Al Qaida strikes America – America denies reality; Osama dead not Al Qaeda; Benghazi- Osama’s Revenge on Obama; Ironically it’s Obama and Company that enabled it!; October Surprises, and a clear November choice!

Posted on October 15, 2012

The Blame Game
Elise Cooper –  The Obama administration keeps saying they killed Osama Bin Laden, but unfortunately, Benghazi shows that they did not kill Al Qaeda. More

Al Qaida strikes America; America denies reality

October 15, 2012 By James  Lewis

Al  Qaida, “The Foundation,” represents resurgent Muslim imperialism, which dates  back to Mohammed, fourteen centuries ago. Like Lenin and the Viet Cong, AQ does  not have to win every fight, only the last one.

Al  Qaida’s late leader, Osama bin Laden, boasted of the organization as a “strong  horse,” that would attract admiration and support from around the world, as  opposed to the “weak horse” embodied by the United States.

AQ  has just revealed Obama to be the weakest horse in history — a feeble swayback  nag — by murdering our Libyan ambassador and burning part of the Cairo  embassy. In response, we have done nothing. We don’t think there’s a  problem.

Our  good buds of the “Arab Spring” allowed this to happen — although it is the  solemn duty of host governments to protect diplomatic missions.

We  have recognized radical madcap regimes that let our embassies to be burned and  Ambassador Christopher Stevens to be murdered.

Hillary  and Obama enabled it.

They  played the weak horse.

That  was Al Qaida’s goal.

An  Expert Speaks Out

In  an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Fox News military analyst Colonel David Hunt laid the blame for the murder of Ambassador  Christopher Stevens and three other Americans at the Benghazi, Libya American  mission on Hillary Clinton and the State Department.

According to Colonel Hunt, the American mission  at Benghazi “was like a cardboard building, there wasn’t even bullet proof glass.” In  addition, Hunt said the security guards inside the mission didn’t have  bullets… (Italics added throughout.)

Hunt  told Breitbart News that the new State Department Rules of Engagement  for Libya, approved and signed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton  after the 2011 fall of Khadafi’s regime, severely compromised the safety and  security of murdered Ambassador Stevens and all American diplomatic staff in  Libya.

He  also stated that the decision not to staff Benghazi with Marines was made by  Secretary of State Clinton. Breitbart News has subsequently learned that under  those rules of engagement, Secretary Clinton prohibited Marines from providing  security at any American diplomatic installation in Libya.

“The  State Department just allowed our guys to get killed. If you approve no bullets  in guns for the mission security guards and an outhouse for a mission, you’re  inviting it.”

Howie Carr: They weren’t allowed to have  bullets, is that correct?

Colonel Hunt: That’s true. They were private  security. The rules of engagement were ridiculous.

“The  policy of the Obama administration led to this,” he said. “What’s happened in  Libya is the final straw of political correctness. We allowed a contractor to hire local nationals as security guards, but  said they can’t have bullets. This was all part of the point of not having a  high profile in Libya.”

“If  you carried a sharp stick within a mile of the conventions at Tampa or Charlotte  you got arrested, yet you don’t give bullets to the guards of our ambassador to  Libya. It wouldn’t surprise me if Al­ Qaeda bought off some of the Libyan  nationals hired to guard our ambassador at Benghazi.”
A  Background Briefing on Libya

The  following is derived from an October 9th briefing in the form of a conference  call arranged by the Office of the Spokesperson of the Department of State. The  speakers are State Department officials intimately involved with the unfolding  Benghazi fiasco.

“… So Chris Stevens coming back into Benghazi on  April 5th, 2011… They set up shop in a hotel, as I mentioned. A few weeks  later in June, a bomb explodes in the parking lot in front of the hotel. …by  August they settle on a large compound which is where the actual activity on  9/11 took place…. The compound is roughly 300 yards long — that’s three  football fields long — and a hundred yards wide. We need that much room to  provide the best possible setback against car bombs. Over the next few months,  physical security at the compound is strengthened. The outer wall is upgraded,  its height is increased to nine feet. It is topped by three feet of barbed wire  and concertina wire all around the huge property. External lighting is  increased. Jersey barriers, which are big concrete blocks, are installed outside  and inside the gate. Steel drop bars are added at the gates to control vehicle  access and to provide some anti-ram protection. The buildings on the compound  itself were strengthened.”

