The Mosaic of War (Iran, the Middle East, the World) (Canada leads, but Obama only from behind) (apologies and appeasement) (Obama-Nero fiddles in Vegas); We should be ashamed of our president, Steyn, Krauthammer, Buchanan weigh in; Romney, Statesman, shows Leadership, strength, Exposes Obama’s Ineptness; This War Forever- when will we learn?; “Screw Allah, Meet God”; Watch the stupid film (an excuse not the cause); and more.

Posted on September 16, 2012

The Mosaic of War

Sep 9th, 2012 by By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

My all-time favorite author is Dean Koontz. He has a way of telling a story that is absolutely riveting, humorous and horrifying at the same time. There’s a story here somewhere for Dean – I can sense evil from The Corner of My Eye. And it is fast approaching like a malevolent storm intent on sweeping mankind away with sinister glee bubbling up from its chaotic depths. The story line is unfolding with good and evil lines drawn and the players taking sides with no guarantee of the outcome, but plenty of ensured carnage. Let’s set the stage, shall we?

One of the first things that happens before full-blown war breaks out typically is that embassies are closed and diplomats are recalled or expelled. It is a precursor to the beginning of festivities on both sides.

This past week. Canada found the spine we seemed to have misplaced and declared Iran a terrorist regime. They closed their embassy in Iran and brought their ambassador and diplomats home. They closed Iran’s embassy in Canada and kicked out their ambassador and diplomats. They also issued the strongest travel warning available to their citizens telling them in no uncertain terms, don’t even think of going to Iran and if you are there, get the hell out.

From Sun News:

Pressed several times by reporters about why Canada was taking this action now, Baird rattled off a long list of grievances Canada has with Iran:

  • Iran refuses to comply with the United Nations resolutions pertaining to its nuclear program.
  • Increasing military assistance to the regime of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.
  • Iran shelters and “materially supports” terrorist groups.
  • Routine threats to the existence of the state of Israel.
  • Repeated violations of the Vienna Convention which governs diplomatic relations between most countries of the world.
  • “Racist anti-Semitic rhetoric and incitement to genocide,” Baird said.
  • Worst violators of human rights.

“Under the circumstances, Canada can no longer maintain a diplomatic presence in Tehran,” Baird said. “There’s just a long list of reasons why we’re coming to this decision.”

Baird said all Canadian diplomats have already left Iran.

A worldwide caliphate is forming once again with Iran at or near the center of the vortex. The Muslim Brotherhood is in control, with a great deal of help from Barack Obama while he stays true to his Muslim roots and keeps pushing taquiyya to the infidels in America. The American President is pushing diplomacy between Israel and Iran just long enough for Iran to get fully armed to wipe Israel off the face of the planet. He is clearly anti-Israel and pro-Islam. Obama spouts support for Israel while ensuring her demise and propping up her enemies. Talk about two-faced. And Netanyahu has had just about enough of Obama’s lies and deceptions.

On September 28th, Obama and Netanyahu will meet at the UN. But adding insult to injury, Ahmadinejad will address the UN on Yom Kippur – Israel’s Day of Atonement and their highest holy day. What a monstrous insult to Israel. This whole meeting reminds me seriously of the bar scene from Star Wars. It’s a freakfest that highlights evil everywhere possible. Netanyahu will be a light in the darkness there – may G-d protect him.

Time is very short now and tiny Israel is going to have to decide when to fight. She will not wait for America – she can’t afford to. Her survival is at stake. As Danny Danon, the MK of Israel has said, an ally is someone who takes action. This is laid at Obama’s feet, not the American people:

 In fact, Obama’s actions are fanning antisemitism here in the states. Hatred is on the rise against Jews and Christians across the land of the free and the home of the brave. And Obama is stomping on our Constitution and rights every chance he gets.

For those that think this only involves Israel and Iran, or at the most the Middle East, think again. We will be drawn into this war. There is no way we can’t. Not only is Israel our closest ally, Iran is our worst enemy. There is an argument to be made that Obama would love a war to break out as he sees it as a pathway to reelection. Americans should review that scenario carefully. If war breaks out, we would be much safer with Romney at the helm. At least he has a spine and morals.

Americans should also consider the very real possibility of an attack on the US. Last week, Iran stated that shortly they would be stationing their navy just outside of US waters. All the better to hit us with an EMP or 3. But, they don’t need a navy… a cargo ship would do nicely.

Then comes the warm and fuzzy news that Iran is prepared to launch terrorist attacks from South America against us. You know, that land mass we have been studiously ignoring and hoping it would just go away… Well, it didn’t. From WND:

As reported earlier this year, terror cells have been placed on high alert to attack targets in the U.S. and Europe should Iran be attacked. Hundreds of terror cells have infiltrated America and, in collaboration with Hezbollah, are awaiting orders to strike American targets.

Thousands of cells have also been placed in Latin America.

“The Quds Force has established a command and control center in both Bolivia and Venezuela,” a former Iranian official with knowledge of the regime’s terror network recently revealed. “Though it has presence in Europe and other parts of the world, it has focused on Latin America. Thousands of such cells have been placed in Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Venezuela.”

A recent report from within Nicaragua indicated that Iran has established a training base in the northern part of that country, where operatives, including Hezbollah terrorists, are being readied for an attack on U.S. and Israeli interests should a war break out with Iran.

Hassan Abassi, a former Guard commander and a current strategist, has stated that many of the cells are of Latin American origin, including from Mexico, and that several hundred targets have been identified in the U.S. for a possible attack.

Yep, the Twelvers are gearing up to play RISK and we are embroiled in a political reality show. Remember, we are the Great Satan and Israel is the Little Satan. Guess who is number one on the radical Islamist apocalyptic dance card?

A multitude of geopolitical tiles compose the mosaic of war… are we prepared for the fight of our lives? As the final “work of art” takes shape, and the seemingly unrelated squares of color and hue, of darkness and light, of hope and despair take their places in the greater picture, and the image begins to coalesce from a thousand apparently isolated dots, what is it we see when the rendering is complete?

