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Islamic threats against Americans, Letterman, et al; Dangers of radicalization at home growing; Farrakhan the traitor; Documentary- Hidden Army Of Islam in Europe; Israel under attack and multiple threats; and updates on The War with Syria, Libya, Afghanistan (incl. Canine cruelty), Iraq, British Riots- Cyber Jihadists- and Multiculturalism FAIL, And IRAN- the nexus- Latin Amer enablers- Our Blunder- and Ahmadinejad in NYC.

August 19, 2011


You know we’re no big fan of Letterman, but as a fellow American we stand with him against these kind of threats, however this also comes with a dose of criticism; What wil it take for you and your fellow liberal apologists and appeasers to realize just how dire the threat of Islam is. This […]

Updates on the coming 10th Anniversary of 9/11: Bush and others to be at ground zero; Will the press finally be straight?; and Let’s Remember What Really Counts!

August 17, 2011


Bush to be in New York City for 10th Anniversary of 9/11 Posted on July 30, 2011 by Conservative Byte The ceremony at the World Trade Center site marking the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 terror attacks will be a solemn but stately event. It will include an appearance by former President George W. Bush, […]

Islam’s New Strategy For Ground Zero Mosque, and things related (like Sharia finance). Educate yourself!

August 15, 2011


  New Strategy For Ground Zero Mosque August 7, 2011 By JanSuzanne Krasner – The Park51 project for a 15-story mosque/community center at Ground Zero, led by developer Sharif El-Gamal and Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, has dwindled down to a much smaller vision, a four or five-story ‘PrayerSpace’ and community center. This may be a […]

Demand an investigation: Ahmadinejad, Black Panthers & Farrakhan Hold ‘Secret’ NY Rendezvous.

September 28, 2010


You may recall from our previous post that we want this Iranian Hitler fanatic arrested should he ever step outside the U.N. compound. Well too late for that, the evil bastard already left the country. However this meeting on the other hand with what can only be described as seditionists, traitors within, is another story […]

9/11 St Nicholas’ Church that NY forgot?

September 24, 2010


SOME MAY HAVE FORGOT, BUT WE HAVE NOT, AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU! September 20, 2010 Andrea Peyser – NY Post Who will cry for the church at Ground Zero? No one has or ganized a march urging St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church to rise at the World Trade Center site. And no one has raised […]

Hitler in NY? You heard that right, an islamic hitler!

September 21, 2010


We continue to be incensed and outraged every time this Evil bastard Ahmadinejad comes to Our Country. Whether at the United Nations or not it’s still within our country, and besides we’re no big fans of the U.N. anyhow. We don’t want this maniac here and more to the point, if this man steps one […]

US House Rep Meeks from NY – aiding and abetting Bin Laden Ally !

September 20, 2010


  Rep. Meeks helped ‘jihad’ flier Queens Democrat: Ease JFK grill of Osama ‘ally’   By ISABEL VINCENT and MELISSA KLEIN Last Updated: 6:46 AM, September 19, 2010 NY POST EXCLUSIVE US Rep. Gregory Meeks scolded immigration officials for questioning a Muslim scholar whose nonprofits have been linked to financing terrorism. The Queens Democrat contacted […]