(Sounds  great, right? Three football fields of protection — but no periphery guards,  and a skeleton staff of five guards — count ’em! — for Ambassador  Christopher Stevens, in a radicalized and unstable country where Al Qaida in the  Maghreb (AQIM) is deeply embedded. It is the eleventh anniversary of 9/11/01, a  time of exceptional danger all around the world. Our Cairo embassy is burning.  Back to the State Department briefing.)

“Okay. The ambassador has arrived in Benghazi on the  10th of September… The next day is 9/11… because it is 9/11, out of  prudence, he has all his meetings on the compound… Everything is calm at 8:30  p.m. There’s nothing unusual. There has been nothing unusual during the day at  all outside.

(But  this is a half truth, at best. Al Zawahiri, Osama’s second in command, issued a  video the day before in Pakistan, calling for revenge against the Americans. A  Libyan AQ has just been killed by a Predator strike supposedly directed by  President Obama. The week before, a bomb had exploded outside of the compound.  All events unusual events, to say the least. All that should have required a  heightened state of alertness.)

“A few minutes later — we’re talking about 9 o’clock  at night — the ambassador retires to his room… At 9:40 p.m., the agents…  hear loud noises coming from the front gate. They also hear gunfire and an  explosion. The agent … looks at his cameras — these are cameras that have  pictures of the perimeter — and the camera on the main gate reveals a large  number of men, armed men, flowing into the compound. One special agent  immediately goes to get the ambassador in his bedroom and … the three of them  enter the safe haven inside the building.

“…A safe haven is a fortified area within a  building. This particular safe haven has a very heavy metal grill on it with  several locks on it… Also in the safe haven is a central sort of closet area  where people can take refuge where there are no windows around. In that safe  haven are medical supplies, water, and such things. All the windows to that area  of the building have all been grilled. A couple of them have grills that can be  open from the inside so people inside can get out, but they can’t be – obviously  can’t be opened from the outside.”

(But  the “safe haven” is not smokeproof. It has grills on the windows that keep  anybody from getting out.)

“…from …the very beginning of this incident,  (another agent) has been on the phone. He had called the quick reaction security  team, he had called the Libyan authorities, he had called the embassy in  Tripoli, and he had called Washington. He had them all going to ask for  help.

“They turn around immediately and head back to where  the ambassador and his colleagues are. They encounter a large group of armed  men… The agents that encounter the armed group make a tactical decision to  turn around and go back and… barricade themselves in there. So we have people  in three locations right now.

“…the attackers, when they came  through the gate, they immediately torched the barracks. It is aflame, the  barracks that was occupied by the 17th February Brigade armed host country  security team.”

(The  Arab newspaper Al Sharq Al Awsat in London claims a maximum of five militia  members made up the “armed host country security team” — armed but without  ammo.)

…at  the very first moment …he immediately hits an alarm… He gets on the public  address system as well, yelling, “Attack, attack.” …attackers penetrate in  Building C. They walk around inside the building into a living area, not the  safe haven area. The building is dark. They look through the grill, they see  nothing. They try the grill, the locks on the grill; they can’t get  through.”

(Because  they are morons and have never heard of dynamite. But they find diesel  fuel.)

“They  have jerry cans full of diesel fuel that they’ve picked up at the entrance when  they torched the barracks. They have sprinkled the diesel fuel around. They  light the furniture in the living room — this big, puffy, Middle Eastern  furniture. They light it all on fire, and they have also lit part of the  exterior of the building on fire…

“…where  the ambassador is, the building is rapidly filling with smoke… The smoke is  extremely thick. It’s diesel smoke, and also, obviously, smoke from – fumes from  the furniture that’s burning. And the building inside is getting more and more  black. The ambassador and the two others make a decision that… it’s starting  to get tough to breathe in there, and so they move to another part of the safe  haven, a bathroom that has a window. They open the window. The window is, of  course, grilled. They open the window trying to get some air in. That doesn’t  help. The building is still very thick in smoke.