Welcome to the beginning of World War III.

Iran: Terrorism is a State Tool

September 15, 2012 By Sara Akrami and Saeed Ghasseminejad


Krauthammer  says ‘the tide of American power is receding,’ blames Obama for becoming ‘irrelevant’ (video)

DAILY CALLER Published: 11:47 AM  09/15/2012

According to Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, the short anti-Muhammad  video supposedly made by filmmaker Sam Bacile isn’t the primary cause  of the ongoing violence and anti-American unrest in the Middle East.

In an appearance on Friday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel, Krauthammer  downplayed White House spokesman Jay Carney’s insistence that the video is at  fault for the turmoil. Instead, he blamed America’s weak policy posture.

“[Saying that] this has nothing to do with us or our policies, [that] it’s  about a video, is either willfully obtuse or simply clueless,” Krauthammer said. “What has happened is, as you pointed out, beginning with the Cairo speech,  Obama changed American policy on the theory that the reason that people hated us  was because we were tough. They hated us because of Iraq. They hated us because  of Guantanamo. They hated us because of the torture — he used the word, he  accuses his own country abroad of torturing.”

“And he was now apologizing and promising to change course,” he continued. “We would no longer be tough. We would be loved. We would show compassion. And  we would get out of Iraq. He set a deadline for Afghanistan. He doesn’t support  the Green Revolution in Iran. He shows the Ayatollahs tremendous respect. He  essentially protects them when they are under attack. He gets nowhere on the  Iran nuclear issue. He is equivocal uncertain during the Arab Spring. He leads  from behind in Libya. The theory was if we go soft, if we are very nice, if we  say ‘Assalamu alaikum,’ enough times, everything will be all right. And what he  decided is, the way to do that, the theory and therefore the practice is going  to be, retreat and withdraw. Remember the line he uses? The tide of war is  receding.”

Krauthammer said American interests were threatened because the president’s  policies have created a power vacuum that radical Muslims have jumped  to fill.

“That means the tide of American power is receding,” Krauthammer said. “And  the reason that American interests, embassies, schools, businesses are aflame  throughout the Middle East from Tunis all the way to South Asia is because  things don’t happen in a vacuum. And when you withdraw the power and the  influence of the strongest country on earth from a region, the vacuum will be  filled. What we are seeing now is the Salafists, the Islamists, understanding  this is their opening, America is in retreat. The tide of America is retreating  in the region. And they are now going to fill the gap.”

The Egyptian response to the ongoing crisis should determine whether the  United States continues giving financial assistance to the country,  which is increasingly dominated by religious radicals, according to  Krauthammer.

“Look, I don’t think the issue right now is foreign aid. If [Mohamed] Morsi,  the president of Egypt, doesn’t cooperate, doesn’t support our embassies,  protect our embassies and doesn’t honor the peace treaty with Israel, there is  already trouble in the Sinai [Peninsula] — then I think you withdraw the aid,” Krauthammer said. “You got to be very careful, now. The vacuum is already been  created. The trouble is already at hand. American enemies are right on the move,  everywhere as we can see. Right now, our hand is very much weakened because of  the three years of Obama policy. At this point, you don’t want to make it worse  by — you know a move that is reactive and too fast. You withdraw all of our aid  today, and we have no leverage. What you do is you portion it out depending on  how they act.”

Krauthammer noted that the U.S. risks irrelevance on the international stage  if it continues “leading from behind.”

“But the problem is this, pro-American elements in the region, look around — there is no America anymore,” Krauthammer said. “I will give you one example.  Does anybody care about what we think about Syria — the major country in  Mesopotamia? Does anybody act what Obama’s view? No. They want to know what the  Russians are doing, the Iranians and Hezbollah. These are the active players.  And that’s what happens when America withdraws its power and its influence.  We’ve become irrelevant.”

On Hugh Hewitt’s radio show Thursday night, National Review  columnist Mark Steyn, author of “After America: Get Ready for Armageddon,” said President Barack Obama gave an embarrassing performance Wednesday during  his campaign swing through Las Vegas, Nev., in the wake of attacks on U.S.  diplomatic stations in Libya and Egypt.

“I thought that thing last night with the president saying he had ‘a tough  day’ and comparing the dead Americans in Libya to campaign supporters, which he  did — I thought was one of the most disgraceful, inept and embarrassing  performances by a head of state or government that I have ever seen,” Steyn  said. “Every American should be ashamed of their president.”

Steyn didn’t fault the president for going to Sin City, acknowledging that  sometimes plans are in place and things have to move along. But the tone of  Obama’s remarks set him off.

“He didn’t script his remarks,” Steyn said. “I mean, this is a man, for  example, who doesn’t have, I think, great empathetic qualities at the best of  times. But to slough it off in that bloodless language — you know, when he says,  now I believe this is a direct quote, ‘Obviously, our hearts are broken today.’ If you say ‘obviously’ before it, your heart is not broken. He said, ‘Oh, it’s a  tough day.’ It’s not a tough day [for him]. It’s a tough day for the families of  the four people who were killed.”

Steyn told Hewitt, the author of “The Brief Against Obama: The Rise, Fall &  Epic Fail of the Hope & Change Presidency,” that Obama should have  prepared better for that situation, given all the tools at his disposal.

“Why can’t you — you’re spending $4 trillion a year, and you’ve got these  12-year-old speechwriters you’re so proud of, and you’re the king of the  prompter, why couldn’t you on Air Force One, you’re the only head of state in  any major country who has a plane to fly him around his own country, and a  40-car motorcade — while you were on the stupid plane, why can’t you actually  take the trouble to learn some words that would mean something and are  appropriate to the occasion?”

He compared Obama’s performance to those of former President Ronald Reagan  and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher after tragedies, reiterating  his charge that Obama’s remarks were something that should embarrass Americans  of all political persuasions.

