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Rarely Has an International Crisis Been More Predictable. The naiveté, ignorance and narcissism of Barack Obama coupled with his and other world leaders’ despicable deference to radical Islam has eventuated in creating the Balkans of the 21st Century!

September 22, 2012


(also: Obama Destabilized the Middle East on Purpose? see below) September 17, 2012 Rarely Has an International Crisis Been More  Predictable By Steve  McCann Rarely  has an international crisis and potential  for a regional conflict been more predicable than what the world is witnessing  in the Middle East and North Africa.  The naiveté, ignorance and […]

The Mosaic of War (Iran, the Middle East, the World) (Canada leads, but Obama only from behind) (apologies and appeasement) (Obama-Nero fiddles in Vegas); We should be ashamed of our president, Steyn, Krauthammer, Buchanan weigh in; Romney, Statesman, shows Leadership, strength, Exposes Obama’s Ineptness; This War Forever- when will we learn?; “Screw Allah, Meet God”; Watch the stupid film (an excuse not the cause); and more.

September 16, 2012


The Mosaic of War Sep 9th, 2012 by By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton My all-time favorite author is Dean Koontz. He has a way of telling a story that is absolutely riveting, humorous and horrifying at the same time. There’s a story here somewhere for Dean – I can sense evil from The Corner of My Eye. […]

Stop Shariah Law in USA: American Laws for American Courts: the Sharia Lobby; the slippery slope; must watch, what you may not know, and Islam Not protected under constitution; Jihadist calls, universal Caliphate, Sabotaging Western Economy, infiltration, multiculturism, honor killings, and much more

September 22, 2011


Islamic Shariah Law coming to YOUR town? Say NO – Take Action NOW! Stop Shariah Law in USA Sharia Lobby Shifts into Fifth Gear Slow down, moving too fast, got to make the U.S. last… Alyssa A. Lappen – The political lobbyists who want to see aspects of Sharia law implemented under U.S. law […]

Chicago Jihadist Conference-Islam Supreme-One United State-Muslim Armies Unite Hezbollah Gains Strength in Latin America/Venezuela, present in 15 US cities; Hamas-Tied CAIR Seeks Sharia in America

July 22, 2011


  July 16, 2011   USA: Hizb ut-Tahrir Leader Calls for Muslim Armies to Unite, “Sheikh Obama” “Islam will be made supreme in the land” “One United State” “Islam will be made supreme in the land. Islam will be the ruling system in the land.” “Under the Khalifah we will be unified. One state.” “One […]

WE’RE OUTRAGED, this is going on: Infamous outlaw UK Islamic Cleric- Thursday Rally in D.C. ‘Rise to Implement the Shari’ah in America’- Will follow up this insult with another July 4th

March 3, 2011


WTF: This must be stopped. This radical cleric should be arrested for inciting violence/terror, for sedition/insurrection, advocating the overthrow of the United States of America. Between Choudary and his group, they are both a foreign and domestic threat. At minimum he should be ejected from the country, for good! Infamous UK Cleric Plans Thursday Sharia […]

The United Caliphate States of Europe, more on the failure of multiculturalism, and lessons of Kosovo and Bosnis on the true nature and threats of Islam

February 25, 2011


February 25, 2011 By Samuel J. Mikolaski // // Increasingly, the leaders of Western Europe are recognizing the failure of multiculturalism. Whether they will do anything about the problem remains to be seen. How did Europe come to this pass? I speak as one born in the Balkans but raised in Canada, where I was, […]

The 5 Most Dangerous Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups Working to Destroy America from Within

February 21, 2011


by Lisa Graas: FrontPagemag Discover the Networks Jihad Watch Posted on February 20 2011 3:30 pm According to the Team B II Report by a who’s-who of top, national security experts at The Center for Security Policy, “most Muslim organizations in America are controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood or a derivative group.” Meanwhile, the Obama Administration […]