“…  So they’re in the bathroom and they’re now on the floor of the bathroom because  they’re starting to hurt for air. They are breathing in the bottom two feet or  so of the room, and even that is becoming difficult.

“…They  decide that they’re going to go out through an adjacent bedroom which has one of  the window grills that will open… There is firing going on outside… There  are tracer bullets. There is smoke. There is — there are explosions… I think  they were RPGs. So there’s a lot of action going on… there are dozens of armed  men on the compound.

“The  agent… is suffering severely from smoke inhalation at this point. He can  barely breathe. He can barely see. He’s got the grill open and he flops out of  the window onto a little patio that’s been enclosed by sandbags. He determines  that he’s under fire, but he also looks back and sees he doesn’t have his two  companions. He goes back in to get them. He can’t find them. He goes in and out  several times before smoke overcomes him completely, and he has to stagger up a  small ladder to the roof of the building and collapse. He  collapses.

“…He  radios the other agents that he’s got a problem. He is very difficult to  understand. He can barely speak…

“Two  of them set up as best a perimeter as they can, and the third agent goes into  the building… into the choking smoke. When that agent can’t proceed, another  agent goes in, and so on. And they take turns going into the building on their  hands and knees, feeling their way through the building… They are unable to  find the ambassador.

“…All  the agents at this point are suffering from smoke inhalation. The agent that had  been in the building originally with the ambassador is very, very severely  impacted, the others somewhat less so, but they can’t go back  in…

“The  agent makes a couple of attempts, cannot proceed. He’s back outside of the  building. He takes his shirt off. There’s a swimming pool nearby. He dips his  shirt in the swimming pool and wraps it around his head, goes in one last time.  Still can’t find the ambassador. Nobody is able to find the  ambassador.

“At  this point, the quick reaction security team… are saying, ‘We cannot stay  here. It’s time to leave. We’ve got to leave. We can’t hold the perimeter.’ So  at that point, they make the decision to evacuate the compound… My agents pile  into an armored vehicle with the body of Sean, and they exit the main  gate.

“…they  take fire almost as soon as they emerge from the compound. They go … toward  the annex. They don’t like what they’re seeing ahead of them. There are crowds.  There are groups of men. They turn around and go the other direction. They don’t  like what they’re seeing in that direction either. They make another  U-turn.

“At  this point, they take direct fire from AK-47s from about two feet away. The men  also throw hand grenades or gelignite bombs under — at the vehicle and under  it. At this point, the armored vehicle is extremely heavily impacted, but it’s  still holding. There are two flat tires, but they’re still rolling. And they  continue far down the block toward the crowds and far down several blocks to the  crowd — to another crowd where this road T-bones into a main road. There is a  crowd there. They pass through the crowd and on — turn right onto this main  road. This main road is completely choked with traffic, enormous traffic jam…  Rather than get stuck in the traffic, the agents careen their car over the  median — there is a median, a grassy median — and into the opposing traffic  … until they emerge into a more lightly trafficked area and ultimately make  their way to the annex.

“…there  are people at the annex. The guys in the car join the defense at the annex. They  take up firing positions on the roof — some of them do… The annex is, at this  time, also taking fire and does take fire intermittently, on and off, for the  next several hours. The fire consists of AK-47s but also RPGs, and it’s, at  times, quite intense.

“…the  reinforcements from Tripoli… take up their positions. And… somewhere around  4 o’clock in the morning the annex takes mortar fire. It is precise and some of  the mortar fire lands on the roof of the annex. It immediately killed two  security personnel that are there, severely wounds one of the agents that’s come  from the compound. At that point, a decision is made… to evacuate the whole  enterprise… in a large convoy of vehicles… to the airport, where they are  evacuated on two flights.”

The  Weak Horse Stumbles

Unbelievable!  Four years ago, late-night comics complained that Obama could not be laughed at.  Now the administration is writing its own material. It’s full of belly laughs…  for Al Qaida. Muslims are laughing and passing out candy like it was 9/11/01.  What fools these Americans are!