“If you think of Reagan, after the space shuttle thing, if you think of what  Mrs. Thatcher said after the Brighton bombing that killed cabinet colleagues of  hers — it’s horrible, it’s disgraceful,” he said.

“Nobody, no novelist would attempt to do anything so crass after this man is  dragged through the streets — after he is killed, dragged through the streets of  Libya, God knows what’s happened to him if you believe some of the worst stories  out there. And then the guy goes to Vegas. Why not just do it at Caesar’s Palace  with a bunch of showgirls? Every American who’s watching, regardless if you’re  Democrat or Republican, if you’re not embarrassed by the buffoon who’s serving  as President of the United States after that performance last night, there’s  something wrong with you.”

Once again Papa has even outdone some of history’s most famous Emperors. While Rome may have had Nero, we have Papa Obama to show us the way.
Indeed, while our Embassies are burned and Ambassadors killed aboard, Papa Obama is once again showing his steady leadership by campaigning in Vegas.
To Rome said Nero: “If to smoke you turn I shall not cease to fiddle while you burn.”

To US Consulate in Libya said Papa Obama: “If to smoke you turn I shall not cease to Vegas.”  

Add conservative commentator Pat Buchanan to the growing list of critics of  President Barack Obama’s Middle East policy, as anti-American unrest continues  throughout Egypt, Libya and now Yemen.

Appearing on Fox News Channel’s “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren,” Buchanan, author of “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to  2025?,” pointed to Obama’s 2009 speech in Cairo as the beginning of the  administration’s “utterly naïve” foreign policy.

“What’s happening is the Obama administration’s Middle East policy is  collapsing right in front of us,” Buchanan said. “He had his famous Cairo  speech, and then he got behind the Arab Spring and dumped over some dictators  and autocrats and other people, some of whom were friendly to us, others who  were not. Thereby, they’ve unleashed these new forces, and not all of them are  benign. Some of them are noxious.”

As a result, Buchanan said, many American personnel may have to  permanently leave the Middle East and relocate to safer areas.

“There’s Islamic fundamentalism. There’s tribalism. There’s  ethno-nationalism. All of these forces are on the move across the Middle East.  And President Obama’s position is exposed as utterly naïve. I think what’s going  to happen here, quite naturally, is Americans, tourists and others and American  diplomats are going to have to be drawn out and drawn down from this region of  the world, which is turning hostile.”

At issue is not simply the anti-Muhammad  video supposedly made by filmmaker Sam Bacile, but the “detest and  hate” many Muslims worldwide feel for all things American, according to  Buchanan.

“Here’s what the situation is — there is gasoline all the way from Nigeria to  Mali to Ethiopia to Cairo to the Middle East to the Caucuses,” Buchanan said. “Anti-Americanism is parts of it. What they did is they took this crazy little  video, they threw a match in it, and people did this thing in Libya, which was  pre-planned, pre-prepared terrorist act. … They detest and hate the United  States. They hate our culture. They hate our policy. They have historic  grievances. And they are as anti-American as they can be.”

“I think, quite frankly, all of this, what is exploding now has been building  up for years and years and years,” Buchanan continued. “I think there’s a real  incompatibility between American culture and between the culture of the  fundamentalist and the Islamic world. … There’s a revolution underway, a great  religious awakening taking place among the poor and the working class. The one  thing they have is the Islamic faith. They’re very militant about it. And they  look at the enemy as the great Satan, and the Americans and the others with  their cultural intrusions.”

As for what ground Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney should stake  out in the crisis, Buchanan said he was unsure. But he did pointedly disagree  with those who took issue with Romney’s quick criticism of the president’s muted  reaction to the Benghazi incident.

“I don’t know exactly what Romney would do right now,” Buchanan said. “But I  do think the idea that they’re attacking Governor Romney because of some  statement he made at 10 at night — that’s an irrelevancy. Let me also say this  incident, this video, that’s not the reason for this. That’s the excuse for  what’s going on there. A lot of this has been planned. A lot of it’s contagious  over there. And as I say, you have all this tinder sitting over there. One  little spark, and it all went, went through that — that tells you how America,  basically, and the West are regarded now in that part of the world.”


This War is Forever

 September 13, 2012

A stunning statement made by Dennis Miller on Fox News Channel last night that hit me as something most free people do not understand.  Miller said “…this war’s forever”.  A sobering thought but true.  The enemy follows Islam, their goals are long-term, they do not seek peace but submission by people of all faiths other than their own.  For that reason, this war is forever.  The question then becomes, if we accept that the war will see no end, how do we fight the enemy?

The challenge becomes how do we prevent individual attacks?  How do we keep the enemy down?  How do we react to successful attacks?  How do we win individual battles in this forever war?

The attacks on our consulate and embassy on September 11, 2012 and the brutal torture, rape, sodomizing, and eventual killing of our ambassador Christopher Stevens in Libya should be a wake up call to all Americans.

President Barack Hussein Obama promised “justice” for the attacks.  What is justice in this case?  Certainly Obama’s idea of justice is not the same as mine.

The current conditions in the Middle East and in this forever war can be directly linked to the failed policies of Barack Obama and his administration.  Obama must go.  His policies of weakness and appeasement, his constant apologizing for America, have shown the enemy this weakness and they have seized upon it.

1979 revisitedIslamic radicals storming an American embassy. A feckless, out-of-touch liberal in the White House. A crumbling economy.

This war is forever.  A simple sentence in the midst of jokes and political humor.  I doubt many people even noticed that little sentence.  Too bad.


US-commanded MFO in Sinai under attack — dead reported in compound

September 14, 2012 Caroline Glick reports, via JAWA Report:


Israel media  – Channel 2 – just reported that the US-commanded Multi-National Force Observors headquarters in the Sinai is under assault. Salafists  laid seige to the building this afternoon and some 50 armed men stormed  it. There is fighting going on in the building and there are dead  inside.The MFO is the force that was established under the Israel-Egypt  peace treaty. It is charged with guaranteeing the demilitarization of  the Sinai.

