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MAJOR HYPOCRISY ALERT: Senate Votes 94-0 to Override Obama on Iran Sanctions! Also, obviously, A Reminder: Iran still working on an atomic bomb; How Not to Deter Hamas (and Iran); Islamists pushing Egypt to civil war; Obama and Abbas Are Destructive to the People They Represent; and How the U.N. Will Destroy Leftists’ Dreams of a ‘Two-State Solution’

December 1, 2012


Senate Votes 94-0 to Override Obama on Iran Sanctions Beyond of course the unquestionable need for tougher sanctions because yes Iran is continuing their pursuit of nuclear weapons, a middle east map with a big hole where Israel once was, and worldwide armaggedon, the real back story here is that Obama’s campaign rhetoric on Iran […]

Israel is not the problem: Arab Spring FAIL; Israeli-Palestinian conflict as root cause Middle East instability MYTH; Rise of political Islam, 1300 year old Sunni-Shiite divide, and Barbarism of Syria, Iran, Bahrain, M.B.(Egypt) among others is the real problem

November 26, 2012


Israel is not the problem IDO AHARONI Ny Daily News Tuesday, July 10, 2012 In Syria, body parts are strewn across the streets of Damascus while heartbreaking images — row upon row of children’s corpses — flash across the TV screens in our living rooms. In Bahrain, doctors are thrown into jail for treating injured […]

UPDATED Continuing chaos, the quest of Islamic conquest: Hezbollah, Hamas, Gaza, Egypt (m.b.), Iran, Syria, Lebanon; A few more things on Benghazi; and a word on Afghanistan and Iraq

November 25, 2012


Israel        is Beacon of Liberty Against Global Communi… Islam’s      “RELIGOUS WAR” Against Judeo-Christianity, Hinduism, Israel and the United      States of America – WAKE UP ! Sharia      versus Freedom: The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism Islamic Terrorism: Ignorance Is Not Bliss Levin: November 19, 2012 Mark talks about the ongoing situation in Israel and […]

SUPPORT ISRAEL UNDER SEIGE: Congress to Obama- Stand By Israel No Matter What’s Next; Obama Re-Election Brings Israel Mideast War; Israel’s PR Challenge- enemies fully mobilize with the help of establishment media; Israel vs. The World explained in 3 minutes.

November 18, 2012


Latest Hamas TV Ad to Israelis: “We May Kill You In Your Sleep” (Video) Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, November 18, 2012, 12:47 PM What lovely people. Hamas released a new ad this week on Palestinian Terror TV.  In the ad the terror group warns Israelis, “We may kill you in your sleep.” Via […]

Family Security Matters today: How many Americans must die before realize West is not the issue; Morsi’s Radical Record; Violent Muslim Brotherhood; Liberal Appeasement of Islam; more on Libya- Benghazi Worse than Watergate

October 2, 2012


MIDDLE EAST TERRORISM RADICAL JIHAD I’m Tired October 2,2012 by  GADI  ADELMAN After 31 years of speaking out, I have truly reached the point where I am  tired. How much must happen and how many Americans must die every day, week  after week, month in and month out, year after year before people realize that  […]

The War to Come: Some straight talk on Iran (but not from Obama) and why Israel has no illusions.

September 21, 2012


The War to Come By George H.  Wittman on 9.18.12 @ 6:09AM Who says Iran can be deterred? Here’s why Israel has no such illusions. It may be shocking to some, but the Commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) was correct when he said a few days ago that Israel can not survive […]

The Mosaic of War (Iran, the Middle East, the World) (Canada leads, but Obama only from behind) (apologies and appeasement) (Obama-Nero fiddles in Vegas); We should be ashamed of our president, Steyn, Krauthammer, Buchanan weigh in; Romney, Statesman, shows Leadership, strength, Exposes Obama’s Ineptness; This War Forever- when will we learn?; “Screw Allah, Meet God”; Watch the stupid film (an excuse not the cause); and more.