Obama  opened his engagement with Islam with a statement of surrender to the radical  Muslims of the world, the “Cairo speech” delivered at fundamentalist Al Azhar  University. Obama has consistently sided with radicals in Iran, Egypt, Libya,  Yemen, Tunisia, the Gulf, and Saudi Arabia. He has demanded the unconditional  retreat of Israel to the 1948 ceasefire lines “with adjustments.” Hamas,  Hezbollah and the other fanatics understand the message: Obama will sabotage  America’s commitment to Israel.

But  it’s not just Israel. China has recently grabbed island territory claimed by  Japan and the Philippines. North Korea is exporting nukes and tunneling  technology to Iran. Nuclear proliferation is out of control. Taiwan, Japan,  Singapore, South Korea are in danger.

The  administration has been penetrated by Muslim radicals, some of them welcomed in  Arabic by National Security “terrorism czar” John Brennan. Huma Abedin, with  relatives active in the Muslim Brotherhood, the grandfather of Islamic terrorist  groups, acts as Hillary’s assistant, walking with a headscarved Hillary in a  universal gesture of submission to the Muslim world: a veiled women with her  escort.

After  the treacherous “Arab Spring,” millions of women are now imprisoned in their  homes, covered in chadors and niqabs and forced to vote  according to the whims of the patriarchy. American men are the target of  feminist paranoids; real patriarchal ideologues can only be found in the rising  Muslim empires, where women are abused and sometimes killed. Liberals, in their  moral confusion and hatred for the West, end up betraying their own  program.

Obama  is a Marxist atheist who suffers from overlapping pathologies: narcissism of the  malignant variety and oppositional-defiant disorder, which makes him work to  undermine American security and well-being. Our abject surrender to a medieval  ideology rooted in the 7th century is not just a mistake. It is  sabotage.

Obama  is not a liberal but a Marxisant, a would-be Trotsky, indoctrinated by the real  America-haters of the left, of whom there are many.

Such  is our lot today.

To  counteract this, conservatives must adopt a revolutionary strategy, because the  counterculture has taken over America and the West. Wars are won in the minds of  men and women.

We  have immense strengths — 230 years of the most successful Constitution in  human history. We have the deep and fundamental sympathy of thinking people  around the world. We have been defeated by a sneak attack from the same left  that supported the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Now we must adopt a  strategy of resistance in enemy territory.

The  left has declared war against the normal people of this country. We are now the  enemy of the media, the political machine, and their vast network in the  schools, the colleges, and the government. They are on a Long March to goals  antithetical to the great majority of Americans.

Human  struggles are won in the minds of men and women. Defeating Obama is only the  first step. Americans have seen trouble before. We have overcome. Prepare to  defend against Marxist and Muslim tyranny — at home and around the  world.

A couple more things:

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Northeastern University’s Islamists – Stephen Schwartz

Barack Obama’s October Surprises

October 15, 2012 By Steve  McCann

In  October 1972, and twelve days before the presidential election, Richard Nixon  and Henry Kissinger made a surprise announcement of a peace agreement ending the  war in Vietnam, thus giving birth to the term “October  Surprise.”  In nearly every election cycle since, one party or the  other has attempted to spring some last minute opposition research or policy  announcement in the immediate weeks prior to an election.   However  the Democrats, with their near stranglehold on the mainstream media, have been  overwhelmingly more successful in the use of this strategy.  That is until  this year.

Barack  Obama and the Democrats have been blindsided by not one but two October  surprises.  The first actually occurred in September: the Al  Qaeda-sponsored attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and the  second: Obama’s abysmal performance in  the first presidential debate.

The  Libyan consulate attack was the catalyst that prompted Obama and his sycophants  to obfuscate the failures of the Obama foreign policy by incessant lying  regarding the true nature of the Benghazi attack, choosing instead to blame it  on some obscure internet video  trailer.  This deliberate cover-up is now rapidly unraveling making it a  potential election game-changer and the epitome of a self-inflicted October  surprise.

Obama’s  debate debacle was startling, as he could not live up to the well-crafted image  of being one of the most adept, well-liked and intelligent politicians in  American history.  In fact that balloon was thoroughly deflated.  His  performance was indicative of an unprepared and unqualified president unable to  defend his four years in office or present a cogent plan  for the next four years.  As he stands for reelection, the global and  domestic landscape is one of turmoil,  indecision and uncertainty stemming from his stubborn adherence to a failed  ideology and personal narcissism.