What is Obama doing while the world burns?

* Only hours AFTER the news broke that the German embassy in The Sudan had been breached, an Islamic flag raised, and set on fire, Obama sent out an email asking supporters to pitch in $10.00.

*  Obama acted as a sensorship arm for the Islamists.

* Obama attended fundraisers, expensive dinners, as the al-Qaeda flag is raised over our embassy in Tunisia .

*  U.S. Did Tech Deals With Egypt and Libya While Embassies Burned

American foreign policy in the Middle East may have been hijacked by  demonstrations and violent attacks that have besieged diplomatic  outposts in the region. But judging from government contracts and  solicitations issued while embassies were overrun and consulates  smoldered, the business of the United States in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia  and Yemen remains business. More…

Meanwhile: Jay Carney (Baghdad Bob) said that the Middle East protests are not directed at the United States …


Demands for International Law Criminalizing Blasphemy Against Islam…

September 15, 2012 You knew this was coming:

Via Egypt Independent: …


Screw Allah, Meet God

September 15, 2012 By R.J. Godlewski © September 15, 2012, All Rights Reserved.

“I, the Lord, am your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, that place of slavery. You shall not have other gods besides me.” Exodus 20:2-3 New American Bible


For the record, I do not believe that all those riots erupting throughout the Muslim world have anything to do with some movie made out in California. Frankly, I have yet to see any movie worthy of the “silver screen” come out from California since, well, since movies were literally shown upon the silver screen, and, yet, I do not see instances of rioting within the New World over these travesties. Nor do I believe that these murderous protests as being blamed upon U.S. policies. American administrations have done more damage to their own constituency than they have against the rest of the world combined and, yet, I still do not see Americans erupting in violent action against innocent individuals and businesses. True, there are those “Occupy” people, but they do not represent the Constitutional Republic in my book. Anyway, they are communists, anarchists, and progressives if anything else. No, there must be another reason for Muslims Behaving Badly throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Personally, I believe that it is because they do not know God within their lives. Oh, yes, they worship someone called “Allah”, but I cannot imagine God happy over the wanton destruction of His earth. After all, God chose the earth to visit, some 2,000 years ago when He blessed us with His Real Presence. God is all loving, all-powerful, all forgiving, and all knowing. The only people who challenge this remain those who prefer to elevate themselves to being better than God is. His Kingdom is littered with those who professed to be superior than He – kings, princes, despots, drug kingpins, televangelists, and, yes, prophets such as Muhammad ibn Abdallah. Oh, yes, I am certain to hear cries of foul over this statement and, perhaps, even cries for my head but, really, I do not give a rat’s ass. The truth is, I do not fear“Muhammad’s people” because, well, because they are often racists and scoundrels. Consider the happenings within the Middle East; most of this is occurring because the Arabs do not want to get along with others. Muhammad’s religion is, simply put, for the Arab people. His book was written in Arabic, his holy sites remain in Arabic lands, and their god matured from a pagan Arabic god (who originally had daughters, if memory serves). Call me finicky, but this whole concept sounds similar to Nazism. The religious faith of Der muslimische Führer seems a bit too exclusive for my tastes.

            My God does not exclude anyone from His care, even those who refuse to believe within His ominipotence. He even forgave those who killed His Son:  “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34 NAB). Of course, the Son was the Father as the Father was the Spirit. He came to earth, in fully human form, because God can become human whereas humans could never become God. Otherwise, we limited humans would become God and either destroy the planet or each other. God represents Perfection and the Perfection of Christ – as observed through the Gospels – defeats all other human beliefs and ideologies. If Muslims were Christian, for example, they would forgive those who make questionable movies (as He did in forgiving us for placing Him on the Cross), aid foreigners in danger (as Christ commanded us to love one another, even our enemies), and to bear our own crosses (much like the thousands of Christians who were fed to the lions or set ablaze as living garden torches long before Muslims even learned the term hatred).

No, the reason that I feel that Muslims are tearing up the Middle East/Northern Africa region has nothing to do with some obscure movie criticizing someone whose own actions criticize him far greater than any modern American could ever hope to. Muslims are attacking our embassies and killing our people simply because they do not know God. How can anyone claim to know God and yet cause so much destruction? Even the Jews abandoned this idiocy millennia ago. So for the benefit of my Muslim brothers and sisters (in the context of being from the same Creator), I would like very much to introduce them to God.

God does not represent some obscure, vengeful being. Not anymore than Heaven represents some place where we can expect to find seventy-seven virgins. Physical sexuality is an earthly device characteristic of our souls inhabiting a physical world. What exists upon our resurrection is not likely to parallel what we experience now because, frankly, our bodies control our souls instead of our souls commanding our bodies (as would be the case after death). But that is a discussion for another time. God came down to earth in order to lead us into a place where we could not go without His divine Guidance. The path of the least-traveled-because-it-is-exceedingly-difficult-to tread. In other words, we have to endure much and work hard all of our lives to pay the pricethat Heaven demands. We may gain entrance to paradise by giving our lives for others, but we will never gain Heaven by killing innocent souls. Never. Christ is the Way, not an obstacle.

I would love so much to introduce Muslims to God but, obviously, onlyGod can reveal Himself to the pure of heart. It deeply saddens me that so many people would follow a barbaric warrior masquerading as a man of peace and tolerance. In fact, I would probably respect Muhammad more had he been open about his military lifestyle and presence as a tactician as I do with, say, Genghis Khan. What screwed the pooch, so to speak, was that Muhammad sought to belittle and replace God’s Church here on earth. I am sorry, but I cannot accept that. I feel sorry for the man’s soul because, obviously, the fangs and claws of Satan sunk deeply into his body.

