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Islamic threats against Americans, Letterman, et al; Dangers of radicalization at home growing; Farrakhan the traitor; Documentary- Hidden Army Of Islam in Europe; Israel under attack and multiple threats; and updates on The War with Syria, Libya, Afghanistan (incl. Canine cruelty), Iraq, British Riots- Cyber Jihadists- and Multiculturalism FAIL, And IRAN- the nexus- Latin Amer enablers- Our Blunder- and Ahmadinejad in NYC.

August 19, 2011


You know we’re no big fan of Letterman, but as a fellow American we stand with him against these kind of threats, however this also comes with a dose of criticism; What wil it take for you and your fellow liberal apologists and appeasers to realize just how dire the threat of Islam is. This […]

Islam’s New Strategy For Ground Zero Mosque, and things related (like Sharia finance). Educate yourself!

August 15, 2011


  New Strategy For Ground Zero Mosque August 7, 2011 By JanSuzanne Krasner – The Park51 project for a 15-story mosque/community center at Ground Zero, led by developer Sharif El-Gamal and Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, has dwindled down to a much smaller vision, a four or five-story ‘PrayerSpace’ and community center. This may be a […]

Libya – Ongoing Coverage; Gaddafi must be taken down now!

March 8, 2011


Republicans urge the Obama Administration to take action on Libya “Forces loyal to Col. Moammar Gadhafi struck back against rebel-held cities across Libya on Sunday, while Republican leaders in Congress pressed for the U.S. to consider providing arms, intelligence and training to the rebels. The fighting appeared to gain the Libyan government little ground against the […]

7 charged in NY with conspiring to aid Taliban. Drugs, Bombs, and Treason

February 16, 2011


February 15, 2011 The Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) — Seven men, including two American citizens, were charged Monday with selling drugs and weapons in an effort to help the Taliban fight U.S. troops overseas. Posing as representatives of the Taliban, cooperating witnesses for the Drug Enforcement Administration approached the men in Ghana last June, […]

Arithmetic and Guantanamo Bay: Thankful for it; a growing Islamic threat from within and without; and illegal immigration

January 3, 2011


This here is a very important article about a few realities and the bottom line is that Europe and the Unites States too, better take the threat of Islamic Conquest very seriously. After 100’s of years, Islamic fundamentalists (and there are millions) are ingrained with patience in one key area, which is the slow conquest […]

Silent slither of Western accommodation with Islamic barbarity. Better pay attention and better let it sink in

November 20, 2010


November 08, 2010 Apocalypse Denial Now: A Week of Islam in the News By Stella Paul Just for laughs, I collected a week of headlines about Islam around the globe. (Admittedly, the laughs are heavy on black humor.) The week I randomly chose began on October 4, 2010 and turned out to be the typical […]

Mosque opposition spawns death threats. Shocking isn’t it

September 8, 2010


Russ Jones – OneNewsNow – 9/8/2010 3:55:00 AM   A greater Nashville resident and outspoken opponent of the construction of a Murfreesboro mega-mosque in Tennessee has received two death threats after an appearance on the comedy program The Daily Show. Laurie Cardoza-Moore, founder and president of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, is a staunch pro-Israel supporter. […]