Barack  Obama assumed the office of President as a man brought-up and steeped in 1960’s  radicalism which advanced two distinct doctrines.  The first, that America,  as the lone Western super-power, represented the evil nature of colonialism and  capitalism’s exploitation of the masses — whether there was any truth in this  assertion or that the United States was guilty of these sins was  irrelevant.  The material and military success of America and the West  could only have come about from expropriating the wealth and labor of the  peoples of the world.

This  manifests in the deference Obama has shown to the Muslim world and his  willingness to travel around the globe apologizing for America.  A  by-product of this obeisance and philosophical bent has been the unchallenged  and at times promoted ascendancy of radical Islamists either into the control of  various Middle-East governments or openly operating in new safe  havens.   The premeditated Benghazi attack and the death of the U.S.  ambassador and three other Americans is just the first harvest of this myopic  doctrine.  Unfortunately for Obama it came seven weeks before an  election.

The  second primary doctrine of the 1960’s radicals is that by utilizing the vehicle  of a massive central government, they could control the citizenry and create  their concept of a “fair” society.  It is the ideal philosophy for those  who, so enamored with themselves, can wallow in their self-importance and rule  with a heavy hand the same masses they claim to protect.   Obama and  his fellow-travelers can thus justify bankrupting the country as a necessary  part of the transformation of the United States.   However, this same  approach tried in other nations has never accomplished its stated goals and has  been an abysmal failure, leaving the people deeper in poverty and with a greatly  diminished standard of living.

In  a still open society and up against someone willing to contest this failure, the  adherents cannot successfully defend and promote these tenets.  Further,  when combined with excessive narcissism, ineptitude and an inability to  articulate their thinking without external aid, the results are what the people  of the United State saw in the debate on October  3rd.

But  more important than the context and reaction to these “October surprises” is  what they portend for a second Obama term, were he to be  re-elected.

During  the Obama years, the international scene has been led by arguably the most  incompetent and easily intimidated leaders of the past twenty plus years.   At the front of the line has been Barack Obama.  If he is re-elected,  combined with a continuation of the deferential foreign policy pursued in his  first term, the United States will no longer be the leader of the free world but  will instead be just another moribund quasi-socialist member of the global  community watching the global ascendancy of China and Russia.

If  Barack Obama remains in office, the Middle East, as it is now constituted, will  in due course experience a catastrophic regional conflict.   There  will also be increased terrorist attacks on America and its interests abroad, as  there is absolute disdain for the United States and Obama’s lack of leadership  — a reality fully exposed over the past two months.

Regardless  of whether Obama is re-elected, the financial dilemma in Europe will continue on  and will fester until the European Union and the Eurozone collapses, as the  egocentrics in charge remain adamant in their failed strategy of bailouts, money  creation and subsidies — a collapse that will trigger another world-wide  financial crisis and recession, if the United States is not able to mitigate its  debt dilemma and foster substantial economic growth.  If Obama does win on  November 6th, the United States will be unable, because of what will  be an avalanche of regulations, taxes and debased currency, to weather the  storm, as the nation will be led by someone who has no idea of what to do except  to stubbornly adhere to failed socialist doctrine.

However,  and most important, are the overwhelming character flaws of Barack Obama: his  inability to admit a mistake and a lack of integrity.   As in the case  of the Libyan debacle, where it appears the first impulse was to lie and  obfuscate despite the fact that the White House knew within 24 hours the  consulate attack was a terrorist act, Obama attempted to cover-up his failures  for his own personal benefit.  And as revealed numerous times during his  presidency, Obama has demagogued countless issues and he has vehemently, and  often falsely, denigrated whomever would stand in his way.  He has shown  himself to be untrustworthy and dishonest to achieve his goals.  Further he  has surrounded himself with the like-minded willing to be accomplices to this  mindset.  This is not the kind of person who should be in the White House,  particularly at this time in the nation’s history.

While  the October surprises in this election cycle may have been unexpected,  particularly to Barack Obama, they serve to reveal the man behind the  well-crafted mask.  Further they have allowed the American people to have,  in no uncertain terms, a clear choice in November.

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