Christians have not always been the best representatives of God on earth, but we learn, evolve, and prayfor healing. Whatever happened during the Crusades (which, like the Spanish Inquisition, were never as bad as portrayed by academics and the media), Christianity matured to bring freedom and charity to peoples all around the planet. We formulated the first public schools, acknowledged the inalienable rights of all people, and even sent men to the moon all in the name of Mankind. More importantly, we do something that few Muslim nations can claim: we welcome them into our homeland. When, as in Northern Ireland, small radical “Christian” groups respond with terror, our leaders make bold proclamations that such actions are evil and should be abolished. More Catholic Bishops in Ireland have spoken out against IRA (PIRA and otherwise) terrorism than have Muslim clerics throughout the world spoken out against violent acts committed in the name of Allah. Perhaps “Allah” is not such a good guy after all?

Because I am a Roman Catholic, tainted as I am, I pray for peace throughout the world. I pray especially for those citizens of Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, etc. who are being pummeled to the ground under various “jackbooted” tyrannies, even that masquerading as “religion” (which is why I often distinguish between “Islam” as a faith professed by millions of peace-loving peoples from “Muhammadanism” an archaic but useful term to represent the bloody and violent actions of the“Prophet” himself). I would do my best to bring some good, old-fashioned Christian love to the communities of the Middle East, but it is not my heart that prevents me from doing so. Prevention comes in the form of intolerant people claiming to represent Allah. I cannot help you if you cannot accept me in your lands.

Fortunately, however, my God remains far more powerful than Allah, for He has the power to become human and to create an unfathomably large universe. That He came to earth as an infant in swaddling clothes shows that He did not want to scare us into submission. No one ever met Allah, but those who met his “prophet” either capitulated or ended up on the sharp end of a sword. That is simply not the“God Way”. God could level the planet inasmuch as he could convert al-Qaeda into a semblance of the Dominicans with the mere motion of a thought. God, though, loves us so much that He wants us to come to Him willingly and freely. For this reason, all the millions of Muslims around the world cannot bring one single soul to God unless He Himself calls that person to Him. And, folks, burning down the house ain’t going to make anyone friendly to Islam.

Frankly, the Middle East can go to hell in a hand basket for all that I care. There are far too many people in the world today for me to spread Christian love beyond those that I meet directly. However, I take exception whenever Christians or Americans are threatened. In fact, I take exception whenever anyone is threatened indiscriminately. People who threaten others because of some stupid movie no one really saw really piss me off. Is your faith so intolerable that you cannot forgive cartoonists, Quran burners, and movie directors? Is your Allah so “human” as to vehemently call for the destruction of people who merely get in the way of your tirades? Thank God, I am Catholic and therefore Christian, because I could not worship your Allah any more than I could pray to the moon. He is neither the God of Abraham nor the God I worship in the Holy Trinity. Sounds to me as if Allah is simply Lucifer come back to roost.

So if you pray to God for peace and tolerance amongst all peoples, then I shall pray for you too. Few of us really want to dishonor God by killing his creations. However, if you want to kill today’s version of the“Holy Innocents” simply because you remain too intolerant to forgive artists and ‘trouble makers’, you will not find any compassion from me. Muslims, like Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, atheists, etc. do not scare me. Nor do I indiscriminately wish them harm. However, if anyone tries to harm me or my fellow countrymen simply because of some damn movie, cartoon, burned book, or other senseless grievance, then I have only one thing to say. Bring it on, bastards.


R.J. Godlewski is an independent counterterrorism consultant, the director of the private International Nuclear Emergency Response Team [INERT], and the author of several novels, commentaries, and professional articles. He is also the author and architect of the Web-based Independent Counterterrorist training program. He is a graduate student of Asymmetrical Warfare and Security Management at, and holds a B.A. in Intelligence Studies (and minor degree in Area Studies– Middle East) with honors from, American Military University. He further holds an undergraduate certificate in Explosive Ordnance Disposal and is a veteran of both the United States Navy and Navy Reserve. His most recent article is“Financial Counterintelligence: Fractioning the Lifeblood of Asymmetrical Warfare” in American Intelligence Journal29 no. 2 (2011): 24-33.


The film that prompted violent anti-American protests and murder in the  Middle East depicts the Muslim prophet Muhammad as a bloodthirsty, callous,  skirt-chasing fraud.

Filmmaker Sam Bacile, a California resident who is now reportedly in hiding,  posted a trailer of his film, “Innocence of Muslims,” to YouTube on July 2.

In the trailer, Muhammad is depicted seducing a married woman and a young  girl, in each scene inventing Quran passages to justify his sexual desires.

On Tuesday, the eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks,  protesters purportedly angered by the film scaled the walls of the U.S. embassy  in Egypt, tore down its American flag and replaced it with a black flag commonly  used by Islamic terrorists.

In Libya, terrorists murdered the U.S. ambassador to that country, Chris  Stevens, in a Tuesday evening attack. Three other embassy employees were killed.  Stevens was fleeing the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, which had been overrun by  protesters shooting machine guns.

For Muslims, mere depictions of Muhammad are considered offensive. More  incendiary depictions often precede violence. In 2005, worldwide riots erupted  after a Danish newspaper published cartoons of Muhammad.


The Mohammad Movie ” Innocence of Muslims” – The film, the actors, the producer, and others

September 15, 2012 Before I get into the movie, the actors, the director, and the producer of “Innocence of Muslims”, let me be clear:  The attacks on U.S. embassies, schools, consulates, citizens, and military in the Middle East, which did not accidentally happen on the anniversary of September 11, 2001 attacks,  have nothing to do with this movie, in spite of what President Barack Hussein Obama wants you to think.  But it may be helpful to know a little about the movie, since Obama and his administration keep mentioning it.  Muhammed_Movie

I have not seen the full movie, but I did watch the trailer.  My first reaction was how amateurish it looked.  Now it appears that the movie suffers from extensive over-dubbing, heavy editing, and script changes even the actors knew nothing about.