September 16, 2012


The Mosaic of War Sep 9th, 2012 by By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton My all-time favorite author is Dean Koontz. He has a way of telling a story that is absolutely riveting, humorous and horrifying at the same time. There’s a story here somewhere for Dean – I can sense evil from The Corner of My Eye. […]

It’s clearer than ever: Israel is Not the problem

July 15, 2012


Roots of tension in  the Arab world are far deeper than the Israeli-Palestinian conflict By    Ido  Aharoni       / NEW  YORK DAILY NEWS Published: Tuesday, July 10, 2012, 7:00 AM   MENAHEM KAHANA/AFP/Getty  Images Syrian protesters hurl stones at the  Israeli army along the Syria-Israel border last year. Syria’s Bashar Assad and  others never miss a […]

Victory Could Be Ours, If Only We Want It – The real war, are the evil regimes in Iran and Syria, needing one good push to go over; A few more things – Israel ,Gaza, Syria; Jihadi book promoting murdering civilians; Egypt disaster; US defense cuts wrong and dangerous, and more

October 10, 2011


Victory Could Be Ours, If Only We Want It October 4, 2011 – 1:38 pm – by Michael Ledeen In the real war, our major enemies are the evil regimes in Iran and Syria, and both are hollow and wobbling, needing only one good push to go over. Syrian soldiers are defecting in significant numbers, […]

Syria updates: Revolting Jihadists, WMD’s, Assad, Iron fist, Bloodbaths, Strategic Implications, Snubbing Democracy, other players, more…

September 18, 2011


The ‘Good’ Revolt in Syria, or Just More Revolting Jihadists? September 18, 2011 Adnan al Aroor, moderate, peaceful icon of the Syrian rebellion: “Syrian Christians will be dog meat.” More Mideast Expert: Syria’s WMD Could Fall to Islamists Al-Qaeda Joins the Syrian Rebellion What factions within the opposition will emerge triumphant if Assad falls? Syria: […]

Egypt updates, Muslim Brotherhood, Arab Spring, Israeli relations, Christian persecution, Islamic takeover-Not Revolution, Terrorism, New front, and more…

September 18, 2011


Egyptian Leader Ahmed Said: Muslim Brotherhood Eclipses New Political Parties White House Plays Down its Muslim Brotherhood Dinner Guests The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report The Islamists who were invited to a White House dinner are exposed, Egypt’s Brotherhood is in political difficulties, and a global youth Islamist group is going broke.   Arab Spring […]

Roundup: Afghanistan, Taliban, Assassinations, Media war, Barbarism; Iraq (U.S. Leaves=Israel destroyed), Al-Qaida remains, beware a Trojan horse, Islamic Turkey (Erdoğan), attacking Kurds, and more…

September 17, 2011


Afghanistan Reels after Assassination » by Arnold Ahlert The remnants of the peace process are dealt a serious — if not fatal — blow…. September 21 2011 Suicide Bomber Kills Afghan Peace Council Head Barbarism in Afghanistan September 10, 2011 – 6:01 pm EST These videos are extremely graphic and brutal. Do not watch if […]

Islamic threats against Americans, Letterman, et al; Dangers of radicalization at home growing; Farrakhan the traitor; Documentary- Hidden Army Of Islam in Europe; Israel under attack and multiple threats; and updates on The War with Syria, Libya, Afghanistan (incl. Canine cruelty), Iraq, British Riots- Cyber Jihadists- and Multiculturalism FAIL, And IRAN- the nexus- Latin Amer enablers- Our Blunder- and Ahmadinejad in NYC.

August 19, 2011


You know we’re no big fan of Letterman, but as a fellow American we stand with him against these kind of threats, however this also comes with a dose of criticism; What wil it take for you and your fellow liberal apologists and appeasers to realize just how dire the threat of Islam is. This […]

NAZI REDUX: (BREAKING) Iran: ‘We Have No Option but to Destroy Israel’

July 25, 2011


We’ve said all along that the Iranians are the new NAZI’s, the parallels are alarming, and they keep proving it themselves over and over. Hitler tried to develop the bomb but did not succeed, do you doubt he would have used it had he succeeded? Now the question is will the Iranians use it when […]

Obama’s Foreign Policy misadventures and Joke of a Counterterrorism Strategy; the Iranian Threats worse than ever; the Dispicable U.N.; the Gaza Flotilla disgrace; the Radical Muslim BrotherHOOD; The Obamayyad of Barry Hussein; OPEC; Libya; Syria; Arab Spring; TSA: A Portrait in Islamization; and the outrageous treatment of our friend and ally Israel.

