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Posted on February 9, 2013

Allen West: Sun Tzu, Drones and the 21st Century Battlefield (Video)

by Next Generation

“If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

War’s Paradoxes II: From the Peloponnesian War to ‘Leading From Behind’

by Victor Davis Hanson

Then and now, victories lead to hubris that leads to overreaching that leads to folly, and eventually ruin.

Incompetency: An Easy Way for Obama to Deal with the USS Cole Case?

by Bridget Johnson

Charges against al-Nashiri have been dropped once before, and the prosecution based its request for a competency review on pretty standard Gitmo complaining.

USS Cole Suspect Complains of Marks on Wrist; Victims Describe Their Torture

by Bridget Johnson

“If al-Nashiri believes what he did is within his belief and that’s what Allah wanted or his god, well then man up, per se …and stop hiding behind our Constitution.”

Author of UN Torture Document to be Expert in Gitmo USS Cole Trial

by Bridget Johnson

The taxpayer price tag so far for Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri’s experts is more than half a million dollars; his lawyer claims accused mastermind has torture PTSD.

Why To Postpone Giving Weapons to Egypt: A Guide for Congress

by Barry Rubin

Several rational arguments to present to the administration.

Eat Less, Egypt’s Government Tells Its People

by David P. Goldman

A state that can’t feed its people is a failed state.

Muhammad Morsi’s Islamic Jew-Hatred, Bernard Lewis’ Islamic Negationism

by Andrew G. Bostom

Why do the media’s Middle East pundits ignore the Jew-hatred intrinsic to Islamic doctrine?

Syria: War Over the Ruins

by Jonathan Spyer

The Assad regime could now be considered just another competitor for power.


Iran: The War Within and Without

by Michael Ledeen

The war is on, and we are in full retreat.  And the tandem of Kerry, Hagel and Brennan love it.

Argentina’s Betrayal

by Jaime Daremblum

The Kirchner government has decided to whitewash Iranian terrorism. (You can read this article in Spanish here.)

Oppose Brennan for CIA Director

by Andrew C. McCarthy

A country that was serious about its national security would never put John Brennan in charge.

‘I Never Believe It’s Better to Kill a Terrorist Than to Detain Him’

by Bridget Johnson

Meet John Brennan’s kinder, gentler CIA, where foreign partners do the interrogation dirty work and Americans are “pleased” with drone discipline.

John Brennan and His Drone War (Updated)

by Ron Radosh

The memo that would have had the Left raging, had it been Bush. More from Scott Ott:American Citizens Fair Game Under Obama Doctrine

Why Chuck Hagel Is So Frightening: He’s Typical

by Barry Rubin

Anti-Americanism, the hallmark of the “in crowd.”

Gitmo Tribunals: Al-Qaeda Defenders on the Move as Judge Knocks a Surreptitious Censor

by Bridget Johnson

High-profile pit bulls going to bat for high-profile detainees file emergency motions to suspend the already glacial proceedings.

Jihadist Tries to Bomb Oakland Bank to Start Civil War

by Zombie

FBI thwarts terrorism meant as false-flag operation to ignite left-vs.-right armed conflict in the U.S.

‘Muslim Patrols’: Sharia Enforcers Hit Britain’s Streets

by Mike McNally

Several videos posted online show gangs terrorizing random pedestrians.

Raising Boys Who Grow Up to Be Men Who Go to Combat With Women

by Paula Bolyard

What will be the impact of a generation of men willing to stand by and watch women being shot, stabbed, tortured, raped and battered?

Government Can Do More to Treat Veterans with PTSD

by Rick Moran

The number of returning veterans afflicted with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has reached crisis proportions.

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