The Movie Maker/ Producer

Do we arrest and prosecute people here in the US for bad taste?  For bad production?  For bad scripts?  Bad acting?  Do we arrest people for using freedom of speech?  Apparently the rampaging animals in the Middle East think so and apparently Obama is trying to appease them by having Eric Holder pick up the producer, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a/k/a  Sam Bacile, 55, and bring him in for questioning.  The reason for ‘interviewing’ Nakoula supposedly had nothing to do with the film.

Federal officials are investigating whether  Nakoula, who has been convicted of financial crimes, has violated the  terms of his five-year probation. If so, a judge could send him back to  prison. (details at AP)

Nakoula has many aliases, a very shady past, and present, and I’m not defending anything he has done.  But I am defending freedom of speech here in the United States.

Freedom of speech seems to be under attack here in the United States as witnessed over the past few years:

It was bad enough, two years ago, that Defense Secretary Robert Gates  called fringe Florida pastor Terry Jones to ask him not to burn copies  of the Koran, or last week, that chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen.  Martin Dempsey took his turn to call Jones to ask him to stop  publicizing a YouTube video, The Innocence of Muslims. But then on  Friday, White House spokesman Jay Carney told the world that the violent protests in Cairo and Ben­ghazi and elsewhere were a “response not to  United States policy, and not obviously the administration or the  American people,” but were “in response to a video, a film we have  judged to be reprehensible and disgusting.” Carney repeated the point  for emphasis: “This is not a case of protests directed at the United  States at large or at U.S. policy, but in response to a video that is  offensive to Muslims.”  (The Weekly Standard)

As Lee Smith at The Weekly Standard continues:

What’s next? Where does it go from here? There are more than 300 million ways in which Americans expressing themselves might give offense to  those who make it their business to be offended. Maybe it’s some other  film, maybe it’s a book or even just a tossed-off phrase that our  enemies might seize on to galvanize support for their causes. Is the  White House going to put every American crank on speed-dial so it can  tell them to shut up whenever a mob gathers outside a U.S. embassy or  consulate?

The Consultant:

Steve Klein was a consultant on the movie. He reportedly told the producer, “You’re going to be the next Theo van Gogh,”… Van Gogh, the AP explains, was the Dutch filmmaker who was killed after making a movie perceived as insulting to Islam. (CPR)

Tom Trento interviewed Klein, you can watch the video here .

The Actors:MohammedActress

The actors who appeared in it had no idea they were starring in  anti-Islam propaganda which depicts Muhammed as a child molester and  thug. They were deceived by the film’s director, believing they were  appearing in a film about the life of a generic Egyptian 2,000 years  ago. (Gawker)

After answering a casting call, Cindy Lee Garcia, an actress from Bakersfield, California had a small role in what was originally called Desert Warriors.  That is what actors do, that is their job, that is how they pay the bills.  They try out for parts, hope to get hired.  They have no say in how the movie is eventually edited, or dubbed over, titled, publicised, or marketed.

Garcia spent three days on the set after answering a casting call (the original casting call, posted in July 2011 on craigslist).

“It was going to be a film based on how things were 2,000 years ago,”  Garcia said. “It wasn’t based on anything to do with religion, it was  just on how things were run in Egypt. There wasn’t anything about  Muhammed or Muslims or anything.”  (Gawker)

The actors, the 80-person cast said via joint statement released to CNNjoint statement:

“The  entire cast and crew are extremely upset and feel taken advantage of by  the producer,” said a statement by the actors. “We are 100 percent not  behind this film and were grossly misled about its intent and purpose.  We are shocked by the drastic rewrites of the script and lies that were told to all involved.”

The Director:

Alan Roberts, the film’s director, is an experienced editor who has directed a number of low-budget soft porn movies, according to The Daily Mail:

Roberts, the film’s director, is a  respected Hollywood film editor – but his previous forays into directing have been limited to schlock movies with titles such The Happy Hooker  Goes Hollywood, according to Gawker.

However, cast members said that that the director may not have known the true  purpose of Nakoula’s anti-Muslim film, as he was ‘non-political’ and  seemed to believe he was making a historical movie.

Pastor Terry Jones:

While Pastor Terry Jones from Gainesville, Florida, best known for koran burning, is linked in the media and in the Middle East propaganda posters to the Mohammad Movie Trailer, a video  promoting the movie, Innocence of Muslims, he apparently had nothing to do with the film’s creation.  Jones did promote the movie on his website.

‘It is an American production, not designed to attack Muslims but to show  the destructive ideology of Islam. The movie further reveals in a  satirical fashion the life of Muhammad.’
Jones did speak with the movie’s director on the phone this week and prayed for him.

It seems that the investors, the actors, and others were duped at the beginning by the shady movie maker.  Was there something illegal in the making, producing of this movie?  I don’t know, I will leave that to law enforcement.  Should the killing of innocent Americans around the globe be blamed on a movie, when in fact they are the result of a very failed Barack Obama foreign policy.

Our enemies are not stupid.  They are taking advantage of a weak president.  They are taking advantage of the fact that there will be no reaction, to price to pay for their actions.  And they are using this sad 14 minute movie trailer as an excuse to jin up their easily insulted followers.

President Obama, look at the world burning.  You Built That!

You.  Built.  That.



September 14, 2012 By Sharon Sebastian

In the aftermath  of the attack on the U.S. embassy in Egypt and the brutal murder of four  Americans in Libya, Barack Obama prepared for a fund-raising swing to Las Vegas  leaving Governor Mitt Romney to take a strong stand for America. America’s  longing for leadership in the White House was heightened by Romney’s  statesman-like response to the initial attack in Egypt that was followed by the  subsequent violent deaths in Libya of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador  Chris Stevens. For fifteen long hours after the beginning of the assaults, Obama  remained silent while the violence escalated. In a leadership void, Presidential  candidate Mitt Romney stepped forward before Americans to give an appropriate  and firm response.

