“The UJR – The United Jihadi Republic”: Egypt, Syria, and the Muslim Brotherhood, the group that is the ideological father of al-Qaeda and Hamas.

Posted on September 3, 2012

September  1, 2012

Introducing the UJR – The United Jihadi Republic

By Michael  Widlanski

Cairo  and Damascus — always at the heart of Arab politics — are again starring in  the real-life drama of Arab turmoil that the media’s idiot-savants called the  “Arab Spring.”  Somehow, the “Arab Spring” does not look so  rosy.

Egypt  may be the most important Islamic country, centrally located and equipped with  thousands of advanced U.S. tanks and fighter jets.  It is run by the  extremist Muslim Brotherhood — an organization that essentially fathered  al-Qaeda.

Egypt’s  new leader, Muhammad Morsi, has decapitated the pro-U.S. heads of his army.   He put large forces on his border with Israel, violating the treaty  with Israel.  Meanwhile, Egypt now flirts with Iran, catching Western  intelligence flat-footed.

Syria,  armed to the teeth with chemical and biological weapons (many of which may very well be those missing WMD’s from Iraq), is splitting apart, and  its weapons may fall into the hands Syria’s branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and  rogue elements tied to al-Qaeda.

For  decades, Egypt and Syria led the Arab world to militant nationalism and war.   Briefly, Egypt and Syria came under the pan-Arab umbrella of Egypt’s Gamal  Abdul-Nasser to produce “The UAR — The United Arab Republic.”  Today,  militant Islam unites them, and they might call themselves “The UJR — The  United Jihadi Republic.”

Mass  protest in Egypt and bloodshed in Syria did not bring the moderate democracy  foreseen by Tom Friedman of The New York Times, Fareed Zakaria of CNN,  or Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton of the USA.

Today,  our “experts” and leaders have no answers, only pretense.  President Obama  and Secretary Clinton plan to meet  Egypt’s Morsi in New York, after he meets again with Iranian leaders.  They  have not condemned Egyptian treaty violations.

Gen.  James Clapper, who directs U.S. intelligence agencies, called the Brotherhood a  “moderate” and “secular” organization with “franchises” throughout the Mid-East — a vision of a kind  of Arab-Islamic McDonald’s.

But  the Muslim Brotherhood wants fast results, not fast food.  Anyone who says  the Brotherhood is moderate or non-violent is offering us a  Whopper.

Officially,  the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty still exists, but Egypt has just remilitarized  the Sinai Peninsula, violating the treaty.  Supposedly, the Egyptian army  is fighting terror in Sinai and then will remove its massive forces and  weaponry.  Those are fond hopes.  As the Arabs say, inshallah — if God wills it.

Inside  Egypt, the ancient Coptic Christian community faces tremendous violence.   Scores of Copts have died, and thousands are fleeing the country.   The U.S. is silent.

In  Syria, the Brotherhood has not yet consolidated power. When it does, there may  be a bloodbath beyond the 20,000 already killed.  Over 300,000 refugees  from Syria fled to nearby countries.  Some flee what comes after the Assad  regime.

Once  again today, there is a certain ideological parallel in Egypt and Syria, because  the Muslim Brotherhood is emerging as the main force in both  countries.

That  means that Israel’s northern and southern neighbors will be ruled by the Muslim  Brotherhood, the group that is the ideological father of al-Qaeda and  Hamas.  The Brotherhood was founded by Hassan Banna in Egypt in 1928, and  it took its name from the dreaded Ikhwan — the shock troops of the  Wahhabi movement in Arabia.

Its  express goal has not changed in 80 years — to overthrow “corrupt” Arab regimes  and to install Islamic law and practice  as close as possible to the model of Muhammad ruling in Mecca and Medina (where  no Jews or Christians are allowed to live).

In  other words, the Brotherhood was founded before Israel existed, before America  went into Iraq and Afghanistan, etc.  Keep all these facts in mind, because  the same Western prophets who foresaw an Arab Spring are now going to offer the  following predictions, prescriptions, and excuses:

  1. The  Brotherhood leaders in Egypt and Syria are really moderate democrats and can be  coaxed into staying moderate and at peace with Israel, the U.S., etc. through  continued American  aid.
  2. Coaxing  the Brotherhood to remain moderate will succeed only if Israel unilaterally  withdraws from the West Bank and most of Jerusalem.  If Israel does not  meet these just demands, it will have no one to blame for the results but  itself.
  3. In  Syria, the Brotherhood will stay moderate only if Israel pulls back immediately  from the entire Golan Heights
  4. If  the Brotherhood — in Egypt or Syria — turns “militant,” it will be only  because Israeli built more settlements or attacked terrorists in Sinai and Gaza,  or because the U.S. antagonized the Brothers by helping  Israel.

Just  remember that all these prescriptions and excuses are what the Arabs call kalaam fadi — “empty talk.”  There is no real way to coax the  Brotherhood to be moderate for long, because being moderate is not in its  nature.

The  Arab Spring went by fast.  Start singing “Stormy Weather.”  We may  soon see the UJR — the United Jihadi Republic.

Dr.  Michael Widlanski, an expert on Arab politics and communications, is the author  of Battle  for Our Minds: Western Elites and the Terror Threat, published by  Threshold/Simon and Schuster.  He was strategic affairs adviser in Israel’s  Ministry of Public Security and teaches at Bar Ilan  University.

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