AEI’s IRAN Tracker, a growing threat for the region, the world, and U.S.

Posted on July 26, 2012

US Homeland Threat

New York Police Department Intelligence Analysis Director Mitchell Silber testified before the House Homeland Security Committee that Iranian agents had been detected conducting reconnaissance of New York City on several occasions. “Between 2002 and 2010, the NYPD and federal authorities detected at least six events involving Iranian diplomatic personnel that we struggle to categorize as anything other than hostile reconnaissance,” Silber testified. (HHSC)


Iranian Influence in the Levant, Egypt, Iraq, and Afghanistan

Although not always with success, the Islamic Republic of Iran has since 2008 continued to pursue a coordinated soft-power strategy throughout its sphere of influence, using political, economic, and military tools to promote its agenda.

Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Fuel Production Capability

Iran could offer to halt production of 20% enriched uranium in upcoming negotiations. This “concession” would have limited impact on Iran’s ability to quickly produce weapons-grade uranium for one nuclear warhead, however.

Iran Nuclear Threat Overshadows Talks

The threat of Iran’s illicit nuclear program continues to grow as another round of meetings between P5+1 and Iranian negotiators ends today. Iran refuses to dismantle and end that program while it simultaneously expands its enrichment output and future capacity.

The Iranian Nuclear Program: Timelines, Data, and Estimates

Iran is at the threshold of a nuclear weapons capability. AEI’s Critical Threats Project has produced a capabilities assessment of the time required for Iran to acquire enough weapons-grade uranium to fuel one nuclear weapon if it proceeds to break out in 2012.

The GLOBAL BUSINESS IN IRAN database contains a list of recent international business transactions involving Iran, searchable by company, client, country, sector, last action date, amount, and project status. is a project of the American Enterprise Institute’s Critical Threats Project.


Stop Giving Iran a Pass    The Obama administration’s recent focus on finding a compromise to allow the Iranian regime to maintain some enrichment capabilities “for peaceful purposes” distracts from the underlying nuclear threat at hand.

Iran-Lebanese Hezbollah Relationship Tracker 2012    Iran Tracker will provide regular updates on Hezbollah’s interactions with Iranian officials, information on funding, transfers of arms and materiel, militant operations, relations with groups and countries, and Hezbollah’s official statements. UPDATED: JULY 16, 2012.

Iran News Round Up July 25, 2012

Syria’s deputy prime minister visits Iran; Student Basij slams presence of Bahraini delegation at NAM summit in Tehran; rising chicken prices spark riots in Iran; Supreme Leader urges people to be frugal to cope with economic hardship, reiterates no change in nuclear policy

Strait Talk with Iran    The U.S. should make clear to Tehran that closing shipping lanes won’t be tolerated.

A Window into the Foreign Policy of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei    Assessing the rhetoric and actions of the Supreme Leader’s senior advisor for international affairs, Ali Akbar Velayati, provides a valuable window into the attitudes and priorities of the Supreme Leader himself.

After the Arab Spring: Iran’s Foreign Relations in the Middle East    The transformative events of the Arab Spring have presented the Islamic Republic with new challenges and opportunities. Most notably, while the regime has been forced to confront the contradictions inherent in its foreign policy, it has nonetheless continued to project its influence using both hard and soft power tactics.

Iran-Syria Relations and The Arab Spring    Iranian leaders, who seek to preserve the Assad regime, have publicly downplayed the significance of the Syrian protest movement while reportedly assisting Assad in his violent repression of the internal opposition.

Backgrounder  Islamic Republic of Iran    Understand the founding and basis of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Backgrounder  Political Structures of Iran    Understand the key institutions and power centers within the Iranian regime.



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