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Some facebook friends on the “Truth about Islam”, the Syrian “no good side” “no win” civil war, Obama “FAIL” foreign policy, Russia and being “Putins puppet”, the Muslim brotherhood, the Benghazi scandal, and more…

September 16, 2013


Islam Exposed (the truth about Islam) 44,476 likes · 163,719 talking about this Literary Editor Anti-Western and anti-Semitic ideals are ever-prevalent in Islam. This page seeks to expose the threatening nature of the Islamic doctrine through a series of engaging posts. About Anti-Western and anti-Semitic ideals are ever-prevalent in Islam. This page seeks to expose […]

The Norway massacre: Lessons, Lies, Debunking; Brevik no Christian, rather a lone wolf (Nazi like) monster, deserves execution; Paying dearly for Soft justice; Mumbai vs. Oslo the media disparity; and legitimate criticism of Islam being profoundly discredited by illegitimate association with murderous lunatic.

July 29, 2011


Bill O’Reilly Debunks the ‘Christian Terrorist’ Canard July 26, 2011 Brevik, the Norwegian mass murderer of non-Muslims, is an isolated monster with no Christian religious affiliation whatsoever. More Norway Shooter’s Maximum Penalty: 21 Years (outrageous, he should be executed) ‘Gentle Justice’ Meets Mass Murderer Norway has paid dearly for supporting an unarmed constabulary and soft […]

The United Caliphate States of Europe, more on the failure of multiculturalism, and lessons of Kosovo and Bosnis on the true nature and threats of Islam

February 25, 2011


February 25, 2011 By Samuel J. Mikolaski // // Increasingly, the leaders of Western Europe are recognizing the failure of multiculturalism. Whether they will do anything about the problem remains to be seen. How did Europe come to this pass? I speak as one born in the Balkans but raised in Canada, where I was, […]

When Terrorists Become State Leaders: Chilling parallels between Soviet red terror and Islamic terrorism. A Bolshevik lesson

February 12, 2011


  Posted by Anna Geifman on Feb 11th, 2011 and filed under Daily Mailer, FrontPage. [Editor’s note: The following is the first half of chapter 8 of Anna Geifman’s powerful new book, Death Orders, which exposes the chilling parallels between Soviet and Islamic terrorism. Unfortunately, as Professor Geifman explains, events unfolding today in Egypt are […]

From our friends at The Israel Project: Egyptian Crisis Shows Need for Democracy, Stability, Economic Cooperation. More…

February 2, 2011


Egyptian Crisis Shows Need for Democracy, Stability, Economic Cooperation Jerusalem, Feb. 2 – At a time when much of the Middle East is in flux and mass protests are engulfing the Arab world, Israel says it hopes two key countries with which it has peace treaties – Jordan and Egypt – remain open to continuing […]

The Islamization of France

October 5, 2010


The Islamization of France. A lesson for western allies. Is this coming to a city near you, or coming to your city soon — You may say — this can’t happen in America.  I am afraid you had better think again my friend. ———————————————————————————- This is chilling…  Click below to watch the documentary:

Apostasy from Islam

September 10, 2010


By Nonie Darwish   If you convert you die. Few Americans know what is going on inside the Muslim world and what it portends for them. The fact is that, most Americans are subjected to much of the same misinformation with regard to Islam that I grew up with inside the Muslim world. Thus Americans […]