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STOP ‘Ground Zero Mosque’

Ground Zero Mosque an issue of National Security, not Religious Liberty

The issue that is on the table with the Ground Zero Victory Mosque — as it is with Koran burning — is that both matters have been falsified.  People like Obama have tried to pretend that what’s at stake is equal protection of religious rights. That’s not true.

No one questions the right of people of different faiths and backgrounds and decent beliefs to have places of worship — but that’s not what’s going on with the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, and Declaration Alliance is sponsoring a First Responders’ class action lawsuit to go to court and PROVE IT.

Declaration Alliance Needs You In the Legal Fight To Stop The “Ground Zero Mosque” Select Here To Donate Now!

I want to note that on the same grounds that I oppose the mosque, I oppose book burning of the Koran, and I think on similar grounds both can be lawfully stopped without any violation of constitutional rights.

The Imam behind the so-called “Cordoba/Park51” Mosque project is associated with the terrorist Hamas front and other Islamist terror groups — and religious liberty does not extend to activities that violate the fundamental premises of natural justice, such as terrorism.

If you had a cult in America that wanted to practice human sacrifice, it would be lawfully banned.  So, too with cults and groups that train, preach and practice murderous violence against innocents, while they cloak it under a guise of “religion” or “education” or “community services.”

Such practices are violations, provocations, incitements, safety and security attractive “nuisances” of such severe and palpable degree that they should be immediately handled as actionable by local authorities, but in these present cases involving known Islamist terror risks of violence, federal authorities could intervene to protect local citizens because of the threat to national security.  The failure in the Ground Zero Victory Mosque case by both federal and local authorities to uphold national security interests for all America, and protect the personal safety and well-being of the affected class of First Responders and those immediately affected among the Ground Zero community in particular, is incomprehensible.


Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch, has filed a class action suit at the behest of Declaration Alliance in the Supreme Court of New York in Manhattan on behalf of Lead Plaintiff Vincent Forras, a courageous “First Responder” who was severely injured during his efforts to save innocent lives during September 11, 2001. Mr. Forras has brought suit for “nuisance,” “intentional infliction of emotional distress,” and “assault” against the Ground Zero Victory Mosque and its terrorist-connected Imam, alleging the mosque represents a terrorism associated security threat that is intended to carry out at least continuing psychological warfare, if not continuing material warfare, that is terrorism, against the people of New York.  A copy of the complaint, which is self explanatory, can be found as filed in court online at Freedom Watch and Declaration Alliance SELECT HERE

Declaration Alliance Needs You In the Legal Fight To Stop The “Ground Zero Mosque” Select Here To Donate Now!

If everyone who receives this message would sacrifice $100 toward defending America and preserving their own freedoms, we could get the word out to enough concerned Americans to mount the legal defense for the affected First Responders in this class action necessary to prevail, and shut down this outrageous Ground Zero “Victory” Mosque, once and for all.

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Keep Faith,

Alan Keyes
PS:  Attorney Larry Klayman and First Responder Vincent Forras do their first television interview on this critical case SELECT HERE to see the FOX News interview.  Please help us build our defense fund for Vinnie and the whole class of his fellow brave First Responders!

Declaration Alliance Needs You In the Legal Fight To Stop The “Ground Zero Mosque” Select Here To Donate Now!

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