Beyond Impeachment: Obama Treasonous over Benghazi; Guide for the Perplexed on Islamic supremacism; Totalitarian Sharia States reality; Our enemies know but we don’t? and much more…

Posted on October 30, 2012

Beyond Impeachment: Obama Treasonous over Benghazi

by Roger L Simon

If the worst aspects of Benghazi are conclusively proven to be true, Benedict Arnold may prove to be a piker in comparison.

If Reelected, Obama Should Be Impeached over Benghazi

What did he know and when did he know it? Related: CIA Passes Benghazi Buck to the White House

Questions for White House Over Benghazi Just Beginning

by Bob Owens

We have two likely possibilities for what occurred, plus a subplot involving arms to al-Qaeda, which could be treason.

Benghazi: Help America Find the Truth BEFORE the Election

by Roger L Simon

Email us at if you have unpublished & verifiable information about the 9/11 events in Libya. Read post for details.

A Short Guide to the Benghazi Issue: What Is It Really All About?

by Barry Rubin

The chickens have come back to roost and have roosted in the White House. And the vultures are gathering.

Post-Benghazi Admin Meme: Look What We’re Doing in Algeria

by Bridget JohnsonA publicized counterterrorism push here may be an effort to enforce “al Qaeda is on the run” claim while pulling eyes from next door.

Benghazi in the Eyes of Congress: ‘It’s Not Going to Go Away’

by Bridget Johnson

“Every day I find out something more horrific”: Intelligence and Armed Services committee members talk exclusively to PJM about what’s next.

BREAKING: CIA Requested Help During Benghazi Battle, Were Denied Three Times (Updated)

by Bryan Preston

Told to “stand down” during the battle. PLUS: An AC-130U gunship was on scene, but was not allowed to fire.

‘Sharia Killed Ambassador Chris Stevens’

by Andrew C. McCarthy

It is long past time to lift the veil from our eyes.

A Further Perspective

Alive and Deadly

George H. Wittman 10.25.12

The workings of al Qaeda’s expanding franchise.

Graham to Obama: Who’s the Bullsh***er Now?

by Bridget Johnson

“Fearful that the reality on the ground in Benghazi cuts against the narrative that al-Qaeda has been dismantled…”

Andrew McCarthy’s Guide for the Perplexed

by Roger Kimball

How does America separate Islamic religion from Islamic supremacism?


Sharia States: Totalitarian to the Core

by Alyssa A. Lappen

A review of Dr. Andrew G. Bostom’s seminal Sharia versus Freedom: The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism, now available.


They Got It Right: America Is Their Enemy

by Barry Rubin

Why Middle Eastern Islamists and Arabs know better than President Obama.


Stand Down Obama and Biden, Stand Down
Clarice Feldman
The latest news coming out about the murder of our Ambassador and three other brave Americans in Ben Ghazi is so horrifying and shocking I can take no pleasure in writing about it. More

Tackling the Totalitarianism of Islam
Eileen F. Toplansky
Dr. Andrew Bostom adds another enlightening tome to get freedom-loving people the information they need to combat encroaching Islamo-fascism in their neighborhoods. More

Osama Martyred, GM Dying, Al-Qaeda Alive
Anthony J.Ciani
Is Obama exhibiting the Dunning-Kruger effect (in which incompetents are unable to recognize their own incompetence), or is he just putting forth propaganda in the hopes that he receives a second term? More

Rage and Destruction as the Basis of Obama’s Middle East Policy
Fay Voshell
While the ongoing crisis in the Middle East is widely perceived by conservatives as Obama’s policy failure, the conflagration in the area may be precisely what the current administration wants More

Obama’s Taqqiya Unravels
Nonie Darwish
Free democracies, such as the United States, are alien to Islam and socialism both because they regard government as a servant of the people and hold that human rights are granted by God and not by government or the code of Sharia. More

Why Mr. President, Why?

Why Obama should not receive a second term: Reason #86
October 28, 2012
Wanted to reestablish full diplomatic relations with Iran in 2009. More

On the Rise: Islamists Scapegoating Children for Blasphemy


Al-Qaida Leader Calls for More Kidnaps, Support for Syrian Rebels

Ayman al-Zawahiri called on Muslims to kidnap Westerners, join Syria’s rebellion and to ensure Egypt implements sharia, SITE Monitoring reported on Saturday, citing a two-part film posted on Islamist websites. [Full Story]


Romney on Iran’s ‘Route to the Sea’

by Claudia Rosett

Dishonest “fact checking” by the Washington Post.


CIA’s Hayden to Newsmax: Romney Right On Iran

Mitt Romney was right — and President Obama wrong — when the GOP candidate said during the Monday debate that a nuclear Iran and not a terrorist attack was the biggest threat to America’s national security, former CIA director Michael Hayden tells Newsmax. Iran is the issue that should “keep people up at night” he said. [Full Story]

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BIAS ALERT: Apology Tour Didn’t Happen, Media Say

OPINION: ABC, CNN offer flimsy reasoning to defend Obama from Romney’s ‘apology tour’ attack

Does Obama Really Want to Bring the Benghazi Killers to Justice?

by Donald Douglas

Emerging evidence on the administration’s counter-terror policies suggests not.

New Push to Reclassify Fort Hood Shooting as Terrorism

by Bridget Johnson

The Pentagon is hesitant to touch the “workplace violence” while Hasan’s trial is delayed and delayed.




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