public.

Here’s an amazing example — from the WaPo and Bob Woodward by way of Bill Gertz of the Washington Times. It’s probably true, since it was published too late to stop the Democrats.

… a group of (CIA) agency analysts celebrated a policy victory of sorts several years ago by issuing a special coin after they had prevented President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney from ordering an attack on Syria’s secret desert nuclear facility.

“At the CIA afterward, the group of specialists who had worked for months on the Syrian reactor issue were pleased they had succeeded in avoiding the overreaching so evident in the Iraq WMD case,” Mr. Woodward wrote in The Washington Post.

So they issued a very limited-circulation memorial coin. One side showed a map of Syria with a star at the site of the former reactor. On the other side the coin said, “No core/No war.”

Those morons don’t realize that the only time to attack a nuclear plant is when it does not have a hot radioactive core. Is anybody going to attack Iran’s Bushehr plant now that it’s gone critical? What kind of idiots do we have at CIA?

I think we need to make this a permanent medal. It’s not a Medal for Valor…it’s certainly not the Medal of Freedom…

Let’s call it the Cover Your Ass Benedict Arnold Medal for misinforming the president at taxpayer expense. These people are using their disinformation skills against us.

“A former senior intelligence official said … ‘Whose side are these guys on?'”

Not on our side.

The CIA has been wrong in every single nuclear prediction since Stalin’s first nuclear weapons secrets were stolen from the Manhattan Project sixty years ago. That’s six decades of hair-raising failures, including India, Pakistan, North Korea, and yes, Iran tomorrow. They don’t care. They just don’t like to give us the bad news. That’s how they build big careers at CIA.

Which leaves us at greater risk for a nuclear 9/11 — whether it’s a dirty nuke or the exploding kind. We spend a half-trillion dollars on those clowns. We should turn Langley over to the Pentagon and spend their money on anti-missile defenses, to protect us when they fail again to warn about the newest maniacs with nukes.

As for answering foreign intelligence questions, you’re better off tossing a coin.

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