Human Events  reports, “The UK Independent on Friday published a bombshell  report on the deadly attack that killed four Americans, including Ambassador  Christopher Stevens, in Libya.  The report alleges that “the U.S. State  Department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate  in Benghazi, that American missions may be targeted, but no warnings were given  for diplomats to go on high alert and ‘lockdown,’ under which movement is  severely restricted.” Without  intercession by the American President or the government and police forces in  Libya, Islamist extremist mobs were able to lay siege to torture, kill, and  plunder.

In the wake of  the spreading violence in the Middle East and the Obama administration’s  subsequent apology-first response to the attackers followed by an admonition,  Commentator Charles Krauthammer, a seasoned political observer, took to the  airwaves and declared Barack Obama, “An arrogant amateur.” News reports abound  that Obama is on record as having skipped 50% of his intelligence briefings.  Evidence of that are Obama and his surrogate’s recent campaign proclamations  that Al-Qaeda has been defeated. Obama’s camp raises its own naïve spectacle of “Mission Accomplished” as Al-Qaeda continues to sponsor and execute violent  uprisings throughout the region. As further violence erupted, Obama prioritized  his election campaigning over the growing crisis. Void of a resolute foreign  policy to protect American interests, he packed his bags and headed to Las Vegas  for a fundraiser.

Notably,  Presidential candidate Romney has already met with Israeli Prime Minister  Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, our strongest ally in a region of the world that  is dissolving into chaos and increased violence on a daily basis.  Obama has yet to visit Israel, but made  time to go to Saudi Arabia to bow before the King as well as a trip to Egypt  where he stirred up the Arab Spring – all the while turning his back on the  freedom fighters in Iran. As a result of Obama’s intervention into the region,  the Middle East has become a powder keg. Obama conveyed a confused message on  Telemundo in regard to Egypt that: “I don’t think that we would consider them an  ally, but we don’t consider them an enemy.” Yet, in regard to our friend Israel,  Obama is reportedly too busy campaigning and going on late night TV to meet with  Netanyahu in New York as Iran threatens both Israel and the United States with a  nuclear holocaust as it develops the bomb.

Mitt Romney’s  leadership exposed more than Barack Obama’s ineptness in foreign policy. Coupled  with his domestic policy, one indisputable personality trait jumps out. Obama’s  self-identity is consistently invested with underachievement and with those who  harbor anti-American sentiments. Obama has written that his basic concepts of  government were formed by the cadre of friends he sought out in college who  morphed into the current ranking members he recruits into his administration.  Obama writes he preferred self-proclaimed Socialists, Marxists, and  anti-Capitalists whom he claims swayed and continue to sway how he governs.  Obama has written that he openly sought out “radicals” among his professors and  schoolmates in a school that was dominated by Socialists and Marxists who wanted  to bring down America’s free enterprise and capitalist system. Collectivism was  their byword that relegated American citizenry to a level of mediocrity and a  herd like mentality “to follow” without questioning. Their ideology is the  antithesis of America and American ideals. Consequently, a pattern has evolved  in both Obama’s foreign and domestic policies as he applies his radical ideology  to both.

An example of  how Obama tortures logic and reality to fit his own disturbing radical and  collectivist view is an executive order that his Justice Department is prepared  to foist upon America’s schoolchildren. Reported by the Daily Caller, a recent  executive order signed by Obama will set-up quotas to force children, who do not  qualify by current school standards as malcontents, into the ranks of those  requiring disciplinary action or suspension. Obama and Attorney General Eric  Holder are reportedly disturbed by the imbalance of the number of minorities who  act out in school and comprise higher percentages of those needing disciplinary  action or suspension. Instead of taking a strong stand against bad behavior,  Obama seeks to mask the statistics by forcing more Asian and white students onto  the detention rolls and classifying them as disorderly troublemakers. It has  become clear that Obama does not champion success in the marketplace and now  wants to “level the field” by falsely impugning students in the classroom,  leaving a black mark on their educational records. Obama wants to equate,  through a government imposed quota system, a false categorization of  non-disruptive students into a base level of behavior with disruptive students.  The Daily Caller reports:

“What this means  is that whites and Asians will get suspended for things that blacks don’t get  suspended for,” because school officials will try to level punishments despite  groups’ different infraction rates, predicted Hans Bader, a counsel at the  Competitive Enterprise Institute. “It is too bad that the president has chosen  to set up a new bureaucracy with a focus on one particular racial group, to the  exclusion of all others,” said Roger Clegg, the president of the Center for  Equal Opportunity.

Obama creates real victims as  he seeks to excuse rather than eliminate bad behavior and he cries racism rather  than impose discipline. America’s children, especially our black children that  Obama has targeted as being at the heart of the issue, need help, not excuses.  That Obama has a deep-seated bias is indisputable when it comes to placing  blame. An example is Obama’s charge that Cambridge cops acted “stupidly” and  implied racism when his professor friend reportedly acted badly. Even New York  Times Columnist Maureen Dowd picked up on Obama’s message of deflecting blame.  Dowd wrote about Obama’s re-nomination acceptance speech in which Obama  blamed the American people, not himself for his failed administration: “…he told us that America’s problems were tougher to  solve than he had originally thought. And, that is why he has kindly agreed to  give us more time. Because, after all, it’s our fault.” Dowd chided Obama by  writing, “Our forebearing leader didn’t pander to us with that standard break-up  line: It’s not you, it’s me. He gave it to us straight, it’s not me, it’s you.” Off-shifting the blame onto Americans for his failures, Obama unabashedly  excuses himself.

