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MAJOR HYPOCRISY ALERT: Senate Votes 94-0 to Override Obama on Iran Sanctions! Also, obviously, A Reminder: Iran still working on an atomic bomb; How Not to Deter Hamas (and Iran); Islamists pushing Egypt to civil war; Obama and Abbas Are Destructive to the People They Represent; and How the U.N. Will Destroy Leftists’ Dreams of a ‘Two-State Solution’

December 1, 2012


Senate Votes 94-0 to Override Obama on Iran Sanctions Beyond of course the unquestionable need for tougher sanctions because yes Iran is continuing their pursuit of nuclear weapons, a middle east map with a big hole where Israel once was, and worldwide armaggedon, the real back story here is that Obama’s campaign rhetoric on Iran […]

BOOK Review: Andrew Bostom’s Indispensable Sharia vs. Freedom (A Crescent instead of a Swastika); Plus Adina Kutnicki, Shariah Law Enforcers Continue Unimpeded By Deft Westerners; MB Islamist Regime’s Game Plan for Egypt; Obama Throws Israel to the Wolves; and Read This While You Can, Rank betrayal of American principles (with media collusion)

November 27, 2012


The NSDAP with a crescent instead of a swastika: Andrew Bostom’s indispensable book November 23, 2012 – 11:10 am – by David P. Goldman Ten thousand demonstrators filled Tahrir Square to denounce Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s de facto coup — in fact, the second stage of a coup, after the dismissal of Egypt’s senior military […]

Beyond Impeachment: Obama Treasonous over Benghazi; Guide for the Perplexed on Islamic supremacism; Totalitarian Sharia States reality; Our enemies know but we don’t? and much more…

October 30, 2012


Beyond Impeachment: Obama Treasonous over Benghazi by Roger L Simon If the worst aspects of Benghazi are conclusively proven to be true, Benedict Arnold may prove to be a piker in comparison. If Reelected, Obama Should Be Impeached over Benghazi What did he know and when did he know it? Related: CIA Passes Benghazi Buck […]

Barack Obama: National Security Disaster (weakening us, emboldening them, especially the threat of Sharia Islam). Watch extremely important interview with Frank Gaffney

September 15, 2012


Barack Obama: National Security Disaster 2012 Election, Barack Obama, Europe, Featured, International, Middle East, North America, Radical Islam, Social Movements, Socialism/Communism, Socialist Opinion Shapers, Video» September 11, 2012 – 4:55 pm EST Barack Obama, selling out American military superiority to then Russian president Medvedev Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy, explains the real […]

Muslim mobs stone Christians – “in the U.S.”; Muslim brotherhood islamists now in control of Egypt, and Obama inviting them to White House; A U.S. Lawmaker saying- Model public schools after Muslim ones praising virtues of Islamic ‘madrassas’; RIP- free speech about Islam; Koranic Origins and Modern Islamic Intolerance; and finally Educating about Sharia’s Threat

July 11, 2012


See Muslim mob stone Christians – in U.S.! Hundreds chant, ‘Allahu Akbar!’ while hurling urine, eggs, bottles, concrete . Obama Invites Egypt’s Islamist Leader to US President Barack Obama has invited Egypt’s newly elected Islamist [Full Story] Muslim Brotherhood candidate elected president of Egypt . U.S. Lawmaker: Model public schools after Muslim ones Praises virtues […]

Libya Updates: brutal violence, racism, and internal strife. Is democracy even possible? Al-Qaeda, Jihadist groups, pro-Sharia leaders, Islamic takeover?

September 17, 2011


  The Secularist-Islamist Struggle in Libya Begins NATO warns of Islamist takeover. Obama meets Libya’s pro-Sharia leader, praises Libya’s turn toward Sharia   “Mustafa Abdul Jalil…told cheering crowds in Tripoli that Islamic shariah law would be the ‘main source’ of legislation in the new Libya.” — the Telegraph, September 12 “President Obama Praises Libya’s Political […]

Obama, Ramadan Yes-Easter No; Palestinian Ramadan Celebrates Suicide Bombers; Calls for intifada; Muslim Brotherhood in US and in our White House; Obamas Highest Approval=Muslims; Mid East policy disaster, Israeli relations disaster; Scrubbing Jerusalem from White House site; Militant Islam Threatens the World; Israel’s Internal Enemies on March; Iraqs Sunnis and Shites and Communists; Turkish Democracy Crumbles; Cynthia McKinneys treachery; Gadaffi Still Works With Obama Think Tank; the Syrian nightmare; Yemen is new al Qaeda Heartland; Stop the Islamization of America; Egyptian Socialists; Muslim Brotherhood; Marxist Revolutionaries; Pakistan; Islam, Sharia, Rape, Forbidden Love, Death to converts; World War III, and more…

August 15, 2011


  August 11, 2011 TODAY’S FEATURED NEWS: OBAMA: ‘Islam has always been part of our American family”     What — No Lavish Fundraisers Today? Ah, but there is the Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan tonight! The president’s rather light schedule for the day (one of the items on the list doesn’t even include him). 10:00 […]