July 7, 2011


 Foreign Policy in general! Obama’s Joke of a Counterterrorism Strategery by Michael Ledeen A very lazy approach to a very serious subject. Iran Delivers Threatening Letter to President Obama  by ‘Reza Kahlili’ Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei reportedly warns the White House of consequences if they “meddle” in Syria’s affairs. Iranian Pastor’s Choice: Reject Christian Faith […]

The President’s disturbing views and vision on Israel: Netanyahu Blasts Obama: Borders ‘Indefensible, Challenges Our Existence’, Obama Broke His Commitment to Us. Obama’s Speech Sends Chills Through Israel Gov’t

May 20, 2011


  Israeli Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu. A senior member of Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party, Danny Danon, accused Obama of seeking to destroy Israel by adopting the vision of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. “Netanyahu only has one option: to tell Obama to forget about it,” Danon said, according to Israeli media. (AP Photo) Netanyahu […]

Egypt, continuing coverage – Day 16

February 9, 2011


Anti-government protesters demonstrate in Tahrir Square, in Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday. Protesters appear to have settled in for a long standoff, turning Tahrir Square into a makeshift village with tens of thousands coming every day, with some sleeping in tents made of blankets and plastic sheeting. (AP Photo/Tara Todras-Whitehill)               […]

A failure to understand: There are no ideal options in Egypt, but there is the worst option—a sharia government controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood

February 4, 2011


A failure to understand There are no ideal options in Egypt, but there is the worst option—a sharia government controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood There has been a great deal of commentary and analysis on what is happening in Egypt. From where we sit, one thing seems clear: Too many officials in Washington, both the […]

From our friends at The Israel Project: Egyptian Crisis Shows Need for Democracy, Stability, Economic Cooperation. More…

February 2, 2011


Egyptian Crisis Shows Need for Democracy, Stability, Economic Cooperation Jerusalem, Feb. 2 – At a time when much of the Middle East is in flux and mass protests are engulfing the Arab world, Israel says it hopes two key countries with which it has peace treaties – Jordan and Egypt – remain open to continuing […]

Middle East Bloody Endgame: Iran-Israel-Palestinians. Interview with Israeli Ambassador: Splashes truth over all of the lies, distortions, and propaganda directed against Israel in the US

January 3, 2011


December 24, 2010 Middle East Bloody Endgame By Lee DeCovnick Describing the barbarity of a Civil War prison, Benson Lossing wrote in 1868, “Seventeen feet from the inner stockade was the ‘dead-line,’ over which no man could pass and live.”  Lossing could well be describing the inevitable bloody endgame of the Israeli-Iran conflict during the […]

Book: A New Shoah, The Untold Story of Israel’s Victims of Terrorism. Gives a voice to all the people the media neglects acknowledge. Review by NY’s Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld

January 2, 2011


December 24, 2010 Book Review: A New Shoah By Giulio Meotti Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld   Giulio Meotti’s book, A New Shoah, The Untold Story of Israel’s Victims of Terrorism puts human faces on the devastating numbers that would otherwise represent the amorphous Jewish victims of current, rampant anti-Semitism by Muslims against the Jews in Israel. […]

Palestinian Christmas presents for Israel — Ethnic cleansing of Jews, death of Jewish state, ongoing terror

December 27, 2010


December 25, 2010 Leo Rennert On the present day of Christmas, Palestinians gave to Israel: –A vow by Mahmoud Abbas that a Palestinian state will be completely “Judenrein” — cleansed of any and all Israelis. –A Hamas ultimatum — Israel has two options:  Death or leave all of Palestine from the Jordan River to the […]

Sharia and Obama’s Foreign Policy; Iran’s Muslim neighbors exhort America to attack Iranian nuke sites; Did You Know Israel Created Radical Islam?; The Unholy U.S./Muslim Alliance

December 1, 2010


November 30, 2010 Sharia and Obama’s Foreign Policy By Wendy Wright A Christian woman who gave water to Muslim fieldworkers was accused by the women of blaspheming Muhammed. The women refused the water, claiming it was unclean because a Christian carried it. Asia Bibi, a mother of five, merely explained her faith. For that, she has been […]

The demographic secret about Jerusalem the NY Times refuses to reveal to its readers and The History Channel Rewrites Middle East History

November 27, 2010


The demographic secret about Jerusalem the NY Times refuses to reveal to its readers Leo Rennert In 1967, when Israel captured the eastern part of Jerusalem and put an end to 19 years of illegal Jordanian occupation, there were 72,000 Arabs in the unified city and they comprised 27 percent of its total population.  Today, 43 years […]

Obama Admin hails ‘back door Islamist coup’ in Turkey, huh?

September 14, 2010


September 14, 2010 Rick Moran There may be practical reasons for the Obama administration to support Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s victory in a referendum on numerous constitutional changes that opponents charge is little better than a “back door Islamist coup.” After all, the striped pants set at the State Department abhors instability in an ally […]