How does his pattern of “excuses” reflect on how Obama  handles foreign policy? Though not in any way to be compared with previous  examples; Obama’s pattern of excuses repeatedly reveal his global biases.  Radical Islam is no exception. Obama tends to find some excuse for the actions  of Islamic extremists and assigns Americans partial responsibility for the  radicals “bad behavior.” Obama is quick to point out that it is not his failed  foreign policy of appeasement and feckless action, but the American people who  are somehow to blame for attacks against us, thereby necessitating him to render  an apology to America’s enemies. Instead of taking a strong stance to hold  Egypt’s new government accountable with consequences, Obama bypasses Congress  with plans to award $1.5 billion of Americans’ hard earned tax dollars to the  new Egyptian leadership, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Romney, on the  other hand, has said, “Enough.” Americans not only need a responsible grown-up  in the White House, but leadership.   Romney acknowledged that the attacks were planned and executed on 9/11 by  America’s enemies – radical, extremist Muslims. Americans reacted favorably to  Romney as they got a glimpse of his leadership. Romney revealed a Reagan-esque  quality when he faced-down a hostile press and stood not only his ground, but  America’s ground. Obama harbors a destructive mentality that sets America on a  dangerous course both at home and globally. All Americans suffer the  consequences of his actions. The tragedy is that so DarwinsRacistsmany Americans voted for a  smooth operator, a phantom Obama, who never existed to begin with and made  promises about a stronger America that he never intended to keep. In the blame  game, Obama wants us to believe that it is not him or them, it’s  us.

Sharon  Sebastian’s insights on YouTube

Sharon  Sebastian(  is an author, writer, and contributor to various forms of media including  cultural and political broadcasts, print, and online websites. In addition to  the heated global debate on creation vs. evolution, her second book, Darwin’s  Racists – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, highlights the impact of Social  Darwinism’s Marxist/Socialist underpinnings on the culture, the faith and  current policy out of Washington. Critics are calling Darwin’s Racists – “Incredibly Timely” and “A Book for our Times.” Sebastian’s political and  cultural analyses are published nationally and internationally. Darwin’s  Racists – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” may be ordered at:



From the People’s Cube

Iran Plans Fireworks Display as Gift to USA

Dateline Washington D.C. (Darkness and Confusion) – The White House announced today that Iran is nearly finished with preparations for a massive fireworks display which they plan to donate to the United States as a gift, much as France gave us the Statue of Liberty.”It’s gonna be the SHOW TO END ALL SHOWS,” stated the Iranian special envoy to the US on Thursday.


Here we see Iranian fireworks experts hard at work finalizing the centrifuge-based display, which is expected to be ready even before next July 4.IranMissile.jpg

And here, the Iranian Navy successfully tests one of the new fireworks rockets, although for the actual display itself the fireworks will probably be launched from a freighter of some kind.Presidential Spokesmouth Jay “Carney” Carney barked that “Obviously, we won’t be inviting Netanyahu – that guy has been a pain in the butt since Dear Leader first took office.”

Egyptian-Embassy-Rioting.jpg <!–span>

DEAR LEADER’s latest call to NETANYAHU on 9/11/2012

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I, as a retired Cold War warrior, never stopped working for the Яodiиa. So an old friend gave me a copy of a recording made two days ago when the DЭMOCЯAT Paяty Dэaя Lэadэя called Benyamin Netanyahu at 3:00 AM Jerusalem time. (Our old bugs at the White House never stopped working.)
DЭMOCЯAT Paяty Dэaя Lэadэя – “Hello Bibi, how are you?”

Netanyahu – “I was hoping to get more than a phone call at 3AM; after all you are meeting the Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian Prez in a few days.”

DЭMOCЯAT Paяty Dэaя Lэadэя – “I’m sorry for that, but my schedule is too busy. But I’m taking care you.”

Netanyahu – “Taking care, HOW? Iran will have nukes before Christmas, while nothing done up to now has worked.”

DЭMOCЯAT Paяty Dэaя Lэadэя – “We are doing all we can. But your comments are making me lose face. In fact, I can blame you for my ambassador getting raped and killed in Lybia tonight.”

Netanyahu – “Me??? We told you four months ago of what they were up to. How can you blame me for what you knew would happen months ahead of time?”

DЭMOCЯAT Paяty Dэaя Lэadэя – “All that is water under the bridge. But you know personally that if I lose face, the world becomes unsafe for YOU and me. By the way, you better call off your plans to bomb Iran’s targets, or else you will not have an IDF air force to protect you.”

Netanyahu – “What???”

DЭMOCЯAT Paяty Dэaя Lэadэя – “If you attack Iran BEFORE my re-election, I will be forced to order my planes to shoot down your entire IDF air force, and then you will end up with Iranian nukes, and without an air force to protect you.”

Netanyahu – “I hope you are aware that such a move would mean a second Jewish Holocaust.”

DЭMOCЯAT Paяty Dэaя Lэadэя – “Don’t exaggerate Bibi; you Jews always speak in hyperbole. You know as well as I, that I am better qualified to defend you than your IDF.”

Netanyahu – “Like when? When have YOU ever defended Israel from her enemies?”

DЭMOCЯAT Paяty Dэaя Lэadэя – “You don’t know all the requests I constantly get from your Mideast neighbors to help them invade you, and I have kept them back. I’m actually protecting you. By the way, I need $500 million in campaign contributions if you know what I mean…”

Netanyahu – “I do know what you mean. I am not Hugo Chavez though; so I can’t dispense with the money of Israeli taxpayers. But, I suggest you don’t try that line again. In fact, I suggest you keep your air assets from getting in our way, or else you may find out the hard way that I mean to protect Israel. This ends our chat, good night.”

DЭMOCЯAT Paяty Dэaя Lэadэя – “Don’t hang up please. What do you mean? Damn, he hung up!!!”

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I do not know why this Netanyahu person simply does not contribute $3 to the next “My Dinner with Barack” campaign raffle and hope that he wins.  He could have dinner with Barack (and a Hollywood celebrity, like Anna Wintour!) and he could then bring up whatever piddling little business he keeps interrupting the president’s golf game to bother him with.  If Netanyaski does not win the first time, TRY TRY AGAIN!  There will be many chances to win before November for there will be many, many more raffles.
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