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Beyond Impeachment: Obama Treasonous over Benghazi; Guide for the Perplexed on Islamic supremacism; Totalitarian Sharia States reality; Our enemies know but we don’t? and much more…

October 30, 2012


Beyond Impeachment: Obama Treasonous over Benghazi by Roger L Simon If the worst aspects of Benghazi are conclusively proven to be true, Benedict Arnold may prove to be a piker in comparison. If Reelected, Obama Should Be Impeached over Benghazi What did he know and when did he know it? Related: CIA Passes Benghazi Buck […]

Stop Shariah Law in USA: American Laws for American Courts: the Sharia Lobby; the slippery slope; must watch, what you may not know, and Islam Not protected under constitution; Jihadist calls, universal Caliphate, Sabotaging Western Economy, infiltration, multiculturism, honor killings, and much more

September 22, 2011


Islamic Shariah Law coming to YOUR town? Say NO – Take Action NOW! Stop Shariah Law in USA Sharia Lobby Shifts into Fifth Gear Slow down, moving too fast, got to make the U.S. last… Alyssa A. Lappen – The political lobbyists who want to see aspects of Sharia law implemented under U.S. law […]

Southern Sudan, “A Nation is Born!” A glimmer of hope in a world surrendering to Islamic supremacism. Southern Sudan fought back

February 2, 2011


Tuesday, February 01, 2011 It’s Official! Southern Sudan, “A Nation is Born!” Photo: Sudanese celebrate following the announcement of the preliminary results in the Southern Sudan referendum in Juba. The leader of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, said Monday he looked forward to the international community confirming his region’s referendum in which voters overwhelmingly chose to […]

Allahu Akbar and taqiyya: You need to undertand what they mean. Deception,superiority,supremacy,intolerance!

January 7, 2011


Allahu Akbar and taqiyya Those familiar with sharia law understand the role “taqiyya,” (deception) plays in the advance of Islamic conquest and subjugation. Watch a spokesman for an Islamic organization claim that jihad has nothing to do with violence against “infidels,” that it only means a personal striving to overcome evil, and you see taqiyya […]

Shariah a Danger to US, Security Pros Say

September 16, 2010


Wednesday, 15 Sep 2010 09:04 AM By: Bill Gertz A panel of national security experts who worked under Republican and Democratic presidents is urging the Obama administration to abandon its stance that Islam is not linked to terrorism, arguing that radical Muslims are using Islamic law to subvert the United